Lucha Underground S2 E19: Judgment Day – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca, Jr., Johnny Mundo, Matanza, Brian Cage, Son of Havoc, PJ Black & Many More!

Brian Cage LU S2E18

Happy Lucha Underground Wednesday, Believers! There are TWO title defenses scheduled tonight! First is the LU Tag Team Trios Championships defense: the team of Johnny Mundo, “The Darewolf” PJ Black, and Jack Evans defend against the former Champions, the Dream Team of Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Prince Puma! Our main event is “The Monster” Matanza Cueto versus “The Machine” Brian Cage for the Lucha Underground Championship! Cage turned in his Gift of the Gods title after winning it from Chavo Guerrero, Jr. last week.

We also have the singles match of Son of Havoc versus Daga tonight! Will we see Ivelisse and perhaps Daga’s unwanted love interest, Kobra Moon, at ringside? We’ll find out! A singles win would be excellent for Daga, but let’s see if he can take on MDogg. My intuition senses something interesting happening.

Speaking of the former Tag Team Trios Champs, Angelico posted an update on his injury on social media earlier today (kayfabe on point). He’s pictured rehabbing his injury, apparently making progress. Perhaps he’ll make an appearance ringside, much like Ivelisse when she was injured.

Johnny Mundo LU S2 E18

Last week was a historical moment for one of the new Tag Team Trios Champs, Johnny Mundo. He earned his first touch of gold since being under the Temple roof. Overall, the win for Mundo, PJ Black, and Jack Evans was quite an upset. It seems almost criminal to the Dream Team to lose to their opponents once again tonight, but a title reign featuring Mundo, Black, and Evans is just so damn interesting and entertaining. If that possibility happens, we could hope for more than just Evans playing air guitar with the belt – Ivelisse and Havoc have some beef with Mundo and Valkyrie, giving them reason to pursue the titles once again when Angelico returns. A title match between the Unlikely Trio and our current champs is possible, and sounds fun on paper.

Fenix Current Tag Champs LU S2E18

But what the heck is happening with Fenix? He was knocked out and beaten last week by our current Tag Team Champs. Recall that Fenix was tagging with Black and Evans in matches prior. One crazy thought is that he was beat up so bad, that he’s in a coma with Catrina, who disappeared in the coffin match between Matanza and Mil Muertes a few weeks ago. The timing feels right for an update on her, too. So maybe they make out. Then they go to the Beyond. And then make out some more.

Fenix LU S2E18

Yeah, that probably won’t happen. Could, tho. Anyway, a “revenge” match-up between the Unlikely Trio, the current Tag Trios, plus Fenix and Valkyrie thrown in to even out the numbers could be fun, but that feels a little bit longer down the road. Regardless, let’s see if there’s an update on Fenix.

This match should be pretty amazing, as well. (Can’t get over how much excitement they cover in just an hour.) Matanza’s had the title for a while, and Cage has finally reached his goal of a title shot. While it’s easy to predict that the match itself should be great (it’s the Monster versus the Machine, after all), the outcome is difficult to predict. Well, aside from some physical damage to the interior of the Temple. Cage is certainly deserving of it, but can he overcome the Monster’s desire for violence?

Some of the Believers have chimed in on a poll going viral on Twitter!

Tonight’s Twitter buzz is below! Also, make sure you check out PJ Black’s AMA on Reddit earlier today! There’s some interesting stuff:

Awesome fan art!

Yesterday was also Vampiro’s birthday!

After what happened to him last week, Mr. Cisco’s gonna need this:

Check back here at 8 P.M. for the full live coverage of tonight’s episode, “Judgment Day!”

It’s 8!

We get a recap of the Tag Team Trios titles’ recent history. The Dream Team winning the titles – then Mundo, Black, and Evans. The Gift of the Gods title matches. Cage and Guerrero. Fenix’s demise.

We’re in the Temple! The Voodoo Glow Skulls jam out in the balcony.

Singles Match: Son of Havoc vs. Daga!
They create space! Daga slides in. Tight holds. Daga rolls through. Great mobility on his part.

There’s a Dynamite Kid reference. Havoc has him in a headlock. Daga knocks him down. He’s on the move. So is Havoc. Daga leaves the ring. Havoc knocks him down.

They wrestle outside of the ring! Daga kicks Havoc. Cheering for Havoc as he has Daga in a suplex, but Daga reverses. Havoc comes back, however.

