Lucha Underground S2 E22: Fame & Fortune – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Joey Ryan, Killshot, Sexy Star, Ivelisse, Taya Valkyrie, Mariposa, Cortez Castro, Daga, Mascarita Sagrada & Many More!

Matanza LU S2

Happy Lucha Wednesday, Believers! We’re continuing our countdown to Ultima Lucha Dos! ICYMI, Ultima Lucha Dos will begin on July 6 and last for three episodes, until July 20! The Gift of the Gods Championship is now vacant after the former champion, “The Machine” Brian Cage, turned in the title for a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship and lost. Tonight, the journey starts from the beginning as the Ancient Aztec Medallions will be redistributed among the luchadores and luchadoras who win tonight’s matches!


Famous B and The Beautiful Brenda will be at ringside again tonight to support their client, Mascarita Sagrada, for his match against Daga for a Medallion! Will we also see Daga’s unwanted love interest, the serpentine Kobra Moon? Will she help secure the win for the apple of her sly eye, or will her efforts fail as Sagrada gets his first win under the management of Famous B? Or will Daga’s talents overcome all and we’ll see him get a GotG title shot?

Famous B and Sagrada

The latter seems more likely. While this is Sagrada’s second Medallion match, it could also very well be his second Medallion loss. Where the heck is LU going with this? Regardless, Sagrada is getting interesting matchups with a diverse group of luchadores. He’s wrestled brutes like Brain Cage. He’s had an intergender match with Kobra Moon. He’s wrestled lighter foes such as Argenis and Daga. He’s getting TV time and has two kickass managers. From a standpoint outside of LU, the guy is living the life. And Daga’s got some good stuff going for him a well, as a new luchador – a romance subplot AND another shot at a Medallion? I want some.


We also have a TRIOS match on for tonight! Looks like Joey Ryan is once again partnered with his undercover partner, Cortez Castro, and their in-custody Mr. Cisco! Perhaps we’ll get another update on that storyline tonight, too. Killshot is also in this match – hopefully he’s not partnered with Marty the Moth, for his sake. Will Ryan get another Medallion in one season? That’d be pretty great – an a Ryan title run would be super awesome. It’ll be interesting to see who ends this season as GotG Champ.


SO PUMPED FOR THIS! It’s Mariposa and Sexy Star versus Ivelisse and Taya Valkyrie for two Medallions! This definitely spells trouble – will Sexy Star and Mariposa’s rivalry interfere with the Aztec gold on the line? And I have the same question for Ivelisse and Taya… This match should be an awesome combination of talent and story. All four luchadoras have earned their place in line for this moment: Sexy Star already received a Medallion this season (and it was much-deserved). Ivelisse is experienced with carrying around Temple gold, and can always use more. This will be Taya’s first-ever and much-anticipated Medallion match (it’s her turn, Johnny Mundo). And an Aztec gold-toting Mariposa is fitting and a threat to behold.

Black Lotus Dragon Azteca II

Also, expect some more regarding the Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca, Jr. rivalry. LU has posted the last installment in their highlight/recap reel for tonight. This is definitely appropriate, considering we’re getting this match at Ultima Lucha Dos. Black Lotus in the ring? Fucking. Finally. (I get jealous of these characters. Black Lotus. I want a name like that.)

Here’s a quick recap of Episode 21!

  • Last week, the entire episode consisted of Six to Survive! This match featured (in the order of elimination): King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Taya Valkyrie, Johnny Mundo, Fenix, and your winner and #1 Contender for the LU Championship, Pentagon Junior.
  • During Six to Survive, just as King Cuerno had the upper hand, former LU Champion Mil Muertes interrupted the match and gave Cuerno a spear plus a beatdown! This was a no-disqualifications match, so Mil Muertes stayed his welcome. Cuerno’s fatigue from Muertes’s message lead to his elimination by Johnny Mundo.
  • Pentagon Junior grabbed the mic at the end and had a few words for current LU Champion “The Monster” Matanza Cueto and his brother and Temple Proprietor, Dario Cueto.
  • Pentagon Junior will face Matanza for the Championship at Ultima Lucha Dos!

There you have it. Check back here in an hour for the live coverage!

Here’s tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Melissa Santos, brilliant as ever! One of the best announcers to grace a ring.

Sick fan art!

And a more extreme kind of fan art… Wow! #NoWords

It’s 8! And it’s ON!

