WWE NXT Results 7/6/16 – (Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss, American Alpha vs. The Revival 2 out of 3 Falls)

The show begins with a recap of the Revival vs. American Alpha rivalry to set up their two out of three falls match tonight for the titles in the main event. Bayley comes out to face Alexa Bliss. She’s got Dusty homage gear on while Izzy holds up a “Heeyyy WE WANT SOME BAYLEY!” sign. Alexa has new gear that is shorter in the front and slightly redesigned – it’s more generic than the clawmark stuff before though.


Tieup leads to a snapmare and a sliding elbow to the neck and then a sliding lariat give Bayley an edge. Alexa knees her in the gut and hits a slingshot on Bayley for 2. Dueling chant leads to a cravate by Alexa before she snaps her to the mat for 2. Alexa chokes her in the ropes while the ref counts and she lets him know that she heard him – and gets a 2 count for that. Bayley lands a few shots in a Steamboat-esque comeback before Alexa’s curbstomps hit and Corey talks about them being like something out of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.


Bayley hits a running buckle bomb and then a corner shoulderblock before a flying elbow and jumping knee. She hoists her up and charges into the next corner with the same attacks before charging her back into the original corner. Bayley charges again, but gets sunset flipped – but she counters for 2 before getting up and eating a sick forearm shot. After a break, we come back and see Alexa punch away before covering her – but Bayley’s hand is under the rope.


Alexa tortures her arm with the bottom rope before going for the slingshot again, but Bayley pulls her throat into the rope. Alexa recovers and hits the STO before the Insult to Injury. She goes up top for Twisted Bliss, but Bayley pops up and goes for a super Bayley to belly – but Alexa gets a sunset flip bