Jim Ross Blog: John Cena’s Career, Brock Lesnar as a Draw, Bashes Fans for Predicting WWE Brand Split 2.0 Draft

Jim Ross checked in with a new blog before Raw, here are some highlights

on John Cena
@JohnCena debuted in @WWE 14 years ago today which is a proud moment for yours truly as our talent relations team signed John while he was working with Rick Bassman in Los Angeles at UPW Wresting. I recall flying back from LAX to NYC on a redeye and going straight to the WWE headquarters and going to see Vince McMahon to tell him that we just signed “A Wrestlemania Main Eventer in five years” which would have made it 2006. John debuted at WM in 2004 versus The Big Show so I was close. In 2005, John won the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21 in a career defining match with JBl. I remember Vince looking at me incredulously as I was an unshaved, red eye flying, wrinkled clothes wearing VP and telling me to “Go home…shower and shave.” I guess I did look a little rugged and my declaration about John Cena was a bit bold to say the least.

on Brock Lesnar
Not shocked to see Brock Lesnar on the cover of WWE 2K17 because Lesnar ‘sells.’ No matter the outcome of his UFC 200 fight with heavy handed Mark Hunt, Lesnar is arguably 1 or 1A as it relates to the top stars in WWE. Why? Because Brock is ‘real’ and doesn’t portray a TV character as so many in the world of TV Wrestling do. By being real, Lesnar doesn’t have to ‘act’ like a pro wresters on TV character and can focus on being authentic which enhances his image within the show biz oriented pro wrestling genre.

Any promotion that can build their business around an athletic presentation of pro wrestling would be traveling the right road in my opinion. No company can find exact replica’s of Lesnar but they can damn sure encourage the talents that they have to be more reality based, be less of a stunt person, and to approach their work as if it were a legit sport without those efforts becoming eye rolling.

on bashing fans for predicting the Draft
Love all the amateur sleuths who are also die hard wrestling and who are seemingly scurrying after a litany of rumors to attempt to mine a ‘spoiler’ out of something, anything regarding the WWE Draft.

Here’s a ‘spoiler’ for you, no matter who goes where in the Draft, many fans will second guess and criticize the process come hell or high water. That’s a lock and it is simply the social media frenzied world that we live in today.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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