Lucha Underground S2 E21: Six to Survive – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Pentagon Jr., Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, Ivelisse, Fenix, King Cuerno, Matanza, Dario Cueto & Many More!


Hey Believers! Welcome back to another live coverage play-by-play of Lucha Underground! Tonight is the #1 Contenders Match to determine who will face “The Monster” Matanza Cueto at Ultima Lucha Dos! Each week, Ultima Lucha becomes more and more important. Like last season, it becomes closer to the horizon, hanging over the heads of these luchadores and luchadoras and the Believers who watch them. The lives of the six winners from last week’s team match – Fenix, Ivelisse, Pentagon Junior, Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, and King Cuerno – have set their lives on the line for that moment in the ring in which they’ll face the darkness that embodies the Temple: The Monster.

Any and all of these contenders have a right to challenge Matanza. Recall that Ivelisse kicked off Season 2 with an LU Championship Match with the former champ, Mil Muertes. It would be pretty cool to watch her begin and end this season with title shots, even if she loses to Matanza. King Cuerno has been on the hunt for the Championship, even beyond Boyle Heights. Johnny Mundo challenged the mega machine that is Brian Cage early on this season to get a title shot. Pentagon, Jr. was paralyzed and under the torturous wing of Vampiro, getting groomed for this moment. Fenix has risen from the ashes once again, with even more to prove. And Taya Valkyrie is finally in the spotlight, on the road to possibly receiving her first taste of gold in the Temple. That would also provide her character a chance to develop.

Let’s do a quick recap of last week’s episode, Season 2 Episode 20: The Contenders!

  • Black Lotus FINALLY gets a match with Dragon Azteca, Jr. at Ultima Lucha Dos! Dario Cueto has gifted this opportunity to her after her long journey of avenging her parents, discovering the truth about their tragic death. If she wins this match, she earns both the glory and the Dragon Azteca identity.
  • In a singles match, Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Killshot both lost as a result of a count-out. They brawled outside of the ring. The Moth steals Killshot’s dog tags and escapes.
  • Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro interrogate Mr. Cisco, whom they arrested a couple episodes ago. Cisco will wear a wire and gather more information on Dario Cueto to help their case. The Captain wants to end Cueto for good.
  • In a Tag Team Nunchucks Match (and a long-awaited match-up!), Drago and Aero Star defeat “The Darewolf” PJ Black and Jack Evans!
  • Pentagon Junior returned to break Chavo Guerrero, Jr.’s back! He replaces him on the tag team of Fenix, Ivelisse, King Cuerno, Johnny Mundo, and Taya Valkyrie. This team gets the win over the team of Prince Puma, Texano, Jr., Sexy Star, The Mack, Rey Mysterio, Jr., and Son of Havoc.
  • Catrina is BACK! She revives Mil Muertes! That’s my girl.

Here’s tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Matt Striker delivers more class with a tribute to the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack.


LOL what even is this…

Check back here tonight at 8!

IT’S 8! We get recaps of loads of stuff! The case against Dario Cueto, Pentagon Junior and Vampiro, Mil Muertes’s resurrection, and last week’s 12-luchador tag match!

We’re in the lively Temple! The Voodoo Glow Skulls jam out in the balcony. Tonight is huge, says Vampiro. It’s also the Six to Survive match, as noted above! Melissa Santos takes it away!

Six to Survive Match: King Cuerno vs. Ivelisse vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Pentagon Junior vs. Fenix vs. Johnny Mundo!

The bell rings!

Mundo and Taya beat Fenix! Cuerno grabs Ivelisse! He goes over the ropes as she dodges! Everyone is out of the ring but Taya and Mundo. Taya and Ivelisse go at it! SLAP! Mundo grabs Ivelisse. Booing from the crowd. Moonlight Drive by Mundo!

Pin, kick out by Ivelisse. Taya has Ivelisse.

Ivelisse is down, Mundo pins, she kicks out. Taya gets a kick in the ass.

Fenix sends in Mundo. He takes down Johnny. Fenix and Pentagon work together!

Fenix pins Mundo. Taya interrupts.

