Vince Russo on Recently Released Wrestlers Damien Sandow, Others – “failed miserably by the writers”

– Vince Russo spoke with Wrestling Inc about WWE’s recent releases. Some highlights are below:

On Damien Sandow’s release and Ryback’s contractual issues: “When somebody earns the spot, they earn the spot. When they earn that spot, you need to go balls to the wall with that person. I had mixed emotions about Ryback’s comments (regarding WWE’s financial structure), but I think Ryback earned the spot every which way that Sandow did. He was trying to work with what they gave him, and nothing was there. They did everything they could to get themselves over and were failed miserably by the writers.”

On the talents’ statement about their releases: “In a lot of these cases they use these guys incorrectly and they’re just spinning their wheels. Then there’s the tweet of thanking the WWE for the opportunity. What opportunity?! I can’t stand that. Obviously you said something in the heat of the moment and you meant it…but when you’re talking about cyber bullying, it happens to everybody. I thought it was hysterical when Cameron was commenting about people still talking about what she said on Tough Enough five years ago. I was like ‘Are you kiddin’ me!? David Arquette happened like 20 years ago.”

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