Pull List Roundtable 6/22/2016 – Civil War II, DC Rebirth, Wonder Woman #1, Cry Havoc #6, Bitch Planet #8 & More (Spoilers)


Mike Maillaro

  • STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ADAPTATION #1 – Most of the time, I talk about comics that I am looking forward to, but I also try to cover any books that come out that give me something to talk about. I am not sure why you would release this book now. It’s 6 months after the movie came out. And it has a $5 cover price (so $25 for the entire mini-series). I have loved Marvel’s Star Wars books, but this seems like bad marketing. Why not release this much closer to when the movie was in theaters? Hell, even when the DVD came out a few months ago to try and capitalize. Real poor judgement here…
  • WONDER WOMAN #1 – I like a lot of Rucka’s work, but I thought his take on Wonder Woman in Rebirth was particularly strong. Wonder Woman has discovered that a lot of what she believes are carefully constructed lies and is determined to find the truth. I have never been a huge Wonder Woman fan, but I am definitely picking up this run.
  • GWENPOOL #3 – One of the most surprising new books of the year. I picked up the first issue basically on a dare from my Front Lines writing partner, Matt Graham, and was shocked to discover one of Marvel’s most unique and entertaining books. And issue 2 is even better! This book deserves your attention!
  • DIVINITY II #3 – While I liked the first issue of Divinity I, I thought the series wandered a bit off track. Divinity II has been a much strong entry. I can’t help but think of Doctor Mirage. First series was okay, but it really took a second mini-series to feel like the series reached it’s full potential.
  • DOCTOR STRANGE #9 – Last Days of Magic has been a real strong story arc. Typically I am able to suspend my disbelief, knowing that at the end of an arc, everything will probably work out. But Jason Aaron has done a great job making me totally invested here. This is one bleak scenario Doctor Strange and company find themselves in, and I’m real excited to see how it can possibly come to a “happy” ending. At this point, I might be satisfied if even one or two characters make it out alive…
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #52 – Last week’s Justice League #51 was an excellent story set in the early days of the League foreshadowing that Dick Grayson may some day end up leading the Justice League. A few months back, I said that considering how late Justice League was running, and that the solicits for 51 and 52 were real generic, they might want to consider just ending the series at 50 to clear the stage for Rebirth. But like I said, I loved issue 51, so hopefully 52 will continue to prove me wrong.
  • ROBIN SON OF BATMAN #13 and TEEN TITANS #21 – A tale of two very different last issues. Despite my long time love of the Titans line, TEEN TITANS has had a real hard time finding a strong creative direction throughout New-52. It’s already been relaunched once, and Rebirth seems to promise a whole new team and direction. In a lot of ways, this is a mercy killing…. And then you have ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN. I had a hard time liking Damien at first, but he became a real stand out character in New-52. I loved Batman and Robin, and Robin Son of Batman is always one of my favorite series. I am kind of bummed out that Damien won’t have a solo book during Rebirth, but at least he should have a strong role in TEEN TITANS and SUPER SONS.

John Babos

Wow. An all DC week. No Valiant, Aftershock or Marvel. Hmmm. Weird.

8 books this week, my friends.

  • Action Comics #958 – Really enjoyed the debut issue and will stick with this book for a while.
  • Aquaman #1 – I am sampling this book solely on the strength of Brad Walker’s art which I loved in Sinestro.
  • Deathstroke #19 – Versus Ra’s Al Ghul? I’m in!
  • Flash #1 – Am intrigued by how this Flash run will kick off, but this may be a one-issue affair. We’ll see.
  • Justice League #52 – I thought this day would never come after how long and delayed Darkseid War proved to be.
  • Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot and Katana #6 – Am a huge Deadshot fan so this was an easy decision.
  • Teen Titans #21 – Will this New 52 painful run ever end? This mercifully must be the last issue, right?
  • Wonder Woman #1 – I am curious about WW’s secret past and what happens now that she relinquished her mantle as God of War. Plus she has a twin brother too. Mystery! I’ll sample issue #1, but this may also be a one issue affair.

James Fulton

  • Bitch Planet #8 – It’s been too long since the last issue of this excellent series. It took me two issues to get into this title, but ever since, it’s been a favourite of mine.
  • Civil War II stuff – I hate when Marvel’s events take over or redirect series that I like. I don’t think the ANAD Marvel books have had enough time to establish their tone and direction, and now Captain America: Sam Wilson, Totally Awesome Hulk, and Ultimates are all being drawn into that story. So is Ms. Marvel, but I feel like that title can get into it all and stay true to itself.
  • DC Rebirth stuff – I have only been pre-ordering two Rebirth titles – Deathstroke and New Super Man, neither of which have been released yet – but I have been sampling a few titles here and there. So far, both Detective Comics and Wonder Woman deserve a second look, as I enjoyed the last issues of each. I guess the Rebirth thing is working, because I haven’t been this intrigued by anything at DC in years (that wasn’t written by Tom King).
  • Rumble #11 – John Arcudi and James Harren are quietly putting out this truly bizarre book about a world where ancient demonic races live alongside regular people. Harren’s art is great, and the sad sack characters that fill this title are very likeable.