Dropkick on Taya! Cuerno and Pentagon face off! The Believers go crazy! They should run for office.

Fenix takes out Pentagon. Mundo leaps out of the ring into Pentagon! Mundo celebrates. Fenix and Cuerno, now. Ivelisse interrupts.

They work together to throw her out of the ring! She lands on Mundo and Pentagon. Cuerno sends down Fenix.

Cuerno goes to leap… Fenix has fight left. Cuerno reverses. He sends down Fenix.

Thrill of the Hunt? Nope! Here comes Mil Muertes! He interrupts the match!

He spears Cuerno and beats him down!

There are no disqualifications in this match! He can’t be stopped! Catrina appears to support Mil!

Cuerno is prone! Mundo enters! Pin!

King Cuerno is now eliminated!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

Pentagon kicks Mundo! Taya brawls with Fenix! Ivelisse hits Taya! Ivelisse kicks Fenix! She’s controlling him now. Fenix pushes her. She kicks him! He shows a little chivalry but she’s a fighter.

Pentagon, Mundo, and Taya go at it outside the ring.

Fenix stops Ivelisse’s blows. You can feel the tension! She slaps him. She sends him around! Pentagon is back and she gives him some! Cheering for Ivelisse!

Now it’s her and Taya. She fades Ivelisse! Mundo was waiting to kick her on the apron.

He holds her down and Taya delivers blows. They have Ivelisse cornered. They send her in. She still has fight in her. She sends out Mundo. She’s got Taya! Exchange after exchange.

Pin by Ivelisse, she hooks both legs. Kick out by Taya. The Believers are behind Ivelisse. Taya is up, picks up Ivelisse. She’s down. Taya climbs the turnbuckles. She looks good but fails.

Ivelisse must capitalize. Northern lights on Ivelisse by Taya. Cover, pin…

Ivelisse has been eliminated!

Booing by Believers! Mundo and Taya discuss in the ring as we fade out to commercial.

We’re back!

“Cero miedo!” the crowd cheers! Fenix is down, courtesy of Mundo. They’re out of the ring! Shattered Dreams by Pentagon on Taya!

Mundo is tossed into the steel post by Fenix!

Fenix has control outside of the ring while Pentagon delivers equality.

He brings her out of the ring! He kicks her in the ass! That’s twice for Taya, goodness. She’s not having a good night.

Mundo locks eyes with Pentagon before he runs into Fenix, who is against the balcony. Pentagon continues beating Taya. Mundo is back in the ring. He looks on at Pentagon. He calls for the fight with a gaze. Pentagon abides. Believers cheer for him!

They brawl in the ring! Back and forth.

Pentagon delivers three in a row. Dropkick by Mundo! Fenix is back! Kick doubles over Johnny! Sends him down! Combinations galore!

Taya is back! She uses the ropes for momentum! DDT on Pentagon by Taya!

She floats on Fenix and delivers a double-stomp! Mundo kicks Pentagon in the head meanwhile. Taya works on Fenix some more. Mundo has his foot on Pentagon’s neck. Mundo and Taya trade. Pentagon is cornered by Taya. Mundo works on Fenix. Cover on Fenix, he kicks out. Mundo kicks Pentagon, Fenix slaps Mundo.

Mundo and Taya lift their opponents for control. They send them in the turnbuckles. They exchange encouragement in the center of the ring!

And deliver! Taya goes to the crowd for approval.

Fenix delivers to Taya! Then Pentagon to Taya! Mundo and Fenix are gone! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER on Taya by Pentagon! Cover! Pin!

Taya Valkyrie has been eliminated!

We go back to commercial! El Rey, you’re killing us.

We’re back! Three now! Mundo is at Taya’s side. Fenix and Pentagon suffer in the corners of the ring. Mundo goes back in the ring. They sell the exhaustion. Vampiro doesn’t know which is his favorite.

The three have a caucus. Then exchange chops. Believers react in a symphony.

Fenix goes in, Mundo sends him over, Fenix sends out Pentagon.

Fenix is down.

