DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: What is WildStorm Reborn? Midnighter & Apollo Get A Mini-Series & Come Out Of Superman & Batman’s Shadows?! Part Of DC Rebirth Or Set Apart Like DC Young Animal?

DC Comics Rebirth Titans artist Brett Booth revealed an image for something call Wildstorm Reborn on his twitter account.

Wildstorm Reborn Brett Booth twitter reveal

Here is a better view of the image.

DC Comics Rebirth and WildStorm Reborn

With Wildstorm characters still part of DC Rebirth, Midnighter for example in pages of Nightwing Rebirth, what does Wildstorm Reborn refer to?

To complicate or simplify things, you decide, DC Comics announced a Midnighter and Apollo 6 issue mini-series starting in October 2016.

Midnighter and Apollo mini-series DC Comics Rebirth

Will it be part of the DC Rebirth or set apart like the Vertigo and the new DC Young Animal imprint, where we have a new Doom Patrol and more written by Young Animal showrunner Gerard Way? And will this mini firmly get them out of Superman and Batman’s archetype shadows?

What say you?

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