TNA Impact Wrestling 06/22/2016 Highlights (“The Miracle” vs. Eddie Edwards, Gail Kim Hall of Fame Announcement, Dixie Carter/Maria)

Last night’s episode of Impact featured a number of highlights – including the opening video showcasing both Hardys with wacky lighting everywhere.

Hardy’s Revenge TONIGHT! Matt vs Jeff inside Six Sides of Steel!

Jeff and Matt waged war inside the cage, and Jeff did one of his craziest dives to date in the encounter.

The Thrilling Ending to Hardy’s Revenge

The Dixie Carter vs. Maria Kanellis feud continued with a variety of segments. First, Maria and Bennett talked backstage and then everyone had a mid-ring meeting with Billy Corgan presiding.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett & Maria Want Answers From Dixie Carter

Corgan gave Bennett what he wanted and put the X Title on the line with Bennett taking on Eddie Edwards in a quick bout and marking Bennett’s debut in the X division so he can backdoor his way into a World Title match.

X Division Championship Match – “The Miracle” vs. Eddie Edwards

Speaking of the World Title, Lashley wound up in a unique tag match to open the show. Teaming with Eli Drake, they battles Drew Galloway and EC3 and if the faces won, Lashley would face both of them.

A Tag Title Match With World Title Implications saw the babyfaces win and give both men a shot at Lashley next week in a triple threat match.

With Gail Kim going into the TNA Hall of Fame, the knockouts got a bit more focus than usual. Sienna got a showcase video and we also saw Jade battle Marti Bell in their first one-on-one match on TNA TV.

A Look at Knockouts Champion Sienna showcased the champion, while two of her top challengers competed on the show.

From Best Friends to Arch Rivals gave Marti her best singles match showcase to date in TNA, and got over the billy club weapon nicely. Impact was a pretty solid show – check out the full live recap here.

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