He gives Believers high-fives. He pulls up Daga, puts him in the ring. He gets some clapping going. Daga’s in the center! Moonsault by Havoc! Daga is still down. Havoc sends in Daga. Reverse. Havoc escapes. Daga slams Havoc on the mat. Cover, kick out by Havoc. Daga picks up Havoc.

He slaps Havoc! Havoc’s cornered. Daga beats Havoc from the ropes. The ref ends it. Daga goes in and hits Havoc.

Cover by Daga, kick out by Havoc. Daga expresses his frustration. He slams Havoc on the mat. Another cover, Havoc kicks out. Vampiro notes Havoc’s confidence in a singles match. Daga hits Havoc. Daga dodges a kick, arm drag by Daga. He’s got Havoc in a submission!

IT’S KOBRA MOON! She slithers down the stairs.

Daga runs into the cornered Havoc! Cheering for Daga, both by Believers and Kobra. Clotheslines by Havoc! He makes a comeback. The open road is calling. He handsprings-backsplashes into a cornered Daga.

Cover, kick out. Daga tosses Havoc coming into him over the ropes. Daga’s out of the ring! Havoc leaps onto him.

Kobra tries to bring Havoc down from the ropes!

Daga takes advantage. He collects himself and beats his opponent on the ropes. He attempts a suplex. Havoc does some defense. He tosses Daga on the mat. Shooting star press by Havoc!

Cover, 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Son of Havoc!

Kobra comes to Daga’s aid as the spotlight shines on Son of Havoc. Kobra Moon grits her teeth at him as she assists the apple of her eye.

He gets up and pushes her away. He tugs at her hair and gives her a warning. He knocks her down, but that doesn’t stop her. She slithers towards him!

The Tag Team Trios rematch is next after this break!

We’re back!

Promo: The Dream Team
Mysterio trains backstage. Dragon Azteca appears. Azteca wants revenge, but Mysterio tells him to focus on the next match. They brawl!

Puma tells them they have to leave. Mysterio threatens him to leave. Puma says whatever it is, it does concern them – they have a match next. Mysterio agrees. “Let’s go.”

We’re back in the Temple. The Dream Team emerges! Then our Tag Team Trios Champs! Mundo and Taya wear gold to match the belts. Major booing from the Believers!

It’s next after this break!

We’re back! Time for…

Lucha Underground Tag Team Trios Championships Rematch: Johnny Mundo, “The Darewolf” PJ Black, & Jack Evans (c) vs. The Dream Team of Rey Mysterio, Jr., Dragon Azteca, Jr., and Prince Puma

The bell! Mysterio versus PJ! They create space. PJ wants to be a threat. Elbow tie-up. PJ has him locked. He knocks down the legend! Cover, kick out by Mysterio. Electric chair by Rey, shifting, Rey rolls through, slaps PJ. PJ’s down.

He corners PJ, repeated strikes from the ropes. PJ tricks Rey, jumps out of the corner. Rey rolls through. He’s back in the electric chair. He gets a present to the groin after the ref is distracted.

Evans is tagged in, knocks out Dragon and Puma, and the Tag Team Trios give even more cheap shots to the King of Lucha Libre.

Moonsault by Evans on Rey.

Cover, kick out. Evans bitches about it. He headstrikes Rey. Rey tries to make a tag but Mundo tackles him. Rey gets some strikes in after he’s up. Mundo knocks him down again, with a spinning backbreaker.

Cover, kick out. Headlock submission by Mundo. Rey needs a tag. DDT by Rey!

Both luchadores struggle to tag! Evans and Puma!

Evans is cornered! Dropkick by Puma! Mundo is tagged in! He sends Mundo down! Suplex by Puma! Cheering by Believers!

Puma kicks Evans in the back! It echoes across the Temple.

The Dream Team delivers more to the Loudmouth Evans! The Tag Team Trios are out of the ring!

Dragon Azteca leaps onto them from out of the ring!

Black follows!

Let’s take care of Evans.

Rey returns to the ring. He attempts a move, but Evans sends him down! Puma sends down Evans from the ropes. He goes to execute him – suplex onto all of the luchadores! “Holy shit!”

Puma is up! “This is awesome!” He sends in Evans back in the ring, climbs the turnbuckles! Uses the move that won the titles, but Evans is saved by his teammates!

Evans is back on the turnbuckles, mocking him! Cover, Puma kicks out! Puma refuses to be denied!

Everyone’s back in their places. Evans goes for the backspring elbow, but Puma catches him!

Evans is down! Puma is down now. He attempts a tag. He’s on his feet. Mundo and Azteca! Mundo kicks Azteca. He’s cornered. Mundo’s caught. Dragon kicks Mundo from the apron. Azteca sends in Mundo!

