Lucha Underground S2 E17: Crime & Punishment – New Episode Premiere, Ongoing Live Coverage Featuring Sexy Star, Joey Ryan, The Mack, Brian Cage, Kobra Moon, Texano, Chavo Guerrero & Many More!

Sexy Star No Mas LU S2 1

“No mas.” A historic Aztec medallion win in the Lucha Underground books.

Happy Luchagasm Wednesday, Believers! Tonight is the Gift of the Gods Championship match, in which the following contenders, the winners of the Ancient Aztec Medallions that make up the title belt, will compete for championship: Sexy Star, Aero Star, Joey Ryan, The Mack, El Siniestro de la Muerte, Texano, Jr., and “The Machine” Brian Cage! Well, that is, if Cage can get his stolen Medallion back from Chavo Guerrero, Jr.!

Also scheduled for tonight is a kick-off match, a Fatal Four-Way featuring Kobra Moon and Mascarita Sagrada! Lots going on in this photo. Will Famous B and The Beautiful Brenda be ringside to help their Mini Marshmallow secure the win? We’ll find out!

Marty “The Moth” Martinez has a singles match with Killshot tonight, as well! Will Killshot be one step closer to avenging his long-lost brothers, or will The Moth fly once again in the Temple?

In Lucha Underground‘s latest “catch up” video package, we also get glimpses of Pentagon Junior’s past so far in Season 2 – including that cliffhanger a couple weeks ago with Vampiro. Has Vampiro achieved full control of this luchador? Hopefully we’ll get an update on this mysterious storyline, and perhaps something leading up to another interesting (and violent) match-up at Ultima Lucha. There is also a lot of potential for character development in Pentagon. I mean, he’s not exactly in a position to tell off Vampiro, being in a wheelchair and all.

But an even bigger question – who will become the new Gift of the Gods Champion? Any of these luchadores and luchadoras could easily fit as champion. Joey Ryan? YES PLEASE TO SLEAZE. Aero Star? Yes, and that could give him even more opportunities not just to shine, but further development in that prophecy storyline and for his character as a whole. The Mack? Of course. Texano? Bring on that ambiguous heel heat. Chavo Guerrero, given he’s still hanging on to that undeserved Medallion? Well, considering he plays dirty, he could get some pretty good heat as champ, as well. El Siniestro? Eh, only if they took his character and Catrina to another level. Considering they didn’t do that to his character after he absorbed the power of [spoiler here, in case you haven’t been around for the past few episodes] Trece and Barrio Negro, I’m having trouble picturing him as champion (even though he has potential, because skeleton luchadores are so dang cool).

But moreover – Sexy Star as Gift of the Gods Champion? She de-serves it. *clap, clap, clap clap clap* Okay, sorry. But honestly, IMHO – and I’m sure plenty of Believers will agree with me – she has the most potential to be a believable (see what I did there?) champion. After winning one of the most incredible matches in the history of women’s wrestling, and putting on an incredible performance every time she’s out there, she is not only deserving, but more than suitable as a top face.

But, we’ll find out tonight. Expect an incredible championship match overall.

Tonight’s Twitter buzz! El Rey, PLEASE give this Believer a deal and manufacture these.

More amazing fanart. You guys are so creative.

Check back here at 8 for the full live coverage, per usual! See ya then!


8 on the dot!

We get a recap of the Ancient Aztec Medallions singles matches series, leading up to the Gift of the Gods Championship Invitational tonight! Plus, Pentagon Junior’s fate at the hands of Matanza Cueto, and Vampiro’s efforts to revive him…

We’re now in the lively Temple!

Promo: Dario Cueto and “The Machine” Brian Cage
Cage complains about his Medallion!

Oh well, not Dario’s problem. Cage declares that Chavo is going to have to go through him! Dario smiles. Cage and Dario approach the ring. Matt Striker is weirded out.

Dario has the mic. He discusses the Gift of the Gods matches. Cage approaches the belt in the ring. Dario orders all Medallion holders to the ring. Here they come!

Texano, Jr., the Blue Collar Pride of Mexico, who defeated Daga.

Joey Ryan, the man with a “sixth sense for passion.”

El Siniestro de la Muerte, with the absence of Catrina – damn, she’s still missing.

Aero Star, the Man From the Galaxy, who defeated Drago.

The Mack!

Sexy Star! She looks amazing in street clothes, damn.

Now, there’s the dilemma of Cage or Chavo with the Medallion. Chavo’s music plays.

