Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Extreme Rules 2016: Full Match by Match Preview & Predicions

WWE has Extreme Rules 2016 TONIGHT. Here is the full staff previews and match by match predicitons.


Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Roman Reigns (c) vs. AJ Styles

CB – It’s time for the Balor Club to take over.
Winner: Roman Reigns after all kinds of interference and carnage.

Brittney – So the real concern here for most fans is how the match is won. It’s Extrme Rules which also means no DQ. Which also means that outside interference won’t end the match. So, what will happen if The Usos or The Club get involved? I think that if either side house outside interference leading to a win (i.e. The Usos superkick Styles and Roman gets the pin or Gallows & Anderson hit a con-chair-to and Styles gets the win) it sort of taints the win to me. However, I think if Styles walks out with the title the fans will be happy and it’ll be after a hard fought, good match. The Extreme Rules stipulation may actually give Roman a chance to be booked as believably dangerous (think back to his days in The Shield where he was actually someone to be wary of, not a half-assed baby face.
Winner: AJ Styles

Michael McMonigle – What exactly makes an Extreme Rules match different from a No-DQ match? I don’t really know. Basically, same thoughts as from Payback – Styles will look great, make Reigns look great, and Reigns will retain. Still the possibility of the Club turning on Styles here, I think.
Winner: Roman Reigns (by shenanigans)

Sam P – Roman wins. The end.
Winner: Roman Reigns.

Kate – Yeah… I still don’t think Vince’s high on Roman Reigns is over yet… Even though I’m super psyched for AJ Styles to eventually get it (since he will eventually). Plus, Rollins is coming back soon (also psyched about that), and regardless of whatever gimmick he possesses and whether he comes back as heel or face, it makes sense for Rollins to start with Roman. Also, Cena’s coming back the next day, and he’s probably going to have a feud for a title with somebody, and the Heavyweight title is an option they have for him.
Winner and still your WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Roman Reigns

Jake Ziegler – Last month’s match was excellent and if they can keep Shane and Stephanie away I think this one will be even better. I’d be shocked if they took the title off Reigns here, but I’ve really enjoyed this feud and storyline and wouldn’t be surprised to see it stretched out for another month.
Winner – Roman Reigns

Widro – It’s hard to imagine AJ Styles winning the title here. I think we’ll see The Club turn on AJ and cost him the title.
Winner: Reigns


Submission Match for the WWE Women’s Title
Charlotte (c) vs. Natalya
Ric Flair is banned from ringside

CB – Natalya actually should win so that the babyface gets her revenge and the heel gets her comeuppance, but it’s WWE, so…
Winner: Charlotte

Brittney – Charlotte has been playing her role as the heel well. I’m not sure and have severe doubts about Ric Flair staying away but honestly, it’s time for him to not be involved. Natalya is overdue for a title shot and after the screwjob I think WWE has to make up for the mistakes they’ve been making in the division. Is Natalya the one to right everything? Probably not. But she’s due for a shot and will be a good champion. The match will be good, with a lot of near tap-outs when you think they’ll give up and they just barely make it to the ropes. A feud could be here but also, if Natalya walks out with the title, it’ll be more viable for challengers beyond Charlotte to get a shot (Paige, Emma when she returns from injury, Becky, Sasha, etc).
Winner: Natalya

Michael McMonigle – Somehow I have become less intrigued by this match-up as time has gone on. Another rematch from Payback, this time due to the stupid Montreal screwjob finish. By the way, I’d bet next month’s mortgage that 75% of the WWE’s audience had no idea what that finish was referencing. And while I could see Natalya winning here, I till think the plan is make Charlotte as strong as possible.
Winner: Charlotte (with the Figure 8)

Sam P – As awesome as it is to see this title programme given credence, it’s run it’s course, because although solid in the ring, Natlaya’s face work is a little lacking. Charlotte is a great champion (it’s almost like it’s in her blood), and it’s time for someone else to move into the title picture. The ominous absence of Sasha Banks will hopefully be addressed soon after Extreme Rules…
Winner: Charlotte

