Jim Ross Blog: Roman Reigns Suspension, Dean Ambrose as WWE Champion on Raw, Paige, Brand Split


Jim Ross checked in with a new blog, here are some highlights

on Roman Reigns Suspension
Very disappointed that Roman Reigns has been suspended for 30 days as a result of a failed wellness test in WWE. Hopefully, Reigns took something that he was unaware was a violation. There are lots of supplements on the market that I’m told often times don’t jive with the wellness policy and its up to every talent who may use these supplements to make sure that they are good to ingest.

on Dean Ambrose show on RAW
RAW/Phoenix…It was the Dean Ambrose show on RAW and rightfully so as it was the new, WWE World Champion’s first RAW as the new title holder. The talented cross between Billy Murray/Terry Funk/Brian Pillman is a terrific performer who certainly deserves his ‘break’ and I for one think that he will make the most of the opportunity. Ambrose is an organic, fan favorite who the fans have naturally migrated to over the past few months since his Lesnar destruction at WM32 in Texas. Winning the MITB Ladder match Sunday night and then successfully cashing in the contract later in the night in Las Vegas has seemingly made the new, top guy “whole” from a creative standpoint.

on brand split
With the brand split, some talents are going to receive major opportunities to become stars and move to the next level and the next level these days isn’t over populated. Talents who don’t look at the brand split as an opportunity and some of the more cynical fans who aren’t excited about the brand split’s potential seem to enjoy staring at a half empty glass rather than a half full one.

on Paige
What’s up with WWE’s Paige who is one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE no matter the gender? Uncomfortable rumors abound on the ‘net about an alleged incident that occurred after MITB Sunday night. Could this have been a personal dispute and if so how will it affect those in turmoil? Matters such as this rarely go unnoticed and one can expect WWE to thoroughly evaluate this matter.

As I’ve said many times and even though ‘some’ pro wrestling relationships are successful, the vast majority of pro wrestling relationships are sternly challenged to be long lasting and harmonious. Nonetheless I always wish those in our business who embark on relationships with their peers the best in a less than perfect scenario.

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