WWE NXT 06/29/16 Recap (Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella, Bayley, Austin Aries)


Alexa Bliss comes down to face Carmella. Bliss has kept the booty shorts and dubstep theme and mocks Carmella constantly throughout her entrance. They exchange taunts and tieups for a bit before moving to headlocks. Alexa stops short for a dropdown and curbstomps her. They exchange cradles for 2 before a standoff. Carmella gets a sloppy wheelbarrow snapmare before landing a sloppy dropkick that Alexa sells before it connects. Alexa composes herself on the floor and grabs at the feet, but Carmella moonwalks away.


Carmella locks on a headlock before Alexa turns it into a headscisors. They exchange headlocks for a while before Alex takes things to the apron and lands an STO before hitting a spinning armbreaker for 2. Alexa works the arm more after the break with another spinning armbreaker and an armbar. A double-leg armbreaker hits twice to give Alexa more of an edge before hitting a double kneedrop and then the backflip double kneedrop for 2. Carmella slaps her, then an elbow before hitting two lariats and tossing her face into her boot. A high kick sends Bliss into for a bronco buster, and Alexa hops up for a tight sunset flip for 2. Carmella hits Trish’s top rope rana for 2. Alexa hits the death grip STO before hitting the Twisted Bliss/Sparkle Splash for the win. This was really sloppy, but fun.

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We get a recap of the Finn-Nakamura events so far. Nakamura says that he and Finn were great friends in Japan and he supported him being in NXT. He is here now though, and he needs something like him – one of the best and before becoming champion, he must fight him. He let out a huge smile, but this wasn’t very good because it required far too much English for Nakamura. Gargano and Ciampa vs. the Hype Bros happens later.


Bayley chats with an interview girl about how humbled she was by winning and says she is ready to get her title back. Alexa tells her that she doesn’t deserve it – Alexa does, and she destroyed her best friend too. Noah Potjes comes down to face Andred Almas. Noah’s singlet looks dreadful.and Andrade flips around a bit during an armwringer. Noah drops down and eats a huge dropkick before an outside-in baseball slide kick to the floor and a cocky fakeout. Almas chops him, but eats a big forearm shiver and clubs him on the mat. Almas lands a slew of forearms before a wheelbarrow bulldog. Shotgun knees hit in the corner for the win – this was short, but sweet.

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Aries talks about his attack on No Way Jose. He tells the interviewer that he is one of the best sports entertainers ever and the fans should feel honored to see him – but they didn’t. Jose hasn’t beaten anyone and the fans love him. He says that what he does is on the fans for liking Jose. We see a Twitter rundown of fans going crazy for Balor-Nakamura for Finn talks about his history with Nakamura. When he went to Japan, Nakamura took his under his wing and showed him the way of Japanese wrestling. He says that Shinsuke is a friend – not just a work-related friend. He says he didn’t think he’d see him for a while when he left Japan years ago, but he was glad to see Nakamura come here so he wanted to help him here. He says they wrestled once before, but this is more special because it’s on NXT TV.


American Alpha return to Full Sail. Hype Bros come out to face Gargano and Ciampa. G and C’s victory over The Revival is brought up and Mojo starts off with a three point stance chopblock. Ryder comes in and works over Gargano. Gargano hits a rolling kick before Ciampa hits a jumping neckbreaker for 2. Ryder hits a facebuster for 2 on Ciampa. Mojo low bridges Ciampa and Ryder hits a baseball slide before Mojo tackles him for an ad break. After the break, Mojo gets a cobra clutch. Ryder comes in and eats a jumping lariat by Ciampa, but he rushes in to double knees and a missile dropkick. Mojo stinger splashes him before going for a cover – but Mojo’s feet being under the rope prevent the ref from counting. Gargano prevents the Hype Ryder and a discus forearm hits Ryder for 2. Mojo powerbombs both opponents down before an elbro drop gets 2 on Gargano. Gargano gets a spinning victory roll for 2, but he eats a drop toehold into the buckle and the Broski Boot is met with a lariat before the kneeling knee and superkick KO Ryder and end it.

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American Alpha comes down and said they lost to The Revival – and C and G will get a shot against them because they’re getting the titles back before C and D face them. But first, they want to face The Authors of Pain. The Revival comes down and are tired of the bickering and are running the ship and calling the shots. They don’t feel that either team is worthy of a shot, leading to Regal issuing a stern reminder that he is in charge. He makes Alpha vs. Revival in a 2/3 falls match next week and Ciampa and Gargano leave before The Authors of Pain jump Alpha and stand tall to close the show. This was a solid way to spend an hour, but nothing was must-see.


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