Jim Ross Blog: WWE Money in the Bank 2016 PPV Thoughts – “a solid effort by all involved”

Jim Ross had a new Monday blog, here are some highlights

on AJ Styles vs John Cena
The AJ Styles vs John Cena bout was arguably match of the night for me even though I would have preferred AJ winning by cheating on his own and not the massive run in by Gallows and Anderson. Nonetheless it was a signature, villain victory for Styles over the WWE’s top hand.

on MITB Ladder match
The talents delivered in the sometimes awkward and always dangerous MITB Ladder match. Even though I hoped Kevin Owens would win the briefcase I have no issues with Dean Ambrose winning and subsequently cashing in the contract on his way to becoming the WWE Champion in a wild, west atmosphere that was fun to watch.

on Nattie
Enjoyed Nattie doing her business with Becky Lynch as I did not see it coming and felt that the women’s division needed a boost. The Nattie vs Becky matches should be stellar.

on overall MITB show
The overall MITB show was a solid effort by all involved but it ran a bit long for my tastes. I’m happy that I got to catch it live as I generally watch most WWE programming via my DVR due to my schedule.

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