10 Thoughts on NXT – Alexa Bliss, Cien Almas, Gargano & Ciampa

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1. It’s NXT time and we kick off with Alexa Bliss vs Carmella. Overall a pretty good match with Bliss displaying some nice heel moves and Carmella continuing to improve in the ring. Alexa picks up the win with the sparkle splash, and I’d like to see what she could do against someone like Asuka.

2. Next up we get a recap of the genesis of the Balor / Nakamura feud, followed by some thoughts from Shinsuke in a really ugly NXT tracksuit. He came to WWE to face the best, so he has to fight Finn Balor. How could you not love Shinsuke Nakamura?

3. Interview with Bayley is next, and she talks about her excitement at getting back in the ring. Alexa Bliss interrupts and says that Baylay has to go through her to get to Asuka, and I am fine with that.

4. Now it’s time for the debut of Hawaiian wrestler Noah Potjes, which in my opinion is not a great name. The commentators say that he had his first match last month, but I must have missed that. Potjes (who looks a bit like Marc Dacascos) is facing Cien Almas, still rocking the fedora and suspenders combo. Noah hammers away while Cien hits some nice flippy moves, then wins with the double knee to the face. Hey, way to get the right camera angle, WWE!

5. Back from the break we are treated to an interview with Austin Aries, who explains why he attacked No Way Jose last week. Excellent mic work as ever from AA, who is at the top of his game both verbally and in the ring.

6. Now it’s time for a fireside chat with Finn Balor, who talks about his longtime friendship with Shinsuke Nakamura. Nice humble promo setting up their match, and credit to NXT for giving this rivalry the buildup it deserves.

7. Next up its Gargano and Ciampa vs the Hype Bros, who get the jobber entrance. Essentially a chance for the commentators to talk about the Cruiserweight Classic, and I for one am looming forward to that. Rawley plays the power game while Gargano does his best to make him look good, while Ryder is his usual reliable self. I think Ciampa would make a good future opponent for Nakamura, if they give him the right buildup. Gargano and Ciampa pick up the win with the running kick combo.

8. After the match Gargano gets on the mic and demands a title shot, which brings out American Alpha. Shouldn’t these guys be on Smackdown by now? Gable says they’re next in line to take on the Revival, and they’re also going to get some revenge against the Authors of Pain.

9. Speaking of the Authors of Pain, did you know that their manager Paul Ellering used to manage such wrestling luminaries as The Disciples of Apocalypse, The Spoiler and Jos LeDuc? And also some guys called the Rude Worriers or something. He also raced sled dogs in the Idatarod, which is a very adventurous thing to do.

10. The Revival come out to close the show with some casual racism, and Scott Dawson says that they make the rules. This of course brings out William Regal, who sets up The Revival vs American Alpha in a two out of three falls match for the title next week. Sweet! And out of nowhere the Authors of Pain attack! They throw Gargano and Ciampa out of the ring, then decimate Jordan and Gable. After the match Ellering comes out but doesn’t say anything, maybe reminiscing about his days managing Killer Karl Krupp…

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