Matt Graham

  • MMPR #4 – Nostalgia isn’t driving me, as Power Rangers was just an obstacle before Batman: The Animated Series after school. I was too old for the toys. I do enjoy that this book brings the depth and spectacle while somehow respecting the source material and treating me like an adult. Kid. Adult kid. Whatever, one of the most fun superhero books I’ve found this year despite All-New Rebirths. The archetypal characters get more depth and arcs and motives, the villains have grander plans than “conquer Earth!” (they still want to, though), and this is a world that reacts to aliens and giant robotic dinosaurs just as NYC reacts to the Avengers and Inhumans.
  • Wonder Woman #1 – This, Supergirl, and Suicide Squad are the titles I’m most excited for. Rebirth’s one shot for Diana wasn’t quite as intriguing as the New52 take, but solid enough I’m in to see where it’s going.
  • Red Sonja #6 – My other warrior of choices, Sonja is a bit bloodier and driven by vice and selfishness than Diana, but that’s also the world she lives in. Marguerite Bennett has a handle on the She-Devil with a Sword’s inner struggles and outward ass kicking while Aneka and Marguerite Sauvage (on covers) capture every quiet moment, tense confrontation, and limb severing with savage precision.
  • Cry Havoc #6 – The first arc of Simon Spurrier and Ryan Kelly’s series chronicling different years of a shapeshifting soldier street musician and her remarkable life concludes, and will be collected in a trade in August. I have a few things to say about this title and hope to do so in the coming week. If you have not read this, read it.
  • Pretty Deadly #10 – The conclusion of PD’s second arc. The solicitation declares a death that I’m sure is more than meets the eye. Or the point of the thing, really. I enjoyed Pretty Deadly’s first foray despite a few hang ups with the pacing and even Emma Rios’s gorgeous art. The second arc somewhat improved my hang ups, but I’ve taken them in stride and enjoyed this clever supernatural Western for what it is.
  • Gwenpool #3 – I love this book and I have no attachment to anything about her or where she came from. It’s written with the best possible self-awareness that also ensures Gwen Poole is far from being the Mary Sue you’d expect (even Spider-Gwen suffers from that). The art is gorgeous and many of the jokes are executed to perfection using the medium to the best of its ability. I’m glad I gave this character a chance, because as she comes into her own, she’s a great change of pace from the weight of the rest of Marvel.
  • Scarlet Witch #7 – Scarlet Witch strides along at its own defiant pace against the Marvel tide. The artistic showcasing each issue suits the meandering and exploratory nature of James Robinson’s scripting and direction on the title, and it’s probably the closest I’ve seen to recapturing the Starman magic of the 90s. It hasn’t hit those markers, yet, but given how the big Two operate, it’s the closest we’ll come these days. This is one of those Marvel books that reminds me why I became a Marvel fan: inspiring art, interesting stand alone tales, and something to escape the doldrums of life. I fear Civil War is just as noisy as the media storms these days and Scarlet Witch wards me.

Matt:  I don’t intentionally want an all female pull list, but I guess that’s how it shakes out. Wicked.

Phil Allen: I’ve found the same for me every once in awhile, sometimes the stars align just right.

Phil Allen

  • Bitch Planet #8 – It’s been awhile since the last issue and this series is always a treat. Hopefully a regular schedule will be in the future.
  • Dept.H #3 – I haven’t read #2 yet but the first issue was very good. I need to read more from Matt Kindt, especially MIND MGMT.
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: A Spoon Too Short #5 – I’m starting to like this series even more than the previous and that’s saying something. Hopefully this will run for a while.
  • James Bond #7 – The first arc was alright but I did have a gap in reading and may have lost focus. Now that I’m back on track I’m looking forward to the next arc.
  • Rumble #11 – Also been some time since the last issue (almost six months!) and I’m glad to see this one back. It’s been a surprise favorite for me since it’s first issue and I’m always waiting for the next.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Action Comics #958
  • Archie #9
  • Detective Comics #935
  • Ms. Marvel #8
  • Pretty Deadly #10
  • Robin: Son of Batman #13
  • The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #11
  • The Flash #1
  • Wonder Woman #1