Mundo kicks him. Cover by Mundo, Fenix escapes. Pentagon is on the Temple steps, watching. Mundo has eyes on Pentagon. Give these two a feud please. Fenix has high-flying advantage but Mundo has mat skills. Fenix is down. It’s him and Mundo now.

Fenix is sent in but holds on the ropes. He has moves for Mundo. He’s out! Pentagon lands on Fenix and Mundo outside of the ring! Zero fear for flying. They suffer among the Believers. “This is awesome!”

They lean on the apron. Fenix and Pentagon chop each other.

Pentagon dodges from Fenix. Fenix kicks Pentagon. He leans against the balcony gates, then goes back in. Offense and defense. Mundo watches… He enters the ring… He’s on the top rope… He lands on the two! He works the camera.

He picks up Pentagon. Exactamundo.

He has Fenix back in the ring now.

He lands on Fenix, cover, pin, kick out by Fenix. Hold by Johnny. He strikes Fenix. “Animo!” cry Believers. Can Fenix come back?

Mundo focuses on Fenix’s right shoulder. He shouldn’t have discussed that injury in the locker room. Cover by Mundo, kick out. Pentagon goes to work, but Mundo goes for the suplex… Nope, but he still delivers.

Was that a slow count by the ref?! Striker wants to add replays to the show now.

Mundo works on Pentagon. He stands on Pentagon’s head. Believers cheer for Mundo. He has Pentagon cornered. Now Fenix. Pentagon grabs Mundo has he comes in, sits him on the turnbuckles. High elevation double-stomp by Fenix! Cover by Fenix and Pentagon on Mundo!

Johnny Mundo has been eliminated!

How crazy was that?! Elias orders Mundo out of the ring! Fenix and Pentagon sell. We cut to commercial! Prepare for a garden of violence when we come back!

We’re back! Now there are TWO! Believers go back and forth to “Animo!” and “Cero miedo!” They face off. Vampiro still can’t decide his favorite.

Fenix in off the ropes! Pentagon looks for the submission! House of Pain by Pentagon Junior!

Fenix goes for the submission now! He puts on that hold TIGHT!

Elias talks to Pentagon until Fenix releases the submission. Pentagon goes for a piledriver! No! It’s another submission!

Fenix goes for a sleeper variation! Ouch! It’s crucial on Pentagon’s back injury! They hold hands as they go across the ring! Fenix leaps with his clutch still with Pentagon.

Bird of War by Fenix! He leaps onto Pentagon from the ring! Cheering from Believers.

Elias checks both luchadores. Both come to their feet. Fenix grabs Pentagon. They’re back in the ring. Cover by Fenix, kick out. Fenix is on his feet. Cheering ensues. He corners Pentagon, sends him in. Pentagon tosses him over. Fenix is draped across the turnbuckles. Compromise. Fenix has Pentagon now! Reverse piledriver by Pentagon! Cover, kick out by Fenix!

They are exhausted in the ring. “This is lucha!” They are at their feet. Pentagon corners Fenix. Fenix rolls away. Arm strike by Fenix! He’s wobbly on his feet. Pentagon climbs, positions, Fenix is in position, tossing Pentagon away!

Fenix covers! Kick out by Pentagon! It’s the little things, says Striker.

They exchange strikes. Pentagon clotheslines! He’s got momentum. Fenix comes right back up, as always. Kick by Fenix! Pentagon struggles. Fenix is down again. Fenix goes for high-risk offense. Goes for double-stomp, fails. Fenix may be injured.

Pentagon is on the apron, still. He lands on Fenix! The locker room may be watching with baited breath, says Vampiro. “Holy shit!”

They’re both on the floor, outside of the ring! Pentagon revives and works the camera. Fenix rises from the depths with help from Pentagon. Pentagon goes for something… Fenix reverses! Right on Pentagon’s neck! He’s down!

Cover, kick out! No! They are on their knees, exchanging strikes! Barely standing!

Pentagon is cornered. Fenix heads in. Pentagon strikes. He rolls Fenix!


Winner and your new #1 Contender: Pentagon Junior!

Pentagon Junior has the mic as Dario and Matanza come out on the balcony. At Ultima Lucha, Pentagon will let everyone know about his badassery.

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