Lucha Underground S2 E23: Phoenix, Dragon & Spaceman – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Johnny Mundo, King Cuerno, Mil Muertes, Prince Puma, Fenix, Drago, Aero Star, Taya Valkyrie & Many More!

Brother brother brother brother brother!

Believers, we’re on the LAST EPISODE of Lucha Underground before Ultima Lucha Dos kicks off on July 6! No wonder tonight’s card is so packed! Tension is still high from Six to Survive and last week’s Ancient Aztec Medallion tournaments. There’s not much time before these luchadores have to settle their scores!

First, Fenix is something to prove to Johnny Mundo, a fourth of the Worldwide Underground tag team and a third of the current LU Tag Team Trios Champions! Who gets their vengeance here – Mundo over Fenix for his early elimination from Six to Survive? Or Fenix for being left almost for dead before the Tag Team Trios Tournament?

Mil Muertes and Catrina are out for the blood of the Hunter! Muertes faces King Cuerno TONIGHT! Looks like his attack on Cuerno during Six to Survive wasn’t enough. Will The Man of 1,001 Deaths get what he wants? Or will King Cuerno have another head to hang on his wall? Will Catrina get her fair share in the mix? We’ll find out! (And hopefully see if Catrina will wrestle at Ultima Lucha Dos! Make it happen, LU!)

And former champions become fellow enemies in Prince Puma versus Dragon Azteca, Jr.! With Puma facing Rey Mysterio, Jr., and Dragon Azteca battling Black Lotus with his identity on the line, you’d think these luchadores have enough to worry about! Watch them finish the fight tonight!

We’ll perhaps also see the setting of the Ancient Aztec Medallions on the Gift of the Gods belt pretty soon. This should probably be either tonight or next week, to seal the deal for the next tournament. Check out the results in the recap of last week’s episode, Episode 22: Fame & Fortune, below!

  • Night Claw made his on-screen debut! Temple Proprietor Dario Cueto gifted him an Ancient Aztec Medallion and will fight in the Gift of the Gods Tournament!
  • In an Ancient Aztec Medallion match, Daga defeated Mascarita Sagrada! Kobra Moon, Famous B, and The Beautiful Brenda were also ringside! However, Famous B fired his client, Sagrada, at the end of the match! Daga will continue to the next phase of the GotG journey – with a Medallion featuring snakes to boot. Are Daga and Kobra Moon’s stars aligning?
  • Marty “The Moth” Martinez gave Killshot back his dog tags as a peace offering before their Ancient Aztec Medallion tag match with El Siniestro de la Muerte, against Joey Ryan and The Crew of Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco! The Moth, Killshot and El Siniestro de la Muerte won the match and earned Medallions! However, The Moth stole Killshot’s dog tags again before fleeing the Temple.
  • Enemies and blood buddies Sexy Star and Mariposa teamed up against Taya Valkyrie and Ivelisse in another Medallion match! Sexy Star and Mariposa were both awarded Medallions for winning the match.
  • And for the first time ever, Prince Puma addressed the Believers. In a historic moment, Rey Mysterio, Jr. accepted his open challenge and will face him at Ultima Lucha Dos!

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

I hope this romance plot carries into Season 3!

LU is impressing rasslin’ fans of all ages and backgrounds!

See words from the Legend himself!

Check back here in a few at 8 P.M. and watch with yours truly!

It’s 8! After the recap, we’re in the lively Temple! Vampiro is rocking a biker look today. GREAT NEWS! The team of Worldwide Underground, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, and Jack Evans will face Fenix, Drago, and Aero Star at Ultima Lucha Dos! Melissa Santos announces our first match for tonight…

Singles Match: King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes accompanied by Catrina
Mil and Catrina get their revenge! Mil only wants one thing!

Cuerno rings away from Mil just as the bell ring! He’s chased by Mil around the ring! They’re back at it!

CAR CRASH! says Vampiro! Mil beats down on Cuerno! He’s not even sweating! Ouch – strike to the groin. Catrina supports Mil by the ring. Cuerno is cornered – Mil delivers chops! Cuerno is sent in, he stops Mil with the boot!

But he’s down – cover by Mil, kick out by Cuerno. Believers cheer for Mil. Mil is disoriented by Cuerno! Cuerno is chokeslammed!

