Mick Foley on Holy Foley, Vince McMahon’s Reaction – “When he saw it, he loved it”

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In an interview with News Item, Mick Foley spoke about showing the pilot for his WWE Network show Holy Foley to Vince McMahon. Here are highlights:

On how involved he was with the writing and production of the show: “There’s not a lot of writing, mostly setting up scenarios where we react more than act. I am actually enjoying it more than some of the acting experiences I have had. When my 15 year-old worried that the family vacation here might not be as much fun with a camera crew following us around every minute, I reminded him that a key thing to remember is that we are all getting paid to vacation this time.”

On how the concept for the show evolved and if it was difficult to get Vince McMahon to greenlight it: “It kind of came out of nowhere. Many opportunities don’t come to fruition for one reason or another. The pilot, or sizzle reel as they call it, was actually found by Vince and when he saw it, he loved it. We already have a core audience with the network and I have no doubt that if people give it a try, they will enjoy it.”

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