Kate – NATALYA. PLEASE. FINALLY. With Ric banned from ringside, it looks like they might be starting a storyline for Charlotte in which she goes on this downward spiral, losing matches, and she plus Stephanie and/or Shane blame her father for it. Or something similar. She’ll have another feud with Paige though, and that might be more effective if there isn’t a title on the line because this time, it’s definitely personal.
Winner and your new WWE Women’s Champion: Natalya

Jake Ziegler – Charlotte is just hitting her stride and it would be a terrible time to take the title off of her.
Winner – Charlotte

Widro – WWE has gotten a lot of mileage out of this feud, this should probably be the end
Winner: Charlotte


Asylum Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

CB – Ambrose takes it with help from Mitch 2!
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Brittney – In recent years Jericho returned for the stretch of time from the Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania and that’s it. He’s still doing shows but I wonder how long this contract is for since we’re now into May. Will he be around until Summerslam? I guess, depending on how this match goes, we’ll see how long Jericho is around for. By the title of this match it appears Ambrose has to win and I wonder how they could actually have him lose this one. Still, I’m not the best at guessing match outcomes until the match is in progress so we’ll just have to wait on this one. It seems unlikely Jericho will win but since Ambrose picked up a few victories over him maybe WWE will think it’s Jericho’s turn for a win. I have no issue with Jericho and he and Ambrose have done well with this feud but other than destroying jackets and smashing plants on each other’s heads I wonder what else is left for this feud? It’ll be an interesting match, to say the least.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Michael McMonigle – You know how I could have been more interested in this match? If Ambrose had looked even slightly effective when using all these weapons at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar. Instead, here is another rematch from Payback. Woo to the Hoo.
Winner: Chris Jericho (because apparently Dean Ambrose’s contract states that he will never win a PPV match)

Sam P – Lovely to see Scott Steiner’s signature match be resurrected.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Kate – Jericho gettin’ Ambrose over big time. This just keeps getting better. This one is hard to predict, since I can’t imagine Jericho losing each match (depending on how many more we’ll see between these two).
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jake Ziegler – Not sure what people saw in the match at Payback, but I have zero interest in anything Jericho does at this point. Ambrose should not be losing to him.
Winner – Dean Ambrose

Widro – Has a chance to be the best match on the card, Dean should win and continue his momentum since Mania.
Winner: Ambrose


WWE United States Title Match
Kalisto (c) vs. Rusev w/Lana

CB – Rusev the singles heel monster is back, just in time for Cena to return to face him for the US title. But first…
Winner: Rusev

Brittney – WWE has dropped the ball with a lot of stars lately and Rusev is one of them. I know he and Lana were in trouble for their real life engagement messing with WWE Creative’s plan (if they ever really had one) but he has been mismanaged pretty severely (as were Del Rio, Sheamus, Barrett). That said, if they want to make Rusev useful again they first have to make him vicious and a threat again. Kalisto is a great champion and the fans love him but maybe he’ll be sacrificed in order to help elevate Rusev. Whichever way this match goes I hope that neither man suffers too much in the career trajectory department.
Winner: Rusev

Michael McMonigle – The Kalisto experiment is over. It was nice for a little while, but his offense just doesn’t look damaging enough against bigger guys. Plus, Alberto del Rio finally got his win back against him this week, showing that Kalisto has some weaknesses after all.
Winner: Rusev (because there are more potential money feuds with him holding the belt)

Sam P – Rusev’s renewed intensity is reminiscent of his initial push and it’s great to see after his stagnation with the League of Nations. Kalisto is a fun champ who has been put in odd match ups, but it’s time for the Brute to wear gold again and make Russia / Bulgaria / Latvia / The Eastern Bloc / Essos proud.
Winner: Rusev

Kate – Is this the match in which they’ll introduce a tag team partner for Kalisto? Because if not – and if they still want to go through with that idea – then perhaps they’ll let him have the title for a while longer until they can find him a tag partner. There hasn’t been a mixed tag match in a while and it might freshen things up a bit. It’d also add to Kalisto’s title run. Moreover, he’s not with Ryback this time, thank goodness.
Winner and still your United States Champion: Kalisto

Jake Ziegler – All signs seem to point to Rusev winning the title here and going on to face John Cena when Cena returns to RAW on Memorial Day. Should be a fun match.
Winner – Rusev

Widro – Kalisto has been a bomb as a singles wrestler and US champ, time to move on.
Winner: Rusev


WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Vaudevillains vs. The New Day

CB – The Vaudevillains will win here, and the New Day will be fine without the titles.
Winners: The Vaudevillains

Brittney – Okay, hear me out. I have nothing against the Vaudevillians but it seems pretty clear to me that they weren’t the ones that everyone expected to be challenging The New Day for the titles on Sunday. Still, they deserve a shot and The New Day has held the titles for quite some time. I’ve been saying for months that it may be time for a title change. Maybe that time will come this Sunday but I’m not sure that anyone expected it to be the Vaudevillians taking the titles. Nothing against either team but I don’t know if this is the right time, or team, for the New Day to lose to. Enzo & Cass would’ve been a bit more believable, especially due to their fan support but The New Day should not take The Vaudevillians lightly. Also, since there is no special stipulation on this match yet I wonder if there will be a “surprise” in store on Sunday. Perhaps a three-on-two handicapped match?
Winner: The New Day

Michael McMonigle – I want to say the Vaudevillains win here, but I doubt they will. I’ve been quite impressed with English and Gotch lately. I’m enjoying their old-school heel tactics, and they are definitely set up to have the crowd beat them. The only way I see them winning is if they plan on New Day getting the belts back at Summerslam. But I think that is thinking a little too far in advance for the WWE writer’s room.
Winner: The New Day (to give the crowd a chance to cheer)

Sam P – The Booty O purveyors need freshening up soon with a legit heel team to challenge them, but it’s way too early for the Vaudvillains. Ironic, considering their gimmick. I’d like to see The Club come in and dominate New Day to assert themselves as the badasses they should be. They took out Roman, and now they take out the tag champs. Makes sense.
Winner: New Day

Kate – I feel like I need to see more of The Vaudevillains a bit more on their own before I can visualize them as tag champions, even though I’m excited about this match. I’m still salty about the whole title match not being cancelled out of respect for Enzo Amore.
Winners and still your WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day

Jake Ziegler – New Day needs some new challengers.
Winners – The New Day

Widro – Can’t imagine the Vaudevillains winning here.
Winner: New Day


WWE Intercontinental Title
The Miz (c) vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

CB – This is the hardest match of the night to predict, and likely going to be the match of the night as well. I’m going to with the professional…
Winner: Cesaro

Brittney – Four men to potentially win the match and either keep or capture the IC title. Four men with history and four men with a decent amount of build up in the past few weeks. Honestly, this can go either way. Miz has held on tot the title by trickery, quick actions and Maryse. She could get involved and help him retain but part of me wonders if the fans voices will be heard and we’ll have a new champion. Since Zayn & Owens are not done with each other yet I wonder if Cesaro will take the title to feud with Miz while letting Zayn and Owens continue their feud.
Winner: Cesaro

Michael McMonigle – This will be the match of the night, no doubt about it. I could see any of these four coming away with the victory, but I think Zayn will push over to the US title chase after this (to separate him and Owens for a while). I think the WWE brass want to see more of the Cesaro-Miz feud, and feel that doesn’t need the title. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Maryse’s valet services on the line in a match in the future. So that leaves …
Winner: Kevin Owens (reclaiming his rightful title)

