Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Dos Part I! Full Preview & Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Son of Havoc, Brian Cage, The Mack, Texano, Vampiro & Many More!

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A Unique Opportunity has presented itself, Believers! Welcome to the full preview and live coverage of tonight’s episode of Lucha Underground! Tonight’s the night: Part I of Ultima Lucha Dos! Coming at ya with huge predictions and recaps of the stories so far!

Scheduled for tonight is A Unique Opportunity four-way match with “The Machine” Brian Cage, Texano, Jr., The Mack, and Son of Havoc! The winner will face a life-changing, career-defining decision, presented by Temple Proprietor Dario Cueto.

Will Brian Cage win the match and earn a second change after turning in his Gift of the Gods title, only to lose the Lucha Underground Championship? How about Texano, one of the baddest heels on the roster? And The Mack certainly deserves his time in the spotlight. Moreover, Son of Havoc has become comfortable on his own, away from the The Unlikely Trio that is him, Ivelisse, and Angelico, and could use even more singles action. We’ll watch and see!


Catrina used her wicked ways to get this match! The Man of 1001 Deaths will get his rematch – and perhaps his revenge – against King Cuerno in a singles Death Match! While Mil Muertes is alive and well with his specter, it’s common knowledge that the gift of life itself isn’t enough for this luchador. And to be displayed like a prized animal in the Hunter’s cabin? Looks like this time, King Cuerno will regret the day he ever became the Hunter.


We’re also finally getting the in-ring debut of Dario Cueto’s bodyguard and the former student of El Dragon Azteca I, Black Lotus! After years of searching for the one responsible for the massacre of her family, Black Lotus discovered the possible perpetrator – “The Monster” Matanza Cueto. But that was before El Dragon Azteca I led her away from the opportunity for vengeance, for her safety’s sake. Her desire to murder the Monster ultimately consumed her, leading to the death of her sensei. Lotus and the Cuetos escaped from the Temple to hide until the dust settled, while El Dragon Azteca, Jr. trained under Rey Mysterio, Jr.

If Black Lotus wins this match, then she earns El Dragon Azteca’s mask – the identity that has become the very core of Azteca, Jr. Should we expect a win from the debuting bodyguard and lackey of the Cuetos? Or will Azteca’s talent triumph over her quest for revenge?


We’ve also been gifted another seven-way match from the gods! This Elimination Match features all of the latest winners of the Ancient Aztec Medallions that make up the Gift of the Gods title: Sexy Star vs. Daga vs. El Sinestro de la Muerte vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Mariposa vs. Killshot vs. the in-ring debuting and newest luchador, Night Claw! His participation will be revealed to the other six, unsuspecting competitors during Ultima Lucha Dos! He was gifted a Medallion before the other matches. Should we expect him to walk away with the title? Or will one of these other deserving wrestlers take away his chance?

Perhaps we’ll see one of the two babyfaces of the Moth feuds earn the title – Sexy Star or Killshot. We witnessed the tension between Sexy and Mariposa during the Medallion match with Taya Valkyrie and Ivelisse. However, Killshot is also after Marty the Moth, but for more than just his stolen dog tags – he wants his dignity back, and honor for his fallen brothers. Perhaps we should also expect interference from Kobra Moon, considering wherever Daga goes, the slithering serpent follows.


This hype is going to be the death of me – talk about a dream match with a championship on the line to boot! Vampiro, the master of Pentagon, Jr., has groomed his pet for this moment. After getting paralyzed, breaking his back, and enduring Vampiro’s torture, Pentagon is back. But is it his moment? Is it his time? Is he truly ready? Or will Vampiro have failed? Get ready for an intense, hardcore championship match, but perhaps not one with a different champion, but with a gruesome, unhappy ending in a violent Temple. Eventually, we’ll see Pentagon overcome the failures. Cero miedo.


Speaking of dream matches, here’s another one right here. Prince Puma closed the show recently with an incredible promo (and Puma said recently on the Steve Austin podcast he doesn’t have mic skills – BS!) and El Rey himself accepted his open challenge. The match itself feels more important than the winner, and considering the frustration and instability Puma has exhibited in the past few episodes, we know it’s going to be Mysterio. This is Mysterio’s first Ultima Lucha, and there are also rumors of Prince Puma (Ricochet) leaving LU for other wrestling pursuits.


We have a women’s match scheduled for you Believers, and it’s between two of one of the most talented luchadoras in the world today! It’s “The Perfect Woman” Taya Valkyrie vs. “The Baddest Bitch of the Building,” La Siciria, Ivelisse! These two have much in common – both come from well-decorated tag teams, both have been valets for their boyfriends (Johnny Mundo and Son of Havoc), both have talent, and both take no shit from anybody. And yet, they can’t seem to get along, so it’s time to settle the score! While Taya has proved herself each time in every single match in which she’s participated, Ivelisse has reigned in the Temple longer. For The Baddest Bitch, Taya is just a stop on the road to her ultimate enemy: Catrina. I was hoping we would see Catrina vs. Ivelisse, but perhaps that’s for next season… Besides, Taya has plenty to take care of with her team, The Worldwide Underground.


Last but definitely not least, we have The Super Friends, the team of Drago, Fenix, and Aerostar vs. The Worldwide Underground, the team of “The Darewolf” PJ Black, Johnny Mundo, and Jack Evans, the current Tag Team Trios Champions! All six of these luchadores have beef with one another. PJ and Evans beat up Drago in a bathroom, but Aerostar came to his rescue with his time and space travel skillz – and Mundo knocked out Fenix, taking his spot in the Trios titles match. Fenix settled some of his grudge at Six to Survive, but it wasn’t enough. Now, he wants the title – and why not get the help of a dragon dude and the Aztec spaceman from the ancient prophecy? Can The Super Friends superpowers overcome the Temple gold-holding heel heat? Worldwide Underground retaining the titles feels like it’s best for business, after the babyface Dream Team of Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio, Jr., and El Dragon Azteca, Jr. held them for that while. Plus, we get more heat going into Season 3.

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Check out what Cage has to say going into A Unique Opportunity!

Oh, I believe you, LU…

Son of Havoc has some words, too!

Check back here tonight at 8 for the full live coverage of Part I!

It’s almost time!!

It’s 8!

We get a recap of Dario Cueto’s A Unique Opportunity Tournament announcement! Plus a video package of Boyle Heights. And now, we’re in the Temple! Melissa Santos announces Ultima Lucha Dos! The Believers chant as Striker and Vampiro announce the first match!

A Unique Opportunity Tournament Semi-Finals: The Mack vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage vs… Wait!

Dario Cueto appears in a tux from his office! He speaks to Cage. Cage started last year’s Ultima Lucha with a bang with The Mack. To ensure that this year’s Lucha is just as successful and violent, he’s making this match… Falls count anywhere!

Cage has momentum! He moonsaults from the ropes! Cover!

Mack kicks out! Cage picks up Mack! Mack does a waistlock! Both of them fly into the mat! Mack goes in. Cage blocks. Mack is down! Cage is caught in the ropes! Incredible. They’re out of the ring! The crowd chants.

Cage throws Mack into the floor seats! He’s on the balcony seats now! “Holy shit” the crowd chants!

Cage has a trash can! He grabs Mack. He misses Mack! Mack hits Cage with the trash can lid! Mack grabs the trash can!

He lifts Cage and takes out the trash!

Cover by Mack outside of the ring! Cage kicks out. The crowd chants, “This is awesome!” Cage and Mack go backstage and brawl! They’re in Dario’s office!

Black Lotus protects Dario as Dario can’t fight the grin on his face! Cage grabs a Lucha Underground poster from the Temple’s opening night! He breaks the glass on Mack’s head! The crowd won’t stop screaming!

Cover by Cage! Kick out! Cage hits Mack into the apron, and then the balcony gate! Cage sets up a seat. Dario closes the door to his office. The crowd stomps in the balcony. Cage grabs Mack. Powerbomb into the seat! The seat breaks!

Cover! Strong kick out by Mack! “Lucha, lucha, lucha,” everyone screams! Cage gets a stop sign! He sets up the powerbomb, but Mack yields! He hangs on! Cage is down!

Mack covers! Cage kicks out. Everyone is losing their minds! They cheer for Mack. Mack grabs a guitar and BREAKS it on Cage’s head! The sweet sounds of E-minor, says Vampiro.

Cover by Mack, kick out by Cage! Mack still has the Believers behind him. A Believer fans herself. Mack goes backstage and gets PINATAS!

Cage opens one and it has candy, and Mack has tools! The fans get the candy. This is wild.

Mack pops beer on Cage!


No! Cage defies! “This is awesome!” everyone chants.

Mack is down! Cage gets a table! “Use the table!” “We want tables!” Vampiro wants to move out of the way! Mack gets his toolbox! He gets a chain and whips Cage with it! Right into Cage’s head! More beer! Mack puts Cage on the table! He strikes him in the head. He goes into the stands! He positions himself! He leaps from the balcony into CAGE on the TABLE! Everyone has gone crazy!

Cover by Mack! 1, 2 – NO! Cage kicks out!

Cage gets a cinderblock!

He has such a memory. He places Mack’s head onto the block! Mack slips out due to the beer-covered carnage! Cover!

Winner: The Mack!!!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back! Time for…

A Unique Opportunity Semi-Finals, Part II: Texano, Jr. vs. Son of Havoc!

There’s a bar outside of the ring! Dario explains why… He wants a BOYLE HEIGHTS BAR FIGHT!

Ring the bell!

Texano and Havoc create space. Texano goes in. Headlock. Havoc has control. He’s sent in. They run into each other.

Texano knocks down Havoc. Havoc rolls through. Havoc uses the ropes and a back-elbow. Dodging. Texano goes over the ropes. Havoc springboard moonsaults onto Texano from the ropes! “Lucha, lucha!”

