Jim Ross Blog: Roman Reigns 30 day suspension, Lawler Reinstated, Brock Lesnar UFC 200, Brand Split 2.0 Can Be Successful


Jim Ross had a new blog for the July 4th weekend, here are some highlights

on Jerry Lawler
Happy that Jerry Lawler has been reinstated by WWE and I look forward to seeing Jerry back on WWE TV at some point in the future. I knew all along in my heart that The King was not a domestic violence participant and that alcohol was the culprit in this unfortunate and embarrassing matter.

on WWE brand split
Lots of speculation as to the WWE brand split that will be coming up soon. Seems as if many hardcore fans “need” info on what’s going to go down as it relates to who will comprise the rosters. I’m more than happy to watch the first live, Smackdown and watch this matter play out. As I’ve said on our Podcast, I think it will be until WM33 until a true sense of what has transpired can be intelligently judged as to whether this major development by WWE is a success or not.

I do think the WWE brand split can be one of the most significant business maneuvers that WWE has done in years.

on Brock Lesnar
BTW…when Brock Lesnar says that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him returning to the Octagon and him taking a short sabbatical from WWE, he means it. Lesnar is a unique animal and cannot be judged on how his peers in the pro wrestling game traditionally conduct themselves. Lesnar is not a huge, fan of the pro wrestling genre but instead is a fan of earning huge money and enjoying his life. Not a bad philosophy IMO.

For the record, Brock Lesnar being added to the UFC 200 PPV line up has made every fighter on the card who gets a piece of the PPV revenue a ton of new money.

on Roman Reigns 30 day suspension
Lots of “Oliver Stone” conspiracy theorists who are hellbent on becoming amateur sleuths as it relates to uncovering the details of Roman Reigns 30 day suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. If the old adage of “Telephone, Telegraph, Tell a Wrestler” still holds true then details that some are ‘Jonesing’ for will be revealed in due time even if there is no story to be told.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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