Kurt Angle on his Greatest Achievement, Why He is Taking Off



Kurt Angle talked with the News-Democrat in an interview. Here are some highlights.

on the single greatest achievement in his career: “I get asked that question quite often. What was the single greatest achievement of my career? Was it winning the WWE title? Was it winning the TNA heavyweight championship? No, it was winning the Olympic Gold medal. It defined my career. It defined my life. Aside from being a dad four times with a fifth one on the way, it’s the highlight.”

On why he’s taking the year off: “Wrestling professionally is a great life, but it’s also a very grueling and demanding lifestyle we as wrestlers go through. I mean we’re on the road constantly, doing between 250 to 300 shows each year. Hitting the mat as much as we do, it takes its toll on us physically. That’s why I said, I’m taking this year off to let my body rest and heal.”