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The day after he was evicted out of the Big Brother Canada 4 house, I had the chance to catch up with Jared Kesler to discuss what happened. We chatted about a variety of topics including Cassandra’s betrayal, why he didn’t try harder in the veto competition, his relationship with the brothers, and if he will pursue a relationship with Kelsey after the game.

Check out the interview below!

Murtz Jaffer: In your final speech, you asked the brothers not to vote for you because you didn’t want to give the Cassandra the satisfaction of breaking a tie vote. Why was that so important to you?

Jared Kesler: I just thought that I didn’t want to give her the opportunity to be pretty rude. I actually ended up changing my speech at the last minute.

MJ: You and Kelsey seemed to be very close to Cassandra for the majority of the game. Were you surprised that she turned on you and what prompted her betrayal?

JK: Kelsey and I were pretty close to her so maybe I didn’t completely expect it. I think it was her decision to try and make a big move while she was in power.

MJ: Why didn’t you try harder in the veto competition, knowing that that the odds of Cassandra choosing you as the replacement nominee were so high?

JK: I felt completely safe. I thought that the final three that she made with Kelsey and I actually meant something to her and I was positive that Joel would be put ip as the pawn. Cassandra knew that I had the ability to win competitions and take her to the Final Three and I guess I just banked too much on her belief in that.

MJ: Can you talk about your relationship with the brothers? It seemed like you had an on-again and off-again alliance with them but that they ended up being your closest allies near the end of the game?

JK: I knew that they were young and physical players and that meant that it was hard for us to trust each other. Everyone tried their hardest to put us against each other and my relationship with them kind of came full circle by the end of the game. I really do regret not working with them from the beginning. They are great dudes!

MJ: Can you tell me about the impact Kelsey returning to the game had on your strategy? Is there any part of you that wishes she didn’t come back because it seemed like she only increased the target on you as it put the Third Wheel alliance back on everyone’s radar?

JK: For my sanity, it was amazing to have her come back and made me happy. I actually think even if Loveita came back, she would have wanted to work with us. The thing is that regardless of any twists, I would have always had a pretty big target on my back.

MJ: Nikki and Tim were the wildcards this season. Do you feel like an international player deserves the title of Big Brother Canada?

JK: Honestly? I take the fact that they played on the Australian and U.K. versions of the show out of the equation. Tim deserves to win. He is very smart.

MJ: You were clearly the most physically strong player in the game. Were you surprised that the house didn’t try and eliminate you sooner?

JK: No, not really. My personality had a lot to do with that. I had really strong friendships in the house. People didn’t see me as a sports meathead but as their friend. My friendship meant more to the houseguests than my athleticism.

MJ: How do you feel about Mitch and his exit? He took a shot at your alliance even as he was leaving. Do you think this was a case of sour grapes?

JK: To a certain extent, yes. If any of the Third Wheel made it to the end, I have every confidence that he would have voted for us. That was his last-ditch effort to try and spoil out game but I know he would have voted for us if we made it to the end.

MJ: What do you think your best strategic move was in the game?

JK: Aligning with Kelsey and Raul. That alliance was built on a strong friendship and it made the experience enjoyable as it wasn’t just based on strategy. It was the best thing I did in the game.

MJ: Do you regret aligning with Kelsey and Raul so early in the game as it offered everyone in the house an easy justification to get rid you because the alliance was so apparent?

JK: No, I wouldn’t take it back. Being in a house full of lies, we were a breath of fresh air as our alliance always just kind of put the game on hold for me. It definitely put a big target on us, but we were still stronger together than apart.

MJ: Do you see a future with you and Kelsey outside of the game?

JK: It might be different in the real world. She is a sweet girl and I hope we can hang out as much as possible.

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