Lucha Underground S2 E18: Enter the Mundo – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Rey Mysterio, Jr., Prince Puma, Brian Cage, Johnny Mundo, Joey Ryan, PJ Black, Dragon Azteca II & Many More!

Rey Mysterio Trios Champion LU S2

Happy Luchagasm Wednesday, Believers! Tonight, two championships will be defended – the Tag Team Trios Championships and the Gift of the Gods Championship! Current Tag Team Trios Champs Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Prince Puma will have a tag match tonight, with their opponents including Jack Evans and “The Darewolf” PJ Black! Current Gift of the Gods Champion Chavo Guerrero, Jr., who won his title last week from the seven-luchador match, will defend in a singles match with “The Machine” Brian Cage! Will Cage get his revenge on the dirty player for stealing his Ancient Aztec Medallion? And will our current Tag Champs Dream Team retain? Tune in to see!


Famous B keeps snagging opportunities for fame for Mascarita Sagrada. Watch the mini legend take on King of Sleaze Joey Ryan in a singles match tonight! We may also get more updates on his crime-style, undercover storyline.

Joey Ryan Undercover LU S2

Note the title of this episode, “Enter the Mundo.” Recall that the last time we saw Mundo and Valkyrie, there was unrest between them and Ivelisse and Son of Havoc. Where do the former Tag Team Trios Champs go from here, especially if Angelico is still in his injury storyline?

Mundo Prince Puma LU S2

Booyaka! Return here at 8 P.M. sharp for the play-by-play of the violence.

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

More awesome LU fanart!

Five til now! Leggooo.

It’s 8!!!

We get a recap of the following: Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro’s undercover storylines. The Unlikely Trio’s championship match with the Dream Team. Current feud between Brian Cage and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Chavo’s win of the Gift of the Gods title. Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie teaming with Ivelisse and Son of Havoc.

Promo: Pentagon, Jr. and Vampiro
Pentagon tries to leave. Vampiro wants to know why. Pentagon is ready. Vampiro says he’s not. He puts him in an arm lock.

Vampiro never wants to be questioned again. But Pentagon has no fear.

Vampiro tells him he can go to the Temple, but he can’t face The Monster now. Not yet.

We’re now in the lively Temple! Of course, we have the two championship matches tonight. Striker wishes us a Happy Memorial Day weekend. We have special guests in the audience, as well. Striker has a phone call from Famous B! But in the meantime…

Singles Match: Joey Ryan vs. Mascarita Sagrada
Joey gets his oil ready. Before Melissa Santos can introduce Sagrada, Famous B snags the mic and introduces his client.

The Believers cheer for the mini legend from Mini Hollywood!

Joey kicks Sagrada down! He has him cornered! The ref starts a count and Joey backs off. He puts his lollipop in his nylons.

Sagrada takes control! Ryan is out of the ring and Sagrada is on the move! He leaps onto Ryan out of the ring.

They’re both back in now. The Beautiful Brenda provides encouragement. Sagrada gets stuck! Uh oh.

Ryan offers Brenda a lollipop in exchange for her number, but Sagrada interrupts! Ryan has control shortly thereafter, of course. He picks up Sagrada! He sells fake exhaustion from lifting the mini legend. Bodyslam by Ryan! Cheering for Joey by Believers.

Holy cow, Sagrada lifts Ryan!

The power of Ryan!

Double stomp! He flies onto Ryan from the turnbuckles! Cover, kick out at two by Ryan! Sagrada seeks encouragement from Brenda as Famous B chats with the ref. Ryan has steel wool in his nylons, apparently. Cover, kick out by Sagrada. DDT from Sagrada!

Cover by Ryan, 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Joey Ryan!

Sagrada looks guilty in the middle of the ring. Striker informs us that Sagrada actually won more matches before signing with Famous B. Brenda and B go to his aid. Sagrada is not happy.

Our Gift of the Gods Championship Match is next after this commercial break!

We’re back!