He covers Mundo! Kick out. Azteca gets clapping going. He sends in Mundo. Reversal. Up and over. Moonlight Drive? NOPE! Azteca escapes! Reverses. Taya distracts the ref.

Mundo kicks Azteca in the groin! WHY? Puma and Mundo argue, but Puma walks away… But first… Another kick! The ref sees it!

Winners via disqualification, and still your Tag Team Trios Champs: Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, and Jack Evans!

Oh jeez! The Dream Team argues with the Champs. The ref tries to stop it. Puma knocks out Taya!

Ironically, Puma tried separating Rey and Azteca earlier, but now his emotions are high. Rey holds down Puma from going after the Champs, who leave the ring.

We cut to commercial.

We’re back!

Promo: Dragon Azteca, Jr. and Black Lotus
Azteca faces The Monster in the cell. Black Lotus claims the former Dragon Azteca killed their families. Sometimes the truth hurts. She demonstrates. The Monster exhales.

We’re back in the Temple. The Machine emerges with the Gift of the Gods title! The Monster follows. The match is next, after this break!

We’re back! Time for…

Lucha Underground Championship Match: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto (c) vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage!
Cheering and chanting for Cage! He relinquishes his Gift of the Gods title to the ref. The bell rings! They stare. They brawl!

After some sending in, some dodges – they run into each other. Matanza pushes Cage – back and forth – it’s like two cars colliding. Matanza sends down Cage but keeps getting back up!

Matanza leaves the ring! Cage leaps onto Matanza! This is not what the Cuetos expected. Cage basks into the cheering.

Cage climbs the turnbuckles! He leaps onto the Monster again! Cage chanting!

He slams Matanza into the balcony gates repeatedly! Cage gets rid of the mats on the floor to prepare, but Matanza slams Cage into the gates! Revenge!

He’s sent onto the concrete! Matanza suplexes!

He picks up Cage! Another! Reversals! Another suplex by Matanza! Cage is exhausted. Matanza hangs off the ropes. He picks himself up. Dario orders his brother. Matanza puts Cage back in the ring. Matanza holds Cage down. He delivers a beatdown. Cage comes back! Neckbreaker!

Cover by Cage, kick out. Ground and pound. Chanting! Cage corners Matanza! He strikes The Monster as the Believers keep track.

Matanza suplexes Cage! Cover, kick out by Cage. Matanza tries to get a grip on Cage. He slams Cage down.

Cover, kick out. Dario barks more orders. Cage comes back! He kicks Matanza’s face. Cage goes in, Matanza clotheslines!

He digs into Cage’s eyesockets! He does it again on the ropes. The ref ends it. The Believers send noise. Cage’s X Factor! He covers Matanza, kick out. The ref begins a count-out. They try hitting each other at the same time! Reversals – jumping pumpkicks by both! They send each other down!

Cage lifts Matanza! Reversal by Cage. Cage is down. Suplex by Matanza. Cage suplexes! Matanza suplexes!

The ring is going to break! Another by Cage! Another by Matanza! Back and forth! Applause from the crowd. Strong style. The ref starts a count-out. Matanza covers Cage – kick out. “This is awesome!” Matanza sends in Cage! Wrath of the Gods? Whatever that was, Cage escapes! Cover by Cage, kick out! Matanza’s on the apron. Cage guides him. He’s on the turnbuckles! He suplexes Matanza! Core strength. He climbs the turnbuckles! Into Matanza!

Cover! 1, 2, … No! Kick out! Almost.

Cage gets chanting going. Matanza gets up. Wrath of the Gods! Cage is dazed. Cover! Kick out. The kick-outs are more and more lethargic. Matanza makes eye contact with his brother, who watches. Matanza has Cage, now Cage has Matanza. Alabama slam! Tucking moonsault!

Cover! Kick out! He picks up Matanza. Matanza escapes. Suplex on Cage. Powerbomb by Matanza!

Cover, kick out. Just when you think it might be over…

“This is awesome!” Matanza sends in Cage. Cover! Kick out! Cage has Matanza! Destroyer, cover, kick out! Cage’s toolbelt is emptying. He takes off his suspenders! Dario coaches his brother. The Machine is pissed! He kicks Matanza repeatedly!

Wrath of the Gods after an attempted discus lariat! Cover, 1, 2, 3!

Winner, and still your champion: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto!

Can anyone stop The Monster? Leave your comments below, Believers!

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