Aerostar Injured After AAA Match with Drago and Fenix



AAA reports that Lucha Underground and AAA luchador Aerostar was diagnosed with patellar tendonitis this past Sunday after he sustained an injury during his match with Fenix and Drago.

Aerostar reportedly fell at some point during the match and was taken away on a stretcher to be assessed by a professional. It is unclear whether the fall was accidental, or if Aerostar pulled one of his famous free-falls from an enormous height and sustained an injury as a result.

Aerostar’s injury is also known as “jumper’s knee,” and occurs when the tissue that connects the shin bone (the patellar tendon) to the kneecap is damaged. The patellar tendon becomes inflamed and results in knee pain, swelling, and stiffness. This muscle helps the joint extend the knee.

AAA also reports that the injury is not serious and will be treated with physical therapy and periodic check-ups. That’s good news!

We wish you a successful recovery, Aerostar!

Image source: AAA

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