Promo: Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Mundo
When you look in the mirror… Who do you see?

Valkyrie sees everything, from confidence and dominance to strength and power. She can beat up men just wearing a dress.

She approaches her ride, with Johnny Mundo awaiting her. Perfection has arrived at the Temple.

Taya vs. Ivelisse soon?!

Promo: King Cuerno
Too long, he sat on this throne, like the King of the Jungle. But he forgot it’s Cuerno’s jungle. Cuerno speaks to Mil Muertes in the coffin.

Muertes forgot about the true King of the Jungle…

Time for our…

Singles Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (c) vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage
Major booing for Chavo as he approaches the ring. Loads of cheers for Cage.

More updates after this commercial break!

We’re back! Time for lucha.

Cage is not intimidated. The bell rings. Cage grabs Chavo’s foot from a kick and he’s down! He’s cornered! Cage delivers punch after punch!

Chavo’s down again! He leaves the ring and Cage goes after him! They’re back in the ring – well, Cage is stuck on the apron. He’s up quickly.

Chavo’s strike leaves him out. Chavo leaps onto him from the ring but catches him! He slams him into balcony gates.

They’re back in the ring. Cage seeks approval from Believers. They’re back in the ring. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors by Chavo! Impressive! They’re out of the ring! The Believers are more than satisfied. Chavo seeks more approval from the audience, and gets a mix of boos and cheers.

Cage is stuck on the apron. Rope DDT. Cover by Chavo, kick out. Cage is not submitting. Monkey flip.

Chavo goes back with the knee. Cage is just too strong for Chavo. Moonsault by Cage, but Chavo rolls out of the way.

Chavo has a chance – cover – kick out by Cage. Chavo is not taking the opportunities to cover Cage. Chavo has Cage in a hold. Cage gets out, and Chavo delivers a beatdown. He paces around the ring, not bothering to deliver more beatdowns to his powerful opponent. Cage sends him down on the apron. Suplex by Cage from the ropes! Cheering from the audience. “Holy shit!”

Cage has control. He has Chavo cornered, now. Slaps. Chavo tries sending himself over Cage, but Cage grabs him.

Slam! Cover – kick out by Chavo. Chavo’s not quitting. Cage lifts Chavo. Chavo is on his feet. DDT!

Cover by Chavo, kick out! Cage gets up as Chavo delivers strikes. Rolling kick by Chavo! Discus lariat by Cage! Cover, kick out by Cage! Cage has Chavo, he hooks him up on the turnbuckle, preparing a suplex, but Chavo resists. Sunset flip by Chavo! Cage is down! Cover, kick out by Cage at two! The Believers are insane!

Chavo is still full of confidence!

Suplex by Chavo. And another! And another – no wait, Cage blocks! He slams Chavo on the mat! Into the turnbuckles! And another! Cover by Cage – 1, 2, 3!

Winner and your new Gift of the Gods Champion: “The Machine” Brian Cage!

Cage gets the mic. The Believers cheer. He calls to Matanza – he wants to exchange the title for a match with him for the LU Championship next week!

We cut to commercial! Stay tuned for the main event!

We’re back!

Promo: Taya Valkyrie, Jack Evans, PJ Black, Johnny Mundo
The four meet backstage in the gym. Mundo agrees to be their partner for tonight’s main event.

They play air guitar over Fenix’s knocked-out body… Ack.

Promo: Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan
The two scout Dario Cueto’s office. Ryan finds loads of cash in Dario’s desk.

Uh oh, Mr. Cisco is here! He threatens to tell Dario. Castro subdues him.

We’re back in the Temple! Time for the…

Taya Valkyrie comes out beyond the fog. Jack Evans and PJ are by her side. She has the mic and says Fenix “can’t make it” tonight. She introduces Johnny Mundo! Believers bow down to him. A fan looks down to him.

The Dream Team and current Tag Team Trios Champs make their way to the ring! Rey Mysterio, Jr., Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca, Jr.!

