DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: What Are The DC Rebirth Plans For Kyle Rayner In Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1 & Beyond?

With the return of Wally West, as the a Flash, in DC Comics Rebirth another fan favorite that readers have been wondering about is Kyle Rayner, the a former Green Lantern. He was last seen in the pages of the critically acclaimed Omega Men series and looked very differently (finale spoilers here).

Omega Men #9 Spoilers Kyle Rayner 1

Well, despite Kyle Rayner not showing up the DC Universe Rebirth #1 spread, see below, there are plans for him ahead.

DCU REBIRTH new cast

Our friends at Newsarama interviewed writer Robert Venditti on his Hal Jordan the Green Lantern Corps ongoing twice monthly series. Here’s what was revealed about Kyle Rayner? Will he be the White Lantern or a Green Lantern again or something else?

    [Robert] Venditti: I would say describing it as a team book is great, but, like with an actual team book, co-leads. So you’ve got Hal, you’ve got John, you’ve got Guy — we’ll have Kyle as well, although we’re holding him a bit in reserve, because what we’re doing with him is highly secretive, which is why we haven’t really shown him very much in terms of cover art or things like that.

    When Kyle shows up, it’ll be for a very important reason, and it’ll be to do something that only he can do.

    So if you look at the structure, you’ll have an A-plot with one character and a B-plot with another character — you’ll switch so that the B-plot will become the A-plot, and A will go to B. And so all of them are going to be leads at different times. I think that’s the way team books operate as well. So that’s very much the yardstick that we’re striving for.

While the below is still my favorite iteration of Kyle Rayner, I am intrigued about what is next for the character.

Green Lantern #51 Kyle Rayner

It’ll be nice seeing him again alongside the classic Earth-born Green Lanterns in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps series: Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner. Curious about what Kyle Rayner will have to say about the 2 other Earth-born Green Lanterns headlining their own Green Lanterns Rebirth ongoing twice monthly series: Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

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