Cover, kick out by Cuerno. Cuerno is sent in, using the ropes as momentum. Dropkick by Cuerno. Mil goes out of the way out of the ring. Running dropkick by Cuerno to make up for the distance! THRILL OF THE HUNT by King Cuerno! He leaps out of the ring!

Everyone’s wild – the ref is down! No one can start a count-out! The crowd froths at the mouth. Catrina watches Cuerno get up on his feet. She clutches the Stones in her fist. They’re back in the ring! Cuerno has a steel chair! He strikes Mil with it!

He goes for another – Mil stops him! Everyone cheers for Mil now. He has the chair! The ref is still out! Mil strikes Cuerno with the chair!

Mil strikes the camera man, ‘cuz he can. He sends in Cuerno – Cuerno dodges! Mil runs into the turnbuckles and BREAKS it!

He’s disoriented! Cover by Cuerno – 1, 2, 3!

Winner: King Cuerno!

Holy crap! Cuerno continues to hunt his ultimate prey. We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

We’re backstage. In Dario’s office! Taya and Ivelisse relax in his chairs, but you can still feel the tension. “Would you like a drink?” he offers. There can only be one – how do you put it – Baddest Bitch? Taya and Ivelisse will prove to the Believers which one takes the name of Baddest Bitch in the Building.

On her way out, Ivelisse is greeted by Catrina. She wishes her good luck. Ivelisse tells her she hasn’t forgotten her.

Catrina wants to talk to Dario about Cuerno. She demands a rematch at Ultima Lucha.

A death match.

If King Cuerno wants it so badly, Mil Muertes will be happy to oblige. Dario hates her (and hate is a strong word, no?), but if it’s a death match she wants, then a death match she’ll have. Dario helps himself to another drink.

Back in the ring, Melissa Santos introduces the next match…

Singles Match: Prince Puma vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr.!
The match will begin after this commercial break!

We’re back!

Rey Mysterio is ringside to support them! They face off. Create space. Azteca backs off. Headlock! Puma chops! Azteca is sent in – Puma leapfrogs – blocking a clothesline – going for an armdrag – holy cow, move after move! Leg sweep? Elbow to the gut! Striker can’t keep up!

Neither can I! The crowd cheers.

Puma and Azteca shake hands. Mysterio shakes his head in disbelief! Azteca chops Puma!

More chops! Puma is out of the ring! Azteca slips out behind him!

Dropkick by Azteca! Suicide dive by Azteca! Puma catches him!

He throws him into the steel post! Puma maintains eye contact with Mysterio while placing his opponent back in the ring. Puma strikes Azteca. The Believers are split between the two luchadores! They switch positions. Puma runs into the turnbuckle, catches his breath. Azteca has moves!

Puma sends in Azteca! Azteca chops Puma! Springboard from the ropes! They fly onto the mat! Puma covers Azteca, and he kicks out at two. They get to their feet. Azteca has Puma – wait – Puma strikes Azteca! Azteca runs into Puma! Azteca switches in midair between Puma!

He covers Puma – Puma kicks out! Whew. Azteca holds Puma – Puma reverses. Waistlock reverse. Azteca is cornered. He blocks Puma! Puma grabs Azteca and sends him around! Light suplex by Puma! More!

Cover! Azteca kicks out at two! The Believers won’t stop cheering. Puma climbs the turnbuckles and perches! Azteca gets up and stops him!

They strike each other. Azteca sends himself in! He climbs the turnbuckles and pounds. Puma reverses! He covers Azteca – and Azteca kicks out!

This live coverage probably doesn’t do this match justice. “This is awesome!” Azteca climbs the turnbuckles, misses, creates space, but Puma suplexes him into the turnbuckle! Dragon sleeper position by Puma, modified piledriver!

Puma covers, Azteca kicks out! Rey Mysterio exchanges high-fives with Believers as they start cheering for Azteca!

Puma dropkicks Azteca into the turnbuckles!

Puma climbs and perches! 630! Cover by Puma! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Prince Puma!

He put a bow on that victory, but it’ll be no holiday at Ultima Lucha Dos, Rey Mysterio. Puma approaches Azteca, writhing on the floor, as Rey Mysterio tends to him. Puma exchanges words.

Mysterio and Puma face off. You want this match – you need this match.

Our main event is after this commercial break!

We’re back! Dario Cueto is in the middle of the ring. He delivers a speech. His favorite time of the year begins next week – Ultima Lucha Dos!

He feels like a kid at Christmas, and this Christmas, he’s invited Son of Havoc, Texano, Jr., Brian Cage, and The Mack for the First Ever Unique Opportunity Tournament! Clever title! A unique opportunity! Cueto keeps delivering puns. This is the most unique opportunity ever delivered by Dario Cueto. The victor will receive the spoils… Whatever that means. Rest up, gentlemen.

THEY GET A JUMP START! It’s Texano vs. Son of Havoc and The Mack vs. Cage! Mack and Havoc are out of the ring! Cage and The Mack go at it! Texano is back and clashes with Cage! Cage celebrates in the ring by himself!

Our main event is next, I promise!

We’re back from commercial! Also, Son of Havoc is Luchador of the Week! Matt Striker and Vampiro announce the card for Ultima Lucha Dos so far!

  • The Unique Opportunity Tournament featuring Son of Havoc vs. The Mack vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage vs. Texano, Jr.!
  • The Death Match Rematch featuring King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes w/ Catrina!
  • A Legendary Lucha Libre Singles Match of Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.!
  • Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Black Lotus with her ring debut, for the Dragon Azteca identity!
  • Ivelisse vs. Taya Valkyrie for the name of Baddest Bitch in the Building!
  • The Gift of the Gods 7-Luchador Match! Sexy Star vs. Mariposa vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. El Siniestro de la Muerte vs. Killshot vs. Daga vs. Night Claw!
  • LU Championship Match: Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Pentagon, Jr.!
  • The Team of Fenix, Drago & Aero Star vs. Worldwide Underground (c) team of Johnny Mundo, “The Darewolf” PJ Black & Jack Evans!

Excited? I hope so. I don’t want to know you if you’re not.

Time for our main event…

Main Event: First-Ever Clash! Fenix vs. Johnny Mundo!
Fenix emerges with red gear. Mundo and Taya’s entrance seems to clash, with his Trios gold and the blowing fan! Vampiro taught Mundo how to wear a headband!

Mundo flips off Fenix! A return from when Fenix did the same at Six to Survive. Mundo pushes Fenix. Fenix chops Mundo!

Fenix covers Mundo! Roll-through, reversal!

Standing moonsault by Fenix! Fenix isn’t even sweating! Mundo backs off. Fenix dodges a strike. Fenix is down!

Mundo covers – kick out by Fenix! Beatdown by Mundo! Taya cheers.

Fenix is cornered. Mundo delivers strikes. The ref tells him to back off. Fenix gets him – switches positions in the turnbuckles! Fenix delivers the best chops ever.

Fenix rolls away after a strike! Standing C4! Cover by Mundo, nope.

Mundo holds Fenix in a submission.

Spinebuster by Mundo!

Leg hook – nope. Taya encourages the Adonis. Mundo holds Fenix under the ropes and Taya helps! The ref breaks it up. He berates him. Taya holds down Fenix!

And Fenix uses his legs to dispatch Mundo out of the ring! But…

Fenix kicks Mundo and he’s out of the ring!

Taya tends to Mundo. Animo! Fenix flies out of the ring. “Lucha!”

Can Fenix rise? “Lucha libre!” Mundo’s headband stays on, says Striker. Mundo is hanging on the ropes.

He kicks Fenix. He’s sent in by Fenix. Mundo escapes. Fenix leaps onto Mundo from the ropes but misses. Mundo is back in the turnbuckles! The boot! Fenix sends him in. He strikes Mundo! Fenix has momentum!

Shoulders down, leg hook – no! Mundo leaps on Fenix – cover! Kick out!

Mundo drags Fenix. Taya gets Mundo’s gold. Mundo’s End of the World misses!

Mundo climbs the turnbuckles but Fenix strikes him! Standing C4 by Fenix! Cover! 1, 2, 3, 4! Taya distracted the ref! Marty Elias needs to pay attention!

Fenix is down! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Johnny Mundo!

Taya comes to support Mundo and kicks Fenix! The other two-thirds of Worldwide Underground, PJ Black and Jack Evans, come to celebrate!

The road to Ultima Lucha Dos concludes as they deliver a beatdown on Fenix!

But no! Here come the reinforcements! Drago and Aero Star!

Here comes Ivelisse! She spears Taya!

Mundo throws Ivelisse out! Jack Evans runs into her in the turnbuckles! Aero Star kicks Mundo! Ivelisse stalks Taya! She throws her out! Mundo holds back Taya!

This is just a preview, Believers! Sound off in the comments!

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