Jim Ross Blog: Lashey-Galloway, WWE Brand Split PPVs, differentiating Raw & Smackdown


Jim Ross had a new blog Monday, here are some highlights.

on Lashey-Galloway
Enjoyed the Lashey-Galloway main event that had to follow dozens of sensationalistic stunts,etc to end the show in a strong way and I felt that was accomplished. Both men have improved their overall skills immensely and Lashley’s verbal work has evolved nicely for him. Lashley is more well rounded and ready to elevate his game to the next level now more that he has ever been. Happy for Bobby without fail.

Drew Galloway is a rare talent who should be in the main event mix in any company in the world as the Scot is just starting to truly come into his own. Drew’s another life long fan that’s realizing his dream which is always a nice thing to observe.

on WWE Brand Split PPVs
If the rumored plans for WWE to run two, brand specific PPV Special’s monthly on the WWE Network after the brand separation are true, then that tells me that WWE is serious about keeping the brands separate which is the number one thing that I outlined as needing to occur for the spilt to have a chance to work.

It also likely means that each brand will have their own primary champion ala WWE World Champion and another title of a similarity that would easily denote that it’s the brand’s top prize.

on differentiating Raw & Smackdown
I’d love to see the two, USa Network shows be as uniquely different as possible from a creative standpoint as to not resemble each other much at all just like how RAW and Nitro differed back in the day. If both RAW and Smackdown are produced with exclusive elements it would seem to me that would increase the chances of being successful on their own merits.

For sure, the brand split cannot produce RAW and RAW-Lite TV shows for the potentially game changing move. Love to see these two shows appear to be owned by different companies while both tries to increase their market share.

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