Our main event is next!

We’re back!

Main Event: Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Championship Match – The Dream Team of Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Prince Puma (c) vs. Johnny Mundo, “The Darewolf” PJ Black, and Jack Evans
PJ, Jack and Mundo pick on the ref. Jack versus Azteca now! Jack is a rabble rouser. Jack slams into Azteca, andddd reverse.

Headlock by Evans. Dragon sends in Evans. He knocks down Jack. Jack crawls but is cornered by Dragon. Slap by Dragon. Another! Yeah, that selling by Jack is real. Ouch. Dragon goes over Jack. He blocks, leaps onto Jack from the turnbuckles. DDT. Taunting by Jack after he gets in a strike. Dragon sends Jack out of the ring!

He’s on the move. Mundo’s out of the ring. Cheering for Azteca!

Dragon tags in Puma. PJ is in. Puma dodges and blocks. PJ sends Puma down! Cover by PJ, kick out. He has Puma cornered. Jack is in. He taunts his opponents before going on his way. Puma is trapped. Mundo is tagged in. PJ climbs Puma and lands on his face. Cover by PJ, kick out. Mundo is tagged and PJ works with him to send in Puma. Puma’s down.

Cover by Mundo, kick out by Puma. Rey Mysterio watches intently. Mundo has Puma by the head. Slams him on the mat. Cover by Jack, kick out by Puma. Puma won’t give in. Jack has control. Tag made to PJ Black. Arm ringer by the two. Waist lock. Sends in Jack. Puma’s too quick for these guys – he has momentum and sends them down! Rey and Dragon want tags. Mundo is tagged in with Rey Mysterio! Dodges and counters by these two! Rey sends Mundo around! Mysterio tags in Dragon and Puma! They work together to send down Mundo.

Slam by Puma! Cover by Puma, kick out. Puma kicks out Jack Evans like last week’s trash. Puma sends in Dragon, but Mundo catches Dragon!

He suplexes Dragon into Puma, who was cornered. PJ carries Puma and slams him down. He covers Puma, who kicks out.

PJ delivers kicks. Puma delivers a back elbow to Mundo. Evans is in! Mysterio sends him around, too.

Rey is on Mundo’s shoulders. They’re out of the ring! He’s still on top.

Bodies scattered everywhere!

Puma and PJ in the ring now. Jack lands on Puma, kicks his head. Cheering from the Believers! Taya tends to Mundo from outside the ring. Puma and Jack, now. Jack sits on the turnbuckles. Perches. Puma senses the danger, adjusts Jack’s position. Creates space. Puma is on the turnbuckles now, but Jack kicks him down!

Dragon and PJ. Dragon kicks PJ from the apron. Puma sends out PJ! Vibrant offense.

“Holy shit!” the Believers cheer. Rey pushes PJ! 6-1-9! BOOYAKA! PJ Black is down!

Puma leaps from the turnbuckles onto PJ! Cover, but the ref is sent out of the ring! Damn ref bumps.

Mundo and Rey brawl outside of the ring!

Puma tosses PJ but PJ recovers! Puma kicks him in the groin!

Dragon tries to help but he gets a present, too.

PJ and Jack clean house! They work together. Jack kicks Puma’s ass, literally. Mundo’s End of the World to Puma! Cover, Puma kicks out!

Mundo has control over Puma. He slaps him, who’s on the turnbuckles. Valkyrie cheers. Puma holds on the ropes for dear life. Cheering for Puma. Puma recovers!

Dragon Azteca leaps onto Mundo! Dodging Mundo’s moves, electric chair. Sunset flip by Dragon, but the ref is distracted! Jack has a chair, Taya has a chair!

Mundo covers Dragon! 1, 2, 3!

Winners and your new Trios Champions: Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, and “The Darewolf” PJ Black!

Holy shit! Jack Evans pretends the belt is an air guitar.

Talk about an upset! Leave your comments below, Believers!

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