CW’s Arrow S5 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: DC’s Wild Dog & Vigilante Join Green Arrow For CW Arrow Season 5! DC Rebirth Debuts Imminent?

Spoilers for CW Arrow Season 5 and DC Comics Rebirth follow!

CW Arrow’s Fifth Season will have two classic DC Comics anti-heroes fight alongside or against Mayor Oliver Queen and/or Green Arrow: Vigilante and Wild Dog!

Considering Wild Dog is set to make his DC Comics Rebirth debut, will Vigilante follow?

Check out this great fan art of Vigilante vs. Wild Dog by artist Robert Haynes.

Vigilante vs Wild Dog


Vigilante, aka Adrian Chase, was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez in the pages of New Teen Titans. The character later got his own ongoing series in the 1980s. EW reports that for CW Arrow’s Season 5 actor Josh Segarra will play the role of Vigilante. He is best known for his work on TV show Mr. Robot.

Vigilante House Ad DC Comics

Actor Josh Segarra

Wild Dog

Wild Dog, aka Jack Wheeler, was created by writer Alan Collins and artist Terry Beatty who headlined their own 4-issues mini-series, a special one-shot and had a continuing story in Action Comics Weekly all in the mid-late 1980’s. EW reports that for CW Arrow’s Season 5 actor Rick Gonzalez will portray Wild Dog. He is best known for his recurring role on TV show Chicago P.D.

DC Comics Wild Dog House Ad 1987

Actor Rick Gonzalez

Rick Gonzalez actor

Who is Wild Dog?

Since the actor to play Wild Dog is Hispanic will CW Arrow’s Wild Dog’s alter ego be named after the DC comic book’s Wild Dog alias of Caucasian blond former marine and mechanic Jack Wheeler? Or will it perhaps be one of the three alter ego options that the originating mini-series put forward such as African-America Pultizer prize winning newspaper reporter Lou Godder, back haired Caucasian spy Graham Gault or Caucasian red-haired police Lieutenant Andy Flint?

Wild Dog 4 candidates Lou Godder Jack Wheeler  Andy Flint Graham Gault 1

We didn’t learn until Wild Dog #4, the final issue of the mini-series, that Jack Wheeler was Wild Dog.

Wild Dog 4 candidates Lou Godder Jack Wheeler Andy Flint Graham Gault 2

To familiarize yourself with these classic characters, please check out the DC Comics’ Who’s Who bios for Wild Dog and Vigilante below!

Wild Dog Who’s Who

Who's Who DC Comics Wild Dog

Vigilante Who’s Who

Vigilante aka Adrian Chase from DC Comics Who's Who

Island Flashbacks?

While I’m excited for CW Arrow’s continuing success, I imagine Season 5 will be the last of the flashbacks to the Island since he was only the Island for 5 years? If CW Arrow gets a Season 6, what if anything would replace those Island flashbacks?

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