Texano dodges Havoc, and Havoc runs into the balcony gates! Texano has control on Havoc. He looks at the announce table! Havoc brings Texano down! Don’t get any ideas.

Havoc has Texano – he runs him into a backstage door! How many times has the door been replaced?!

“Holy shit!” Texano tackles Havoc from the abyss! Havoc goes backstage… And emerges with a fire helmet and an extinguisher!

He foams Texano!

Texano takes a swig of something at the bar. He breaks the bottle on Havoc!

Havoc is placed back in the ring by his opponent, who grabs a bar stool! The crowd cheers for Havoc. Texano puts three stools in the ring. He puts in seats from the crowd too! And beer kegs!! He lifts one and throws it in! Keg party!

He puts one in the turnbuckles! “We want beer!” chants! Texano sends down Havoc! Cover! Kick out by Havoc. Brother brother brother brother brother! Havoc has control! Up and over, dropkick by Havoc onto Texano and Texano runs into the keg!

Texano sits on the turnbuckles. Havoc throws him over!

Cover by Havoc! Kick out. The two compile themselves away in the ring. Havoc is down! A chair is between his legs… Steely Dan by Texano! OUCH.

Texano takes Havoc over the apron! But Havoc throws him into the bar! “Holy shit, holy shit!”

Havoc gets bottles from under the ring and breaks them in the ring! He creates a violent canvas to use as a weapon. Springboard and double stomp on top of Texano! He goes into the glass!

Cover by Havoc! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Son of Havoc!

The Man From the Open Road wins! We cut to commercial!

We’re back! Striker and Vampiro preview the rest of the card. Striker also lists the competitors of the Gift of the Gods Elimination in one breath. Bravo!

Time for…

A Unique Opportunity Tournament Finals: The Mack vs. Son of Havoc!

Dario Cueto comes out once again – he’s surprised. He had his money bet on Cage and Texano in the finals. But his unique opportunity is so freakin’ awesome, that they’re gonna have to work for it. This match is also Falls Count Anywhere!

This main event will begin after this commercial break!

We’re back! RING THE BELL!

They face off. They shake hands. Awesomeness. They create space. Lock. Havoc has control. He sends in Mack. Mack sends him in. Havoc is intercepted!

Mack goes over the ropes, climbs the turnbuckles. He flies into Havoc! Cover, kick out at one by Havoc!

Mack climbs the turnbuckles again! Havoc rolls out of the way. Mack picks up Havoc. Havoc is sent out. The Believers cheer for the both of them. Havoc leans on a Believer in the audience before getting back to the fight. Havoc is sent into the balcony gates; Mack targets Havoc’s internal injuries. Havoc delivers chops to The Mack! Mack is sent into the bleachers!

Havoc sends Mack back in. Mack leans on the turnbuckles. Havoc is back in the ring. Havoc is caught in the corner! Mack sends him away!

Cover, kick out by Havoc! The Believers chant as the two come back to their feet! Mack goes in, but goes over the ropes as Havoc dodges! Mack and Havoc go flying out of the ring! Havoc climbs the turnbuckles! Moonsault – Mack blocks with his knees!

Cover by Mack! Kick out by Havoc! “This is awesome!” Havoc sends in Mack – runs into him in the turnbuckles! Havoc handspring back-elbows into Mack! Havoc is on the turnbuckles! Moonsault! COVER!!!

Winner of A Unique Opportunity: Son of Havoc!

He celebrates with the Believers! The best place to celebrate a new chapter in your career!

Dario Cueto emerges from his office.

We will learn what the Unique Opportunity is after this commercial break!

WE’RE BACK! What’s in the briefcases?! $250,000!

If he wants the cash, it’s his. However, with all opportunities, there’s a twist. Because, instead of the money, he could take the other briefcase… Which contains a contract for an LU Championship Match at Ultima Lucha Tres! What’s it gonna be?!

Havoc takes the mic. He doesn’t care how much money Dario gives him – he WILL become the next Lucha Underground Champion at Ultima Lucha Tres!

But only… If he wins one. More. Match.

He’s offering the money to his next opponent. All Unique Opportunities come with a price.

FAMOUS B COMES OUT! He’s found himself a new client! He’s already famous! Havoc might be feeling a little sick to his stomach, but luckily, THERE’S A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE!



He goes to work on Havoc!

The Beautiful Brenda cheers!

Yours truly is speechless!

Clothesline after clothesline on Wagner! How does he have life left! He climbs the turnbuckles! He misses Wagner! Doctor Driver by Wagner! Cover!

Winner of A Unique Opportunity: Dr. Wagner, Jr.!

Famous B wants Wagner’s money!

Dr. Wagner stands tall over Son of Havoc as Famous B and The Beautiful Brenda gloat over their new client’s winnings.

What did you think, Believers?!

Kate witnessed the Litasault and has been hooked on wrestling ever since. She covers lucha libre and the independent circuit. She holds a B.A. from University of Maine at Machias in English, Art, and Communications, and assists at an indie publishing house in Maine.