WWE Monday Night Raw 05.09.2016 Live Arena Report

Jericho collected his jacket pieces then threw them down to yell at the ramp then yell at the camera guy. Then he yelled at someone to get a mic. Told us to shut our mouths, idiots. Asked if we loved what we saw. We cheered. Said the most iconic jacket was torn apart by a barbarian. He’d come out and slap all of us for cheering that. Told a fat boy, so you wanna give me a crotch chop huh? And shut up with how u doing. Then over and over and over he said quiet. Then said I can fix this. My dad is a television repairman hahaha. Jericho isn’t mad as he gets to leave Omaha for good. The city smells. He’ll give us one last chance to change our ways. First we get the gift of Jericho, drink it in man. Ref yells at Jericho, he says shut up! After 25 years I know how to get heat. He demands Dean Ambrose and his stupid head to come down for an apology. Here comes Dean! (cont)

Jericho tells Ambrose he’s in big trouble. He just destroyed the famous Jericho jacket that was supposed to go into the Smithsonian. Jericho told us stupid idiots to Google Smithsonian. Jericho said he’s gonna get Ambrose arrested. He said he knows all the cops in this stupid town, they’re all jerks.

Ambrose says the famous ugly stupid Jericho jacket has been destroyed. To get an Omaha pop. Ambrose and Jericho go back and forth in a hilarious moment about going to jail. Jericho doing great heel work here talking smack about Omaha and the tough drunk guys. Jericho demands an apology else “I’m gonna be at you up man.”

Ambrose apologizes and says he’ll get the jacket fixed and find a tailor. He’s gonna apologize to Jericho. Ambrose extends his hand with all sincerity. Jericho isn’t sure but says he better have a check for $15k and is serious about the apology.

A happy Jericho is a happy life, they shake hands, and Ambrose says I’m sorry you’re a stupid idiot, gives Jericho the Dirty Deeds and goodnight!

That was a great bonus we were treated to after Raw!

Jeremy Bennett – @JBHuskers

Oh and finally for good measure, Ambrose does a Ric Flair elbow drop on the coat before saying goodbye.

Credit Jeremy Bennett and Pwinsider.com:

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