10 Thoughts on Bob’s Burgers – Bye Bye Boo Boo

We’re almost caught up with this season of Bob’s Burgers. On today’s episode, Tina’s favorite band, Boyz 4 Now, are breaking up because Boo Boo, the pint sized object of Louise’s crush, wants to go solo. But there’s trouble brewing when a Boyz 4 Now fan club plots their revenge on Boo Boo when he comes to Wonder Wharf. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda find out they’re restaurant is eligible for historical landmark status, but Jimmy Pesto decides to steal their thunder.

Here are some thoughts.


1. This week in business puns:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.07.39 PM

These are particularly cringe-worthy.

2. Finally, a sequel

There was an episode a few seasons ago where Tina brought Louise to a Boyz 4 Now concert where Louise fell head over heels for Boo Boo, the youngest of the four. Now we get to see Louise actually dealing with the fallout of her crush, which she never properly confronted last go around.

3. Prohibition is a theme throughout the show

It’s been established that the restaurant used to be a prohibition establishment featuring false walls. It’s also been established that the town used to be a mecca for booze peddlers. It’s an interesting undercurrent to the show, giving it a sense of history that seems at once out of place and at the same time absolutely appropriate.

4. Bob’s storyline

That’s basically it. It doesn’t really get more complicated than this.

5. “You disgusting beautiful garbage angel”

This is how Louise describes Boo Boo, and I can’t think of a more perfect distillation of what it feels like to have a crush on somebody.

6. God, Jimmy Pesto is frustrating

When he finds out Bob has been granted historical status, what is response? You know exactly what his response is. It’s to steal Bob’s thunder and lie about having a mob shooting in his restaurant. Apparently, he’s a big mob fan (that’s a thing, I guess) and that this lie he’s made up is “the best thing that’s ever happened to him.”


7. Why would Bob turn that down!?

The thing is, Bob doesn’t want to put of the plaque. “I don’t want to be the murder restaurant.” Seriously? Why wouldn’t he take the extra publicity? He’s so damned principiled it causes way too many problems for him. At this point, it’s getting irritating.

8. Louise saves Boo Boo

The fan club decides they’re going to win a contest to take a roller coaster ride with Boo Boo at Wonder Wharf. Except they’re going to stuff themselves first so they vomit all over him. Gross. But Louise comes in at the last minute to save him, making the girls throw up elsewhere. Boo Boo doesn’t recognize her, until she slaps him of course, because who else slaps like Louise?


9. Bob is too kind

When Bob sees how happy this fake notoriety has made Jimmy, he decides not to burst his bubble because he’s too nice. That’s not a character arc, that’s a character trait being displayed in an extremely low stakes situation.

10. Very weak

If you couldn’t already tell, I did not enjoy this episode. Both plots were thin and low stakes and offered nothing new from any of the characters. Nobody was given anything interesting to do, and there were no show-stopping moments. It was all disappointingly mediocre.

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