TNA Impact Wrestling Results 7/5/16 – Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy in Final Deletion and Ultimate X for X Title

The show begins with Maxel’s birthday party and Reby acting as Matt’s Spanish translator for their gardener Senor Benjamin. Matt’s gift for King Maxel is to take Jeff Hardy out. Maria comes out and brings out Mike Bennett. Bennett wants to cash in the title tonight, but Dixie comes out since she was only suspended for one week. She won’t stand for Bennett’s mockery of the division and will force him to put it on the line in an Ultimate X match now.

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Eddie, Spud, Braxton, DJZ, Bennett, Trevor Lee, Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, and Andrew Everett are in it. DJZ dives to the floor and Braxton kicks Spud so hard that he loses some teeth. Bennett hits BS with a cutter before Eddie kicks him down. Pele by Everett to DJZ and Bennett boots DJZ. Mandrews hits a corkscrew stunner and we get a group climb on the X. BS pulls Mandrews down for an over the top rana. Lee German suplexes DJZ and Bennett takes out the Dynasty. Bennett tries to hop up and grab the belt – but can’t reach it. Eddie dives onto a pile on the floor and then everyone else but Bennett does as well. Everett hits a big moonsault off the top to the floor. Bennett grabs a ladder and tries to prevent Eddie from grabbing it, but Eddie kicks him down and wins.

Drew post-match interview from last week has him complain about losing and argue with EC3 and then brawl. Storm vs. Eli is up. Storm backdrops him and hits corner punches. Snap suplex gets 2 for Eli, who goes for the belt, but it’s grabbed and put on the floor. Storm sets up the superkick and hits it, but the momentum sends Drake to the floor. Eli grabs the belt and hits him in the gut and back for a DQ – so Storm wins the match, but not the title. Blunt Force Trauma hits. We get a trailer for The Final Deletion and Jade preps the billy club for her street fight with Jade next. Ultimate X recap shows Eddie winning the gold. Eddie says that he’ll think about cashing it in, but didn’t confirm it.


Marti comes out first and posts Jade once she comes down. Marti grabs a trash can and throws some weapons into the ring – including a baking sheet and a singapore cane. Marti smacks her back with the sheet. Josh asks why they’re in jeans and Pope says that they just want to use their jeans because their gear costs money. Josh plugs ProWrestlingTees and its TNA store. Jade hits a facebuster with a can lid while Josh talks about how serious this is in a jocular manner. Marti’s pump kick with the can hits Jade. Cane to the back of Marti, but Jade wants more and grabs the cane to hit her with it. Jade puts the trash can on Marti’s head and hits her with the cane. Dropkick into the can in the corner hits and gets 2. Exploder hits and Marti takes a really fluid bump for it. Jade goes for the package piledriver, but Marti backdrops her onto the trash can. Marti grabs the baton and goes back into the ring, where Jade reveals nunchuks! Jade grabs the baton with the nunchuks and hits her in the throat with them. Jade hits a package piledriver on the chair to get the win. This was really fun – nothing amazing, but fun to watch.


Senor Benjamin sets up the battlefield for massacre, and we’ll see inside Jeff’s house next. We get a Terminator video while Jeff plays guitar and Matt stalks Jeff with his Phantom 3 drones. Matt’s Vanguard Robots are beaten up by Jeff’s guitar and another one pops up and we get a Matt hologram about The Final Deletion. Well, this was bizarre. And then Matt shows up on Jeff’s property with a riding lawnmower to break his lawn. Hank Hill would not approve of these tactics.

Bennett comes out and is super-pissed he wants Dixie to come out, as does Maria – but Billy Corgan does instead. Maria wants to be president of TNA, and it’s either her or Dixie. Dixie comes out and says she’ll call her bluff. Bennett says she’ll put him in the main event of Destination X or they walk. Corgan says he’ll hold the door for them as they leave – he’s tired of their crap. Bennett says he’ll ruin Destination X and the BroMans and Raquel face Decay next.


Matt tells Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for massacre and we see him put kendo sticks and weapons under the ring. Matt gives him the remaining gasoline from his prior landscaping escapades and tells him to spread it upon the battlefield so he may delete Brother Nero. Then we get Lashley’s thought on Eddie regaining the title. Lashley tells him to keep the X Title because he’s not ready for the champ.

BroMans and Raquel come out to face Decay. Jessie tells everyone about the Big Brother cameras and we see Rosemary make out with Bram. Rosemary clotheslines her down and hits some mounted punches before landing a back elbow. We’re told by Josh that she’s good in BJJ and Steve gets double-teamed. Steve recovers and crossfaces Jessie before Rosemary comes back in, and then Abyss tags in and chokes Jessie in the corner. Abyss snapmares him and hits a neck crank. Jessie hits a shoulderblock off the top onto Abyss and he tags in Robbie to beat up Steve with a series of clotheslines. Boom Drop hits Steve and he tags Jessie in who dropkicks Abyss. Adonis Crab is on Steve, but Rosemary hops on his back and then Raquel kicks her and hits a thing resembling a dive onto her off the apron. Abyss chokeslams Steve onto Robbie, but Steve moves. BroDown hits and wins. Eddie decides his future next.

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Eddie is mid-ring with JB, but before he can say his decision, Lashley comes out. Lashley says he’s a great tag wrestler, but he retires people. Eddie says his heel exploded and he finished the match. He broke his arm and won a ladder match the next day – so he doesn’t fear him.  Lashley says he wants Title for Title – winner takes all. Lashley says he can do that, or he can just keep his X Title and never bother him. Eddie says his head is telling him to keep the X Title, but his heart tells him to go for the World Title. Lashley shoves him down and belly to belly suplexes him, but he hits the Boston Knee Party to stand tall. This was shockingly great – Lashley has been great on the mic, but Eddie rarely is and spoke from the heart about his toughness and he made it work. He also got the better of him here to give him some credibility.


We get a recap of the EC3-Drew issues and we get a side by side talking head interview between them. EC3 tells Drew to look in the mirror as to why he lost. Drew says that he’s a great wrestler, while EC3 is a good entertainer. EC3 says he’s beaten everyone here and he’ll put on his ass-kicking Oxfords to face Drew in a street fight at Destination X. A referee drives to Matt’s house and steps into the ring on Matt’s compound. Matt summons Jeff with a violin personally given to him by Antonio Stradivari. They stand off and the Final Deletion is next.


Senor Benjamin recited a parental advisory notice in Spanish before Matt and Jeff went at it. Epic music plays throughout everything and Jeff breaks up gardening fencing to slam Matt on it for 2. Matt lands a Twist of Hate for 2. Matt attacks the left knee with a kendo stick before hitting him and then choking him with a ladder in the corner. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Matt and swantons him for 2. Jeff sets up the ladder in the corner and puts Matt on it for a swanton off a tree. Matt moves and Jeff hits the ladder hard with his head and neck, getting a 2 count. Matt shoots fireworks at him, and Jeff uses a trash can lid as a shield.

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Jeff responds with a fireworks gun, eliciting an “oh shit” from Matt and then Jeff saying “DAMN RIGHT OH SHIT!” before Matt protects himself from the fireworks with a boat. Matt pushes Jeff into the water, but Willow rises from the water and attacks. Senor Benjamin tases Willow, but Jeff uses a vulcan nerve pinch to subdue him. Matt covers Willow, but he is unmasked to reveal Senor Benjamin. Jeff locks Matt in a sleeper in the dirt and climbs a Hardy cross before Matt has a flashback and shoots fire at Jeff, forcing him to bump on the dirt and gets the win. This was pretty nuts and amusing to watch.

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