Pull List Roundtable 7/5/2016 – Justice League: Rebirth #1, 4001 A.D.: Shadowman, Renato Jones: The One % #3 & More (Spoilers)

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Mike Maillaro

  • 4001 AD: SHADOWMAN – Stop taunting me, Valiant!! Shadowman was one of my favorite Valiant books. It’s clear that Valiant wants to do more with the character. He’s appeared in various forms in Ninjak, Books of Death, and now 4001. Stop teasing us and just give us a new Shadowman series already!!!
  • BATMAN #2 – Tom King got off to a real strong start with last month’s issue 1. We saw a side of Batman we don’t often see, faced with his own mortality. Tom King has been putting out some incredible comics lately, and I can’t wait to see what he can do with Batman. So far, so good!
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE REBIRTH #1 – As much as I love big team books, Bryan Hitch doesn’t do much for me. I only read like three issues of his Justice League America before I had to drop it. Putting him on the core Justice League book is a major red flag for me, but I will still give the Rebirth issue a chance to prove me wrong.
  • FLINTSTONES #1 – I really enjoyed Scooby Apocalypse and Future Quest, so I will likely give this one a fair shot. I really liked the photo-realistic art style I saw in the previews for this one. DC is doing some real innovative stuff with their Hanna Barbara relaunches.
  • CIVIL WAR: KINGPIN #1 – Kingpin has always been a terrific character with a lot of depth. I especially love Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal in the Daredevil series on Netflix. I am curious about what role he will play in Civil War II, which has been a bit rudderless in my opinion.
  • TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #8 – Last issue, we finally got some info on where Bruce Banner has been the last few months. Civil War II #2 teased that something really bad is about to happen with Hulk…but we don’t know which one. As a fan of both Cho and Banner, I definitely want to know where this is all headed.
  • VOTE LOKI #2 – This could have been a throw away series, but I really liked the first issue quite a bit. Great political satire, and it feels like the natural evolution of Loki’s ever changing status quo. As I said before, Loki can’t be worse for our country than the candidates we have to choose from…
  • BLOODLINES #4 – This series has basically been completely off people’s radar. I am not even sure what the point of it is, but I have enjoyed the first three issues quite a bit. A really unique take on superpowers. I suspect like DC’s The Ray mini from a few years ago, this will just kind of vanish, but I still think it’s worth a look.
  • SUPERZERO #6 – One of my favorite comics!!! Superzero is the story of a teenage girl obsessed with getting superpowers. Last issue gave the story a huge twist and it seems like maybe she is on to something here about the need for super powers…
  • PUNISHER #3 – I haven’t read Punisher regularly in a while, but Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillion have created a real strong Punisher series here. Real glad I picked it up!

John Babos

Only 6 books this week and oddly all DC as none of my regular Aftershock, Valiant or Marvel books creep onto my pull list.

  • Action Comics #957 – Really enjoying the start of this and intrigued by the mystery over who this new Clark Kent is. Looking forward to more family moments with Lois, Superboy and dad.
  • Batman Beyond #14 – Curious about how this leads into DC Rebirth’s Batman Beyond and mystery of who will be under the cowl.
  • Green Arrow #2 – Really intrigued by the new villains here and how Shado and Emiko will play into this; are they friends or foes?
  • Green Lanterns #2 – Glad DC is giving their 2 newest GLs the spotlight.
  • Justice League Rebirth #1 – What’s next for the JL and the mystery JLA series? Looks like we’ll find out with this one shot.
  • Superman #2 – Wasn’t expecting to read this series along with Action Comics, but I like the creative team and the Son of Superman arc; getting Jon ready for his Superboy role in the yet-to-be solicited Super Sons #1.


Maillaro: Buy Superzero!!!

Babos:  Which one is that?

Maillaro: It’s an awesome AfterShock book. Sort of parodyish but real.clever. I mentioned it above.  Here is an article about it.

Matt Graham: It’s Palmiotti and Conner. The pitch is icing.


James Fulton

  • Black Science #22 – Lately, this book has been getting darker and darker, and I’m intrigued to see where Rick Remender takes his characters in this new arc.
  • Empress #4 – Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen’s science fiction adventure story has been a very exciting read so far. I don’t normally get this excited about a Millarworld title.
  • Fuse #19 – I’m happy to see this excellent science fiction police procedural series return for a new arc. I think it’s time to learn the secrets that Detective Dietrich has been hiding since arriving at the space station.
  • Renato Jones: The One% #3 – Kaare Andrews basically killed Donald Trump in last month’s issue. Do you need another reason to want to read this?
  • Sheriff of Babylon #8 – I know I push this book every month, but that’s because it is incredibly well-written and sometimes very surprising. Tom King is getting so much attention for his work on Batman and The Vision, but I don’t hear as many people talking about this book, which is better.

Phil Allen

I’m a couple weeks behind so I’m not up on a few Rebirth #1’s.

  • Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel #1 – I am still bummed the flagship ‘66 series is gone but these crossover mini-series have been a great substitute.
  • Batman Beyond #14 – The reveal from last issue was big and I’m interested to see where this arc takes us. This series has taken some liberties from the TV show so it has a sort of ‘elseworld’ feel to it.
  • The Fuse #19 – Arc four begins here! This has been one of my favorites, a great series so far with no signs of slowing down.
  • Green Arrow #2 – I wasn’t a big fan of Percy’s run on the last New 52 series, but the Rebirth one-shot was pretty good. We’ll see where this run takes us.
  • The One Percent #3 – I’m still trying to decide if I like this series. The premise is funny enough but I’m not sure how long it will hold my interest. I’m probably in for a couple more issues at least.
  • Paper Girls #7 – The girls are about to seriously mess with time travel. This will get fun.
  • The Punisher #3 – Like The One Percent, I’m not sure if I like this series yet either. I haven’t read any Punisher before and it may just not be my thing. I’ll probably finish this first arc though.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Batman #2
  • Future Quest #2
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year Five #13
  • Justice League: Rebirth #1
  • The Lone Ranger / The Green Hornet #1
  • Midnight of the Soul #2
  • Superman #2
Mike Maillaro is a lifelong Jersey Boy and geek. Mike has been a comic fan for about 30 years from when his mom used to buy him Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures at our local newsstand. Thanks, Mom!! Mike's goal is to bring more positivity to the discussion of comics and pop culture.