DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: DC Rebirth’s Titans Rebirth #1 With The Wally West Flash Enabling The DC Universe Rebirth!?

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DC Rebirth is upon us:

  • Week One saw the debut of DC Universe Rebirth #1 and its massive reveals (spoilers here)!
  • Week Two saw the debut of the critically acclaimed Batman Rebirth #1, Superman Rebirth #1, Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 and Green Arrow #1 (spoilers here).
  • Week Three greeted readers with Aquaman Rebirth #1, The Flash Rebirth #1 and Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 (spoilers here).

Week Four of DC Comics’ Rebirth gives us only one one-shot hitting stands today: Titans Rebirth #1!

It also brings us some other interesting books:

  • Green Arrow #1 – It looks like Wild Dog may be back among other developments (spoilers here)!
  • Superman #1 and Batman #1 – Both books (spoilers for both titles here) start off where Superman Rebirth #1 ended and are the next in the line of World’s Finest titles after the recent launches of Action Comics and Detective Comics.

Ok, back to Titans Rebirth #1!

Titans Rebirth #1 DC Comics Rebirth spoilers preview 1

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers preview DC Rebirth 0

Spoilers and review for Titans Rebirth #1 and its Wally West Flash follow.

Like with the other DC Universe Rebirth one-shots, Titans Rebirth #1 establishes the status quo for the book, but more on an interpersonal, human level. Wally West remembers his past while the rest of the Titans, and seemingly many, many others do not.

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers preview DC Comics Rebirth A

Wally West, now sharing the name The Flash with Barry Allen, is in his new adult costume and breaks into a Titans hangout. He is met by Dick Grayson. During their scuffle, Wally West touches Nightwing providing a literal jolt to him.

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers preview DC Comics Rebirth D

This power allows Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, to remember Wally West and a memory from their shared Teen Titans past comes into focus.

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers preview DC Comics Rebirth E

The rest of the Titans, their Teen Titans memories sans Wally West restored during the Titans Hunt mini-series, confront Wally West and Dick Grayson.

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers A

The rest of Titans Rebirth #1 has Wally West jolt his former Teen Titans team members thereby having them remember him and new memory is revealed to them and readers about their past with Wally West:

  • Arsenal, aka Roy Harper, remembers inviting Wally West to his sescret apartment, that his mentor Green Arrow didn’t know about, and they shared some beer, as teens, and just hung out.
  • Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers B

    Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers C

  • Donna Troy, aka the same name for now, she remembers Wally West’s pranking ways.
  • Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers D

  • Omen, aka Lillith Clay, remebers sharing a kiss with Wally West.
  • Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers E

  • Tempest, aka Garth, remembers how Wally West made him feel at home on the surface world and on the Teen Titans.
  • Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers F

  • Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, remembers stealing the Batmobile with Wally West!
  • Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers G

All of these jolts – intentional or unintentional – changes the literal DC Universe and the picture he first looked that didn’t include him now – at the end of the issue – includes him with his originating Teen Titans friends.

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers J

And, he’s warning the Titans as he thinks this time stealing – by the Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan unbeknownst to them- will happen again!

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers H

However, he thinks the team is strong and can take on the threat.

Titans Rebirth #1 spoilers I


It would appear that only these Titans and the Barry Allen Flash remember this Wally West because he’s come into physical contact with them and jolted them. I wonder what will happen when and if Wally West jolts Linda Park, the love of his life, who we know from DC Universe Rebirth #1 doesn’t remember him.

Titans Rebirth #1 was a great human-level story that sets up the team’s dynamics going forward.

The teaser house ad also reveals how Wally West will impact these Titans and the DC Universe.

Titans Rebirth #1 House Ad with Wally West DC Comics

So glad this team is back! Fun time ahead!

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