CH Punk’s Weekly Affirmations: WWE Doesn’t Want Us To Watch Anymore. (AJ Styles, Bullet Club, Seth Rollins, and Roman)

I’m sorry that my columns are so sporadic, I’m still sick. Hopefully they can put my brain into an 18-year-old clone of me? Yeah, doubtful.

So I noticed Seth Rollins got a hero’s welcome at Extreme Rules and Raw, so of course WWE immediately turns him heel, and continues to insist we see Roman as a renegade tweener/face. This is getting to be almost like WCW with this stubborn booking.

In WCW it was, “God dammit, love the Hulkster, you idiot fans.”, WCWs answer for everything was tapping Hogan. WCW lost most of its fans during an arc where Hogan won the belt, and re-declared that NWO was top dog again. The problem was everyone just wanted the Horsemen, and Goldberg. We had known The 4 Horsemen were returning, and giving us more NWO was bullshit, and WCW paid for it. WWE probably won’t.

WWE is still making money hand over fist. They pull in more money now than ever, and Vince will not fix what isn’t broken.

He’s out of touch and stubborn as fuck, and when he dies, I doubt much will change creatively. Stephanie runs creative, and she’s proven that she’s just like Vince and even less willing to listen to new ideas.

So when every wrestling mind on the God damn planet says, “I think they need to make Roman heel.”, of course the McMahons don’t give a shit. They see all those guys as failures, or they still be here.

WWE also doesn’t listen to the fans, they say they do, but fans have little to do with WWE booking. They gave you two AJ Styles matches on ppv, now WWE needs you to fuck off while they give us more Roman and Authority storylines. Consume, or leave.

They had a perfect opportunity to turn AJ and the Club into a big heel faction, and make Roman heel against a face Rollins. On Raw, WWE threw that all away so we could have the same stupid shit from 2015. Why? We’ve seen how big the Bullet Club is, we know the fans were ready to cheer the shit out of Seth, and WWE is like, “Fuck that, buy more unicorn headbands, and be sure to watch Camp WWE.”

I used to be known for liking everything in pro-wrestling, but years of being optimistic about all these mediocre wrestling feds has taught me that bookers, owners, and promoters will become infected with cartoonish markness and ruin the fun.

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