We get a recap of the recent history of the Gift of the Gods Championship and the Ancient Aztec Medallions. Cage giving up his brief title run for an LU Championship match with Matanza Cueto. Mascarita Sagrada signing with Famous B’s agency. His consistent losses. Did Matanza kill Black Lotus’s parents?

We’re in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. Dario Cueto’s office. He’s heard rumors about this luchador, one of the up-and-comers. Welcome to the Temple, Night Claw.

Dario gives him advice. We will see Night Claw at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Back in the lively Temple, the Voodoo Glow Skulls jam out in the balcony! Melissa Santos takes it away! Or, um…

Ancient Aztec Medallion Match: Daga vs. Mascarita Sagrada!

The Believers chant Famous B’s phone number!

Now for the bell!

Daga is confused. They create space. Kobra Moon lustfully watches her Daga. Daga kicks down Sagrada. He tosses Sagrada across the ring!

Cover, kick out by Sagrada. Suplex by Daga. Brenda is concerned. Cover, kick out by Sagrada. Daga sends in Sagrada. Dropkick by Daga. Cover, kick out by Sagarda. The ref gives pointers to Daga. Sagrada is sent in, dodges a kick. Nice move by Sagarada!

Cover, kick out by Daga. The Believers want Sagrada to finally secure a win. Sagrada goes in. Daga tosses him. Legsweep by Daga. Daga has him in a submission!

Sagrada taps out!

Winner and new beholder of an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Daga!

Kobra Moon celebrates above Dario’s office.

Daga opens the sash… The Medallion has a design featuring snakes.

Brenda and Famous B come to Sagrada’s aid. Brenda kisses him. Famous B delivers some to his own client!

Brenda weeps. He beats Sagrada with his shoe!

He orders Brenda to get his shoe! The Believers boo! “Get my shoe” – the new Famous B t-shirt.

He will find himself a new client.

We cut to commercial. In the meantime, contact Famous B for his services! You know how to reach him:

We’re back! In Dario’s office. He speaks to Dragon Azteca, Jr. He sees anger in Dragon Azteca’s eyes. Azteca believes Dario is a liar. But he is only the bringer of opportunities. His match with Black Lotus is not just for her sake – but for his.

Azteca will get his vengeance in front of the world.

Back in the ring, we have our next match…

Ancient Aztec Medallion Tag Team Match: Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco & Joey Ryan vs. Killshot, El Siniestro de la Muerte & Marty “The Moth” Martinez!

Everyone cheers for Joey as his team emerges into the Temple! Melissa Santos gets out of the ring before The Moth grinds up on her. Killshot emerges and The Moth offers him the dog tags he stole from him a couple matches ago. A peace offering perhaps?

This match will begin after the commercial break!

We’re back! Here we go!

The Moth and Castro! Space is created. The Moth kicks! A Believer has faith in Moth.

Castro dodges strikes. He reverses. Moth clotheslines Castro and flies. Castro delivers. He reverses. Neckbreaker by Castro. Cover by Castro, not enough. Ryan is tagged in! He holds on Moth – Moth strikes and steals his lollipop… He doesn’t know where it’s been, but he puts it in his mouth anyway.

Ryan puts it back in his mouth! Ugh.

Killshot is tagged!

Ryan sends him in. Takedown by Killshot. He sends down Ryan. We love Killshot, yes we do.

He tags in El Siniestro. He’s with Cisco now. Leapfrog by Muerte. Cisco has the weight advantage. He creates space. Arm drag by Cisco. Classic lucha libre from Cisco! He’s underrated.

Muerte slaps Cisco. Powerslam by Cisco. Cover, kick out by Muerte. Castro is tagged in to work on the former Disciple. Modifying Canadian Trip, says Striker, haha. Muerte has control over Castro! He has him cornered. The Moth punches him. Castro and Moth now! Castro is sent into the turnbuckle and dodges the Moth! DDT by Castro! Applause.

Castro wants to tag but Moth holds him back. Cisco comes in! Joey really wanted the tag.

Cisco works on Marty! More lucha moves from Cisco.

Cover by Cisco, almost! Muerte interrupts.

Muerte and Ryan! Ryan blocks with his six-million dollar man jockstrap, says Vampiro.

Booing for the Moth as he interrupts! Cisco and Cortez work together to take out the trash!

Everyone is out of the ring! Killshot climbs the turnbuckles and leaps into the battle! Tactical advantage by Killshot.

