10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 06.13.2016 (Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Kevin Owens)


1. We open with a silent tribute to the victims of the Orlando club shooting, then it’s on to the action of the final Raw before Money In The Bank. New Day are out first to hype the 4 way tag match, and they are quickly joined by Enzo and Cass. After some much needed taking, The Vaudvillains come out, and Aiden English is singing again! And last but by no means least The Club come out and tell everyone to shut up.

2. Our first match is an 8 man tag, because why not give away for free essentially the same match you’re asking people to pay for on Sunday? Typical 8 man spotfest with no real story told – Anderson and Gallows pick up the win, which suggests that they might be walking away without the gold at MITB…

3. Titus O’Neill is making his way to the ring when Rusev jumps him from behind and locks in the Accolade. It takes half a dozen refs to break them up. Still don’t care.

4. The Ambrose Asylum is up next, featuring a pseudo-Shield reunion of Ambrose, Seth Rollins and the indescribable Roman Reigns. Rollins gets cheers, Reigns gets boos. Ambrose is his usual charming self. Ends with a brawl and Ambrose standing tall. Not bad for what it was.

5. Charlotte vs Paige is next, and Becky Lynch and Natalya join the commentary team. They don’t add a lot, to be honest, but the match is good with Paige looking strong before Dana Brooke accidentally threw Charlotte into the Ranpaige for the surprise Paige victory. The Nature Girl is not happy.

6. Sami Zayn interrupts a Cesaro interview next, and Cesaro complains about Sami’s professionalism. And suddenly we’re watching Ryder vs Shamus, which continues the decade long ‘WWE hates Zack Ryder’ storyline. Apollo Crews saves Ryder from a post match beatdown, and Shamus escapes through the crowd. There is no way Crews doesn’t go over at MITB.

7. Cesaro vs Zayn is up next, and considering the calibre of matches they put on in NXT this has high potential. While it is pretty clear they’re both holding something back for MITB, they still put on the match of the night with Zayn picking up the win with a Code Red.

8. Oh, great. It’s time for a contract signing… Cena comes out, talks. Styles comes out, talks. This all goes on for entirely too long until AJ finally walks away. Okay then.

9. Our next teaser for MITB is Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens teaming up to retain their places in the MITB ladder match. They’re facing the Lucha Dragons, either of whom would certainly bring more than ADR to a ladder match. The Dragons put on a good show as KO and ADR continue to argue, but KO still picks up the win with the pop up powerbomb on Sin Cara. After the match Del Rio takes out KO with a kick to the head.

10. Our main event is Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho, with Owens, Zayn, Del Rio and Cesaro on commentary. After Ambrose gets the clean win a brawl breaks out to end the show. Solid setup for Money In The Bank, even if half of the matches don’t look great.

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