CALM DOWN!! Captain America Hasn’t Really Been A [SPOILERS] All Along!!

SPOILERS follow for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 follow.

Steve Rogers Captain America cover

CALM DOWN!! Captain America Hasn’t Really Been A Nazi All Along!!

So, everyone has seemed to have lost their shit yesterday with the reveal of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 that CAPTAIN AMERICA HAS BEEN HYDRA FROM DAY ONE!!

Now, I do plan on writing a review of this issue in next week’s Front Lines column, I have had to argue against this stupidity all day, so I figure I would do it on my home turf.  I love how worked up people are about this. You can tell none of them actually read the comics that lead into this. Avengers Standoff offers at least three possible explanations for how this comic went down.

1. Red Skull mind implant after their encounter in Avengers Standoff

2. Cap was replaced by Zemo in the aftermath of Avengers Standoff

3. Cosmic cube wackiness.

I don’t believe for a second that Cap is or always was Hydra. Can we at least let the story finish before we get the pitchforks and torches? Is it just a happy accident that Nick Spencer happened to write the Avengers Standoff issues that dealt with this, as well as Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. A clue…No!

And then you have people pointing to interviews by the editors and writers saying “Not a clone, not a hoax.” WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO SAY? “Whoops, you found us out. We will tell you the story is just a gimmick. No reason to buy the rest to find out what actually happened.” JJ Abrams also said that Benedict Cumberbatch was not playing Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. What else was he supposed to say?

It’s amazing any movie, comic, TV show can try and do anything cool or controversal these days, because some idiots on the internet, probably with little knowledge or connection to the material at hand will totally freak out about it.  In wrestling vernacular, you guys would be marks.

For me, I just have one thing to say!

Hail Hydra

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