Mick Foley Blog On Hornswoggle – “Well, it was a heck of a run.”


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“Well, it was a heck of a run.” That was my first thought when I heard that Hornswoggle had been released from WWE. News of Hornswoggle’s release hit me differently than the release of Damien Sandow, who seemed to have so much unrealized potential, and Bad News Barrett, who seemed to have lost the joy for wrestling – in a way that is not uncommon for someone at this point in the wrestling journey, when you get worn out, injuries happen at inopportune times and the road just takes it’s toll.

For Hornswoggle really did seem to have done it all – much of it without ever saying a word. He proved himself to be a very talented character actor, an incredibly sympathetic figure, and a guy capable of delivering big laughs on a regular basis. Looking back at his time in WWE, I realize how often his character and mine crossed paths. There was that Time I wrestled Jonathan Coachman, with Hornswoggle as referee at Nassau Coliseum – the first time all four of my children have ever watched me live; The night I couldn’t stop laughing on my drive home, thinking for my son Mickey booing me. There was that night Hornswoggle and I teamed up for a Royal Rumble qualifying match – getting the big reaction in a win over the Highlanders. And who could forget that night Santa granted him the power to talk on an episode of #Raw ?

But my favorite Hornswoggle moment isn’t one I was involved with. I’d pick the WEE LC match, brilliantly announced by Jerry “the King” Smaller, Micro Cole, and JB Elf. Not only did Hornswoggle and El Torito produce a memorable match that outperformed all expectations, but the new Hornswoggle with attitude, the 3MB sidekick showed off a heel persona that was sadly short-lived.

Yes, he had a heck of a run. That doesn’t make being let go, while needing to provide and plan for a child’s future – but leaving such a rich legacy behind in WWE is something I hope he can look back on with great fondness.

Promoters can book him at bookhornswoggle@gmail.com – I hope they do!

Please feel free to share your favorite Hornswoggle moment. There really are a lot to choose from.

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