Sam P – Probably the early favourite for match of the night, this has “high octane enjoyment” plastered all over it. Expect Zayn and Owens to continue their glorious feud and The Miz to win by a combination of fluke / luck / opportunism / larceny.
Winner: The Miz

Kate – Oh mannn, this match. I’m expecting a great match overall, but I feel that it’s Cesaro’s time. This could be a start for him to work his way up to the Heavyweight title. He is main event material.
Winner and your new Intercontinental Champion: Cesaro

Jake Ziegler – This has been another really good feud, using all four men effectively and making them all really want the prize – the IC Title. I see Miz using some kind of shenanigans to retain once again here.
Winner – The Miz

Widro – Should be another great match, I think in the end Miz hangs on.
Winner: Miz


Texas Tornado Match
The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

CB – The Club wins here, then takes out AJ in the main event.
Winners: The Club

Brittney – Since this match hasn’t officially been announced yet (Smackdown spoilers) I’m going to say that, given the stipulation that all members are allowed in the ring at the same time this match could get ugly really quick. Or, it could be boring and stale really quick (constant double teams, constant almost pins, etc). These two teams are caught in the shadow of the WWE World Heavyweight Title battle going on and I think that this match, if nothing else, will have an impact on that title match. With no DQ in the title match and all members allowed in the ring at this time, I wonder if a team will decimate the other and take them out of action for the remainder of the night, thus affecting the title scene. The Usos themselves have been losing fan support slowly while Anderson & Gallows are a huge point of interest for the fans at this time. Hopefully this match will go well and give us some fire for the rest of the night. Both teams are capable of putting on a good show, I just hope they do.
Winner: The Club, Anderson & Gallows

Michael McMonigle – Texas Tornado matches suck. With all four guys in the ring at once, you don’t get much of a chance to do any double team moves. So it basically looks like a small battle royal going on. I think this sets up the turn in the main event though.
Winner: The Club

Sam P – The Club have eaten way too many losses already after their initial and brutal debut. They have to demolish the Usos.
Winner: The Club

Kate – Don’t even want to talk about this, really.
Winners: The Club

Jake Ziegler – The Club hasn’t won a match since they’ve debuted, and that really needs to change. I’m digging this feud but they really, really need to go over here.
Winners – The Club

Widro – The Usos are jobbers who weren’t over before, and now with the stink of Roman Reigns, they are even less over. The Club needs a win especially since it’s unlikely AJ will win.
Winner: The Club


No Disqualification (Kickoff Show Match)
Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

CB – Poor Dolph.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Brittney – So this feud should have more fire and I expected bigger things since Corbin’s debut & win at the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. However, once again, WWE dropped the ball. Ziggler & Corbin have been improving their chemistry together and I think they could have a pretty good match, provided they are given time and some free reign to do so. With the No DQ stipulation I hope we see a few awesome spots and a good fight between the men. We can hope, right? Ziggler is great at putting over new talent and I think on Sunday he will suffer at Corbin’s hands and Corbin will come out on top.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Michael McMonigle – And here is rematch number four from Payback. Do we really need this? I know Ziggler won in a fluke at Payback, but hasn’t Corbin just been dominant against Dolph? And why a No-DQ match? Do we really think of Ziggler as someone who is going to get rough and tumble? I have no interest in this match at all.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Sam P – It was a massive shock that Corbin lost the first PPV match versus Ziggler. It’ll be an even bigger shock if it happens again and would render his push pretty pointless. Fully expect him and his Belly Button of Doom to return victorious.
Winner: Baron Corbin.

Kate – I don’t even want to talk about this, either.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Jake Ziegler – Speaking of “needs to go over,” another loss to Dolph Ziggler would mean terrible things for Baron Corbin. I’m not the world’s biggest Corbin fan, but let’s give the guy a chance and see if he can get over.
Winner – Baron Corbin

Widro – After a baffling loss last month, it is hard to imagine Baron Corbin losing again, even on a fluke. Dolph appears on the way out with his friend Ryback.
Winner: Corbin

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