Killshot and Marty place Cisco back in the ring. Marty tags in his new brother-in-arms. Killshot is sent in by Marty into Cisco.

Spinebuster by Marty! Killshot follows! They work well together. Marty is sent in by Cortez. He grabs Cortez out of the ring. Rewind by Cisco.

The Crew and Joey work together on Muerte!

But then they start fighting. Joey just wants in on the glory. The Moth uses this as a distraction and curb-stomps Cisco!

Killshot covers!

Winners and new beholders of Ancient Aztec Medallions: Killshot, Marty “The Moth” Martinez & El Siniestro de la Muerte!

We cut to commercial as The Moth escapes from Killshot’s clutches! Uh oh.

We’re back!

Ancient Aztec Medallion Tag Team Match: Sexy Star & Mariposa vs. 

Sexy Star emerges with beautiful wings. I have tears in my eyes again…

Mariposa emerges. Vampiro has a chill. They do not even exchange glances. Taya and Ivelisse argue.

Taya and Sexy! Space. Dodges. Headlock. Taya says, Come hither. Lock. Armdrag by Taya. Elbow tie-up by Sexy. Another.

Dodges a clothesline. Takedown by Sexy. She has Taya in a submission! Taya gets out. She pulls on Sexy’s hair. Cheering for Taya! Perhaps it’s her time! Armdrags and clotheslines! They are schooling the world. Ivelisse is tagged. So is Mariposa (rather apprehensively). Locks. Dodges. Ivelisse hangs on to Mariposa. Mariposa spreads her wings – Ivelisse turns it around.

Ivelisse has Mariposa, now. Mariposa lifts Ivelisse! Slam! Sliding elbow by Mariposa. She lifts her again! Ivelisse switches!

Cover, not enough for Mariposa. Mariposa has Ivelisse in a condo clutch!

But Ivelisse returns, desperately, and Mariposa runs into the turnbuckles! Taya is tagged! Mariposa plays with her pigtails.

She pushes Taya. Sexy is tagged. These two aren’t friends either. They face off. Dodging a clothesline, on the move, Sexy fails. She sends in Taya. She’s sent over on the apron. Sexy climbs back in. Armdrag by Sexy. Taya goes in, and runs into Mariposa. Taya is out of the ring! Sexy leaps onto her from the apron!

Mariposa kicks Taya while she’s down. She sends her into empty front seats!

Mariposa and Sexy argue! Sexy is down. Mariposa grabs Taya’s hair and escorts her. The butterfly will fly as Mariposa runs Taya into more empty seats!

Sexy Star approaches, but Ivelisse leaps into them all from the turnbuckles! She yells at the crowd! Taya and Sexy are back in, now. Taya holds her down in the corner. Sexy sent in, Taya returns. Taya goes in again! Boots in.

Cover by Taya, no leg hook! Ha. Sexy delivers!

Clothesline by Sexy Star! Stuffed kick by Sexy. DDT by Sexy! Body scissor, victory roll by Sexy… Cover, kick out. Now, Taya is desperate enough to tag in Ivelisse. Sexy chops Ivelisse! She’s not happy.

Ivelisse falls, thanks for Sexy. Dodges, reversals! Backslide by Sexy! Ivelisse escapes.

Double-leg. Sexy is just too seasoned. Ivelisse kicks Mariposa off the apron. Taya spears Ivelisse on accident, aiming for Sexy!

Mariposa slams Ivelisse!

Mariposa hurls Sexy on top of the limp Ivelisse! Cover!

Winners and new beholders of Ancient Aztec Medallions: Sexy Star & Mariposa!

The Gift of the Gods match is set! We will be back after this break!

We’re back! Time for the first-ever…

Address: Prince Puma

He has the mic. He’s been waiting to do this for a long time. The only match he wants is the one we want from him. He describes Konnan’s words of motivation during his training with him – his potential to be the next Rey Mysterio. And they even fought alongside each other – and they were damn good. But is he the next Rey Mysterio? But maybe, just maybe… He’s better. He needs to know – Rey Mysterio, will you fight Prince Puma at Ultima Lucha Dos?!

The Legend emerges! He has the mic! But he was one of the pioneers who paved the way for talent such as Puma to step into the ring. Besides, Puma’s still a prince. Rey Mysterio needs to know if he’s still the best… So he accepts. Could there be a bigger match?!

Sound off in the comments, Believers! How was tonight?

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