Detective Comics #934 Spoilers & Review: How Does DC Comics Rebirth’s Batman Recruit Clayface & The Batmen They’re Up Against Revealed!

Detective Comics #934 spoilers follow.

Detective Comics #934 Batman DC Rebirth spoilers preview 1

Detective Comics #934 DC Rebirth Batman variant cover

Batman is creating a team of heroes that will headline Detective Comics co-led with Batwoman.

So, how do Batman and Batwoman recruit Clayface?

Detective Comics #934 spoilers A

Detective Comics #934 spoilers B

Batman believes that actor Basil Karlo is good at heart and that the accident that turned him into Clayface doesn’t mean he’s evil. And, what a powerful addition to the team not just strength, but his ability to assume other personas literally.

Batman’s team is now set with Red Robin (Tim Drake), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Black Bat (Cassandra Cain), Clayface, Batwoman and Bats himself.

Detective Comics #934 spoilers C

Detective Comics #934 spoilers D

However, they have a huge threat ahead with a horde of Batmen led by a mysterious benefactor!

Detective Comics #934 spoilers E

I am intrigued.

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