EC3 on Eric Young, Damien Sandow, Samoa Joe, WWE Release – “I would have released me too”

TNA’s Ethan Carter III recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast(transcript credit, here are the highlights…

On WWE Releasing Him: “This is business, and, at the time, where I was, I would have released me too, especially considering I was kind of on the road, but not really, and then I was kind of in developmental, but not really. And then, someone takes over a position of power, they put different guys in charge, you’re not somebody’s guy,” Carter continued. “You’re just floating in outer space. You’re trying and you’re striving and you’re doing everything you can, but if it’s not in the cards, it’s not going to be in the cards.”

On Samoa Joe in NXT: “Joe’s killing it. All the guys that left [TNA] and had that opportunity [to go to WWE] are doing great.” EC3 added, “I think Joe is maybe the best guy to maybe pave that way because he went over there and did, considerably, a great job. And maybe people in WWE didn’t think some of the guys that made it in TNA were WWE material, but he just went in there and destroyed. And he had something to prove and he had a vendetta and he had his angst and he’s fired up.”

On How Good Eric Young Is: “We’re really happy for Eric Young too. You don’t know how good someone is until you’re in the ring with them and you can see them if they’re good. Eric Young’s a guy who I was always like, ‘oh, he’s really good’ and then I wrestled him and I was like, ‘this guy is friggin unbelievable!’ It’s just weird things you can only do when you’re in the ring with somebody. So he deserves all the success in the world. He’s one of the good guys too, so it’s good to see.”

On TNA Signing Damien Sandow: “I think [TNA] would definitely be remiss to not explore that opportunity, especially because TNA sometimes has this negative reputation with however they handle talent, but I think, universally, across the board, those people that are negative on TNA’s talent evaluation love Sandow. And I think if you give Sandow freedom to creatively develop, it would probably be unbelievable.”

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