DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Rejigging The Top 15 DC Rebirth Series With Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Super Sons’ Robin V Superboy, Wally West(s), Titans & More!

DC Universe Rebirth launch

When we started getting the list of titles to be included in DC Comics Rebirth, solely based on the title, I made some early picks for my pull list.

Since that time we have some more details revealed, solicitations, creative teams, surprises, etc. and my picks have undergone some tweaks as per the below.

DC Rebirth Previews cover Ivan Reis Joe Prado color

DC Comics Rebirth spoilers follow.

Readers Note: NEW is beside any new series or any amended commentary per series. You’ll also see where I deleted a series or comments due to strike-through like this.

Here we go! DC Comics Top 15 series!

Twice Monthly Books – Six on my radar, but likely five on my pull list.

  • (NEW) Action Comics (Pretty excited about the continuing adventures of Lois, Clark and Jon in the DC universe. DC needs more stable, healthy families.)
  • Action Comics #957

  • Deathstroke
  • B. Deathstroke & family Rebirth concept art

  • The Flash ((NEW) More speedsters in this series make The Flash less unique. Also, since there is no mention of classic Wally West back as a Flash, I’m out. I am pleased that New 52 Wally West is Kid Flash in DC Rebirth’s Teen Titans. However, if DC can have 2 Clark Kents and 2 Lois Lanes in-continuity, no reason that pre-Flashpoint family man Wally West can’t also be around. Barry Allen or pre-Flashpoint Wally West or both?)
  • 13. Flash #1

  • Green Arrow
  • 15. Green Arrow #1

  • Green Lanterns
  • 17. Green Lanterns #1

  • Justice League ((NEW) I have no interest in this probably due to the writer, but am glad to see Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz as the team’s GLs.)
  • Justice League Rebirth #1

  • Justice League America ((NEW) I’m iffy on this as no details have been released. We’ll see how I feel after a detailed solicitation comes out. I’d prefer a JLI themed book or a “fresh” JLA approach that is true to the team’s legacy and roots. Is this continuing a JLI themed book or is this a continuation of Bryan Hitch’s delayed series? If it’s the latter, no thanks, but former, maybe. I’ll only read one JL series.)
  • Justice League of America DC Rebirth September 2016

  • (NEW) Suicide Squad (No idea why I missed the first time around as I am THE biggest Squad fan.)
  • Suicide Squad cover by Jim Lee

Monthly Books – Nine Eight on my radar

  • Batman Beyond (NEW I was more into this book when I thought it was adult Tim Drake behind the mask. While the first arc seems to be built on the mystery of who is under the mask, during Rebirth interviews it was indicated Terry McGinnis was back. I don’t know what to think, but I’ll sample the first arc at least.)
  • Batman Beyond Rebirth #1

  • Earth 2: Society (NEW I’m really unclear what the plan is for the Justice Society in Rebirth. It appears the legacy post-Crisis version is returning yet DC has said Earth 2: Society series is continuing.)
  • Earth 2 Society #13

  • NEW Red Hood and the Outlaws (I never thought I’d pick this up, but the concept of a reverse Trinity is compelling with Bizarro and Artemis alongside Red Hood. I’ll check this one out.)
  • 0. DC Rebirth Previews concept teaser art spoilers 2A Red Hood & The Outlaws Bizarro & Artemis

  • The Super-Man (NEW A Chinese Superman is intrguing particularly with his “ties” to the Great Ten. I hope that team will be around this series, but the first arc seems to be about China setting up its own Justice League. Intriguing. Is this Lex Luthor as a Superman post Darkseid War or is this the continuation of the Superman: Lois and Clark series or something else?)
  • New Super-Man #1 new cover DC Comics Rebirth

  • Super Sons (Batman’s son Damian Wayne and pre-Convergence Superman’s son Jonathan Kent as headliners?)
  • Super Sons #1

  • Superwoman (NEW The New 52 Lois Lane gets imbued with the New 52 Superman’s powers. The pre-Flashpoint married Superman, Lois and son Jon take center stage in Rebirth, so its intrguing to see what will happen to the New 52’s Lois Lane. I’ll try first arc. Is this the Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman or someone else? If its the former, I’m intrigued.)
  • 0. DC Rebirth Previews concept teaser art spoilers 4 Superwoman is New 52 Lois Lane

  • Teen Titans
  • Teen Titans #1

  • Titans
  • Titans #1

  • Trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in one monthly book? I’m in.)
  • Trinity #1 cover not released - this Trinity Rebirth #1 cover

What’s on YOUR #DCRebirth radar?

DC Comics Rebirth DC Universe Rebirth #0 Special

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