Mick Foley on Holy Foley, WWE Performance Center, Orlando Shooting



In an interview with The Frederick News Post, Mick Foley spoke about his recent visit to the WWE Performance Center. Here are highlights:

On visiting Orlando shooting memorials: “I actually just returned from one of the [Pulse nightclub shooting] memorials. It’s been a tough couple of weeks here for Orlando, and I posted something on social media: Love is dealing hatred a beating. I’m seeing so many incredible things here. This tragedy has brought out the best in people.”

On if he’s filming Holy Foley at the Performance Center: “I can’t say, but I guess somebody could arrive at that conclusion [laughs]. There’s a lot of things going on here. I visited the performance center. I won’t say the cameras were on there [more laughs]. It’s quite a center. I was trying to search for the great, New York Times best-selling author word for center and came up with center. But it really is incredible.”

On throwing out the first pitch at the Keys game on July 1: “There is no more daunting task in the world than throwing out a first pitch. One of my most harrowing moments ever was throwing out one for the [Florida] Marlins. Last time I threw out a pitch for the Marlins, last summer I wasn’t aware of how bad I looked. It was about an 80-foot screen, my beard was considerably grayer and I was wearing a much larger waist size. Because I’m a fairly tall guy, I didn’t realize the king size pant was for a guy that was 5 foot 8, and I realized my pants were halfway up to my knees on an 80-foot screen. The only thing more embarrassing was showing it on SportsCenter. Which they did. Or bouncing it eight feet in front of the plate. Which I did. Anyone who throws out a first pitch will tell you, you start praying: ‘Dear Father, let me throw within six feet of the plate.’”