TNA Impact Wrestling Highlights 7/6/2016 (EC3, Drew Galloway, Bobby Lashley)

Last night’s Impact show was one for the ages. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in The Final Deletion was the key selling point of the show – and TNA knew it going in and hyped it up a ton.

It was a crazy self-contained thing with drones, guitars, drones being hit with guitars, Maxel being gifted a xilophone by Matt’s gardener (and Reby’s dad) Senor Benjamin, and that was just before the match! The actual match itself had fireworks, a dilapidated boat, a flaming Hardy symbol, a small body of water, and fire being used. It was bizarre, but not too absurd – anyone used to DDT and their campsite shows would be right at home with it. Reactions to the show were off the charts.

It’s even already got an alternate commentary track from Bryan and Vinny – who previously did one for a Memphis music video for The New Generation that gained some fame many years ago.

On the more traditional side of pro wrestling, it was a fairly uneventful show in most ways – and yet still theoretically important. Mike Bennett lost the X Division Title in an Ultimate X match that TNA didn’t even see fit to put clips of up on Youtube – so that was a good use of the bump card for everyone involved. Eddie decided to challenge Lashley, after each man cut fairly good promos on one another. It will be a title vs. title match – winner takes all.

The tag title situation also heated up a bit with Jessie Godderz revealing that Rosemary is with Bram, and then the champs lost to the BroMans and Raquel in a six person tag.

An EC3 and Drew Galloway brawl from the week before, but after the show, also led to a one week suspension and builds up a future match between them. EC3 is a clear babyface, while Drew is showing heelish tendencies without turning full-blown heel just yet. Given how great he is in that role, him being a heel wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. They will face off at Destination X this Tuesday, where the Title vs. Title match will also take place. There isn’t anything involving the Knockouts announced, and with Jade and Marti Belle seemingly blowing off their feud in a street fight that TNA also didn’t even put clips of online, it would seem like Sienna might just do an open challenge or something like that. There are also rumors of Moose signing with TNA, so maybe he’ll debut there as well.

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