10 Thoughts on Archer – Deadly Prep

Today we’re continuing our catch up with Archer. In this episode, Archer and Lana are trying to get their daughter, AJ, into an elite pre-PRe-school. As it turns out, Archer knows somebody on the board who is going to give him a leg up if Archer helps him out.

Here are some thoughts.


1. AJ is two already!?

It seems like just yesterday that Archer was saving Lana from that underwater sealab while she was pregnant. Boy, time sure does fly.

2. Funny that I assumed it was going to be a gay thing

When Ivy, the board member who might be able to secure a place for AJ, shows up, Archer acts very nervous around him. Knowing Archer and his checkered past, along with his clearly fluid sexuality, I just kind of assumed he was a past flame of Archer’s.

3. But it’s actually a bullying thing

But it turns out when Archer was in prep school, Ivy and another guy named Whitney used to bully the crap out of him. So this took a slightly different route than I anticipated.

4. “Phrasing” is back

Well, sort of. Lana uses it when Archer agrees to take a job from Ivy, but that might have just been to cheer him up. Archer really does love “phrasing.”


5. Jesus, now wonder Archer is the way he is

Apparently, Ivy and this guy Whitney were so merciless to him, that they swirlied him (hence his nickname, “Swirling” Archer) in a toilet filled with pee after punching him in the nose, giving him pneumonia. Jesus…

6. This is pretty dark

So Ivy wants Archer to kill him because he has liver cancer and not a lot of time to live. Holy jeez, that’s some pretty heavy stuff… except…

7. Archer was set up

Turns out that Ivy was actually setting Archer up to kill Whitney because he was embezzling AND sleeping with Ivy’s wife. So it’s no skin off of Archer’s nose, except that Ivy was waiting for him and plans to kill both of them.

ARCHER -- "Deadly Prep" -- Episode 703 (Airs Thursday, April 14, 10:00pm e/p) Pictured: Sterling Archer (voice of H. Jon Benjamin). CR: FX


8. But Whitney is a garbage person, sooo…

Whitney gets shot in the head by Ivy, which nobody really cares about. It’s amazing the way this show racks up the body count and gets away with it by making all the victims just really terrible people.

9. Longwater 

Cyril tracks down Archer to see what he’s doing and gets caught in the crossfire. Archer tells him to get the money out of the safe and he sees the Longwater disc from last episode there. So somehow, this case is tied up with the first case. Seems like we got a season long mystery on our hands.

10. Cyril and Archer

It’s rare to have just the two of them together, but it’s alway fun. Cyril keeps trying to get Archer to realize that the reason he treats him like shit is because of his horrible childhood being beaten up by these two terrible people. But because this is Archer, Archer of course does not learn that lesson.

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