Cage tells him to come and get it. Dario wants them to fight it out! “Fight it out!” cheer the Believers. Chavo has a chair! Not for long – Cage tackles him and corners him into the turnbuckles! He delivers a beatdown and gets his Medallion back!

No, that’s not a Medallion!

Chavo attached the Medallion to the inside of the chair! He hits Cage. Cage is down, just before Chavo puts his Medallion into the belt –

– Cage is back! He tackles Chavo! But Dario says that Chavo introduced the Medallion to the belt first, so. Oh well. “Sorry, man!” he says.

But he’s not a man – he’s a machine! Weapon X to Chavo Guerrero!

Chavo is out! There is little Cage can do now, except deliver those Weapon Xs.

We cut to commercial!

We’re back! It’s time for…

Four-Way Match: Argenis vs. Daga vs. Kobra Moon vs. Mascarita Sagrada
Kobra Moon doesn’t get the introduction she deserves. Famous B introduces his client, Mascarita Sagrada! Who is in the ring with The Beautiful Brenda! Make sure you call 423-GET-FAME if you want to be famous, too.

Time for lucha! Mascarita hits Kobra Moon! But he’s tossed around by Argenis and Daga! Hurricane by Mascarita!

Kobra Moon is out, but back in, and delivers the cover to Mascarita! He kicks out. These two, now. Another cover by Kobra, but Mascarita bounces back. Drop by Kobra! But Daga comes in and pulls Kobra’s hair! She’s out of the ring! She’s got a crush on him, though… That lick.

Daga versus Argenis! Counters. Argenis kicks Daga. He’s down. They’re both on the move now. Mascarita watches with his agents. Argenis and Daga are out of the ring!

Kobra versus Mascarita now. Argenis breaks a cover. He picks up Sagrada. Sagrada goes for the cross armbreaker! Good move, makes up for his short limbs. Not for long. Drop by Argenis!

Daga interrupts a cover. Argenis is sent in by Daga! Slap! Daga reverses. Suplex by Daga. Kobra comes in, Daga kicks her in the stomach. Uh oh! Huge pretzel consisting of Daga, Kobra, and Argenis!

Sagrada comes in and breaks it up! Sagrada kicks Kobra’s back. Cover, interrupted. Argenis tosses Mascarita!

Argenis is on the move, but Daga gives him the boot! Sagrada suffers in the corner. Daga jumps into Argenis from out of the ring!

Kobra Moon cuts Sagrada like a knife. She has a hold on Sagrada with venomous intentions.

Drop! His spine probably isn’t in good shape. She gives way to Daga, giving him the victory!

He covers Mascarita, 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Daga!

Kobra says, “Come hither.” Daga doesn’t know what to think. Don’t bite that apple, Daga. SHIP IT.

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

Promo: Killshot and Marty “The Moth” Martinez
In the Temple gym, The Moth mocks Killshot’s military background.

He mentions their upcoming match. Killshot’s had enough. A brawl ensues.

The Moth might be regretting this. “Bang,” says Killshot.

The Moth suffers… Or does he?

Back in the Temple, The Moth makes his way to the ring. He eyes Melissa Santos, as usual. Ick. Killshot makes his way to the ring. Their match is up next!

We’re back from the commercial break! Time for…

Singles Match: Killshot vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez
Killshot ties his dog tag to the turnbuckle. The bell rings!

The Moth does his striptease. Hey, Killshot has a ritual, it’s only fair. He mocks Killshot some more.

Killshot makes him rethink it! Marty has him cornered, brawling. Booing from the Believers. Killshot is out of the ring! Marty assaults him on the apron and wants some action.

Killshot watches him from outside of the ring. He flings him out of the ring! Cheering.

Killshot sends himself in, and leaps onto Marty from out of the ring! He catches him!

He throws Killshot! Killshot sells. Marty works the camera. Ick. Marty has Killshot back in the ring, his fingers in Killshot’s mouth.

He drags him to the corner and hangs on to his teeth. Marty has a lot of fetishes… He tosses Killshot. Cover by Marty, kick out. Cheering for Killshot. Killshot gets out of Marty’s hold. More mocking towards Killshot. Killshot comes back with a kick!

Marty is cornered. He creates space. He runs into Marty. He puts Marty in place. Kick to the side of the head after sliding through.

Marty is in a corner again, barely on his feet. Killshot in. Marty gets out of the way. Not for long. Killshot covers, kick out. Marty improves as the match goes on, surviving. Slap by Killshot. Deadly strikes, perfection. He climbs the turnbuckles. Marty throws him off, Killshot lands on the apron. He looks injured, though. Marty hits him on the apron. Killshot limps. Marty seems to be going for a suplex on the apron, but Killshot hands on to a rope. Marty is on Killshot, but Killshot catches him and tosses him! Marty is down, and so is Killshot, from the exhaustion! “Holy shit!” cheering!

Count-out begins. Both luchadores begin to stir. They’re in the ring by ALMOST 10! Close one! Killshot slaps Marty. They exchange strikes and punches. Killshot with the knee strike! Clothesline by Marty!

Curb stomp by Marty! Cover by Marty, kick out by Killshot! Cheering for Killshot.

Marty runs into Killshot, who is cornered. And again. Again. But Killshot catches him!

Drop! Cover! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Killshot!

Marty brawls and beats down on Killshot some more!

They’re out of the ring! Marty throws him into a balcony wall. Dario must be loving it. Another strike by Marty. He grabs Killshot and throws him into another wall. He puts him back in the ring, and takes Killshot’s dog tag. Killshot struggles. Marty is on the turnbuckles, and delivers another curb stomp.

Is Marty seeking a replacement for his last hostage, Sexy Star?

We cut to commercial.

Our Main Event is next!

We’re back! Time for our main event! ACK. Each luchador and luchadora approaches the ring.

Main Event: Gift of the Gods #1 Contender Seven-Way Match: Texano, Jr., Joey Ryan, El Siniestro de la Muerte, Sexy Star, Aero Star, The Mack, and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Everyone is out but Sexy Star and Aero Star! Joey Ryan enters. She doesn’t let Ryan do that sleazy stuff on her. Arm drag! Body scissors, too. Ryan tosses Sexy Star. He tries to kiss her. Guerrero wants to monopolize!

He covers Sexy, she kicks out. She slaps Joey and goes to work on Chavo.

The Mack enters! He and Sexy work together!

Mack and Sexy compete. Roll throughs, counters. Texano drags Sexy out of the ring to work on Mack. Arm drag by Mack! Counters, reversals. Kick by Texano to Mack’s head! Aero Star enters now. He’s cornered by Texano! Texano opens his tights and delivers slaps to Star’s chest!

Aero Star jumps onto the turnbuckle and dodges Texano.

Tornado DDT by Star! Cover, kick out. Kick by Texano. Star dodges Texano again. El Siniestro appears! He holds Star. He doesn’t seemed fazed by Catrina’s absence. Aero Star is trapped in the ropes on the apron now! But Muerte is down, and Star lands on the other luchadores outside of the ring.

Sexy Star is limping. Joey is the only one in the ring now! He climbs the turnbuckles and Sexy Star pushes him! She leaps onto the other luchadores! From the sky, the sexiest of stars.

Mack versus Joey! Cover by Joey, kick out. Siniestro has a hold on Joey now. Cover by Siniestro, but Texano interrupts. Texano is cornered, Siniestro goes in. Texano delivers the same.

He covers Siniestro, Aero Star interrupts. Star steps on Siniestro before covering Texano. Interruption.

Sexy Star and Joey Ryan. She stands on top of him. Mack and Sexy deliver slaps to Joey! Slam! Mack picks up Sexy and slams her onto Joey!

Chavo comes in, knocks out Mack. Frogsplash by Chavo onto Joey!

Everyone’s in the ring now! Everyone cheers for Mack! But everyone wants a piece of Chavo!

Codebreaker after codebreaker! Springboard legdrop by Siniestro onto Chavo! Aero Star gets a piece!


He enters the ring! He takes out everybody! He’s one pissed-off machine!

He tosses Sexy Star onto the luchadores outside of the ring as she’s screaming. Joey and Chavo are lifeless in the ring. Cage drags Chavo’s body onto Joey’s.

1, 2, 3!

Winner and your new Gift of the Gods Champion: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.!

Chavo struggles to escape with his belt!

Cage has the mic. He congratulates Chavo. He just spoke Chavo, and he agreed to defend that title next week against CAGE! Shit just got real for Chavo.

Promo: Vampiro and Pentagon Junior
The monster that is Matanza Cueto broke Pentagon Junior. Now Vampiro must be the one breaking him again. Holy crap! He tortures Pentagon Junior.

“Only the weak are afraid.” Vampiro tells him about the voices in his head. Long story short: He’s gone nuts. He leaves Pentagon chained to the torture device… Before what he’s about to do.

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