Cody Rhodes on Leaving WWE, Wanting Moments and not Money

Cody Rhodes


Dave Solo recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey. Here are some highlights (via
Rhodes on wanting moments and not money: “I don’t want the money, I want the moments and you (WWE) are not giving me the moments.”

Rhodes on feeling less than he was in WWE: “I was in Greensboro and that’s where my dad and Ric (Flair) had to get on the radio, in fans cars, and tell them that the event was sold out for Starrcade. I thought ‘Here I am looking at this Stardust outfit in my bag… I feel like I’m less than I am and no amount of money is worth being less than I am.’ I don’t want to be anything but #1.”

Also, at one point, former WWE announcer Brandi Rhodes got on the mic and talked about her own departure from WWE and how the product wasn’t any good. She also reportedly said that someone could “make a hat out of turds, creating a turd hat, and it would get over in the WWE!”

The complete interview can be heard on iTunes.