TNA Impact Wrestling Highlights 06/28/16 (Hardy War, Lashley vs. EC3 vs. Drew Galloway)

This week’s Impact featured a few noteworthy things – including easily the best Fact of Life segment yet. James Storm and Eli Drake had some fun banter, a bit of a drinking game, and some heel shenanigans that resulted in a highly-entertaining segment. James Storm has been directionless since Roode left, and being in the King of the Mountain Title picture is better than nothing.

The X Title controversy continued as Billy Corgan ordered an X division battle royal and then a match against Bennett for the winner – resulting in disaster for Braxton Sutter as the Helms Dynasty destroyed him and gave Bennett an easy win. Bennett views the X Title as nothing more than a tool to get an easy World Title shot at Destination X, and so far, his plan is working.

The war between the Hardys gained more steam when Matt and Jeff confronted each other outside of the ring – and Matt blindsided Jeff thanks to Reby. This will lead to a match next week at the Hardy compound, which TNA put a trailer up for.

Gail’s road to the hall of fame was obstructed by the Knockouts Champion Sienna, who sought out to defeat Gail and did just that with her Silencer finisher. Monty Brown’s Pounce has been revived – and hopefully connects a bit better the next time she uses it.

The final bit of big news coming out of the show was EC3 vs. Drew Galloway vs. Lashley for the World Title. It was a stiff affair and Drew’s chops actually busted EC3’s chest open. A miscue from the faces gave Lashley an opening though, and a spear allowed him to leave with his title intact.

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