Jim Ross Blog: John Cena-AJ Styles contract signing, TNA Financial Woes, Dean Ambrose

Jim Ross had a new blog, here are YOUR highlights

on John Cena-AJ Styles
Highlight of the night for me was the John Cena-AJ Styles contract signing business. I thought it was well done and both men sounded natural and not ‘memorized.’

on Dean Ambrose
Enjoyed Dean Ambrose putting himself in the WWE Title mix at MITB. It’s another viable element that adds to the primary storyline and helps rehab Ambrose TV persona.

on TNA Financial Woes
Hearing out of #Orlando that the money woes within TNA are still rearing its ugly head. This comes on the heels of an alleged diminished TV production crew, talents and staff delivering about as good a PPV as TNA can under the circumstances. Considering the negativity flying around this brand by outside influences, I’m proud of the way the talents rose to the occasion at Slammiversary Sunday night. The roster has lots of character. Hats off to them.

on break though talent potential
Just my two cents but it doesn’t feel as if there has been better time to ‘break though’ in WWE for any talent not named John Cena or Brock Lesnar who are the two, most ‘over’ talents in WWE IMO. Whatever younger or newer talents can do to make themselves positively stand out and more unique should be done.

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