Marvel Now 2016 Spoilers & Civil War II Fallout: Marvel Comics Shattered As Mosiac, Doctor Doom & More Rise-Up?! Plus Uncanny Inhumans #11 Preview!

Marvel Now returns in the Fall of 2016 as part of the post Civil War II Marvel Comics landscape.

Marvel Now 2016 banner black

Marvel has been teasing characters as part of that; many pitted against one another in five teaser posters. Is this a signal of generational change?

Marvel Now 2016 spoilers follow.

It looks like it will include the young members of the Avengers resigning.

New Marvel Now PREVIEWS teaser Avengers

Marvel will also try to launch a successful new ongoing series focused on a brand-new Inhuman character named Mosaic who debuts in this week’s Uncanny Inhumans #11.

Uncanny Inhumans #11 spoilers preview 1

The preview of that issue follows at the end of this article.

New Marvel Now Mosaic

He is teased as part of Hydra / Captain America.

New Marvel Now Mosaic vs Captain America Steve Rogers

Then we have Captain Marvel vs. Slapstick.

New Marvel NOW teaser pic A

Ms. Marvel vs. a new War Machine.

New Marvel NOW teaser 3

Black Panther vs. the Prowler (see in Amazing Spider-Man).

New Marvel NOW teaser pic B

Miss. Marvel vs. Doctor Doom.

New Marvel Now teaser 5

Here’s a collage all five of the teasers flipped so you can get a better look at the bottoms.

New Marvel Now 2016 teasers flipped collage

What do you think this shattered Marvel Now 2016 is about? As I noted, Mosaic debuts in this week’s Uncanny Inhumans #11. Check-out the spoilers-y preview below.

Uncanny Inhumans #11 spoilers preview 2

Uncanny Inhumans #11 spoilers preview 3

Uncanny Inhumans #11 spoilers preview 4

Uncanny Inhumans #11 spoilers preview 5

Uncanny Inhumans #11 spoilers preview 6

Uncanny Inhumans #11 spoilers preview 7

Are you intrigued?

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