Jim Ross Blog: More Thoughts on Jerry Lawler, WWE Draft/Talent Thoughts, Green Talent


Jim Ross had a new Sunday blog, here are some highlights

on WWE contacting talent
It doesn’t surprise me that WWE is apparently contacting experienced, established talents to consider coming back to WWE to help with the new rosters that will exist after the upcoming brand separation. I see these as likely ‘short term’ additions to the roster as in a year or so, give or take a few months. Obviously the purpose would be to add some new energy to the mix, drop some established names back into the live event cards and TV tapings, and most importantly, add experienced in ring talents to the cards to help the younger talent learn what it is like to work in the ring with main event experienced talents.

on greenhorn talent
Green talents cannot improve by working primarily with talents of a similar skill set. That’s why the older, more fundamentally sound talents have value especially with WWE having to create three, strong rosters essentially as it would be if WWE was creating three, different wrestling companies to provide TV programming and to promote live events.

on Jerry Lawler
Expect that a Memphis judge will address and likely drop the domestic battery charges that were leveled against Jerry Lawler and his fiancee late last week that saw them both jailed in King’s hometown of Memphis. Until proven otherwise I am reluctant to believe that Jerry would ever abuse anyone as he has been charged. However, abusing alcohol was apparently a major factor in this matter and hopefully the judge will take that into consideration when addressing these charges. If alcohol is the culprit in a domestic dispute, in particular, then alcohol has to be removed from the equation.

on MITB 2016 picks
My picks or more specifically my creative preferences would include Kevin Owens winning the MITB match, AJ Styles would ‘upset’ John Cena and, what would be the newly minted, ‘fan favorite’, Seth Rollins pulling out a HBK-like performance in becoming the new, WWE Champion defeating an angry and spiteful Roman Reigns who would consequently really give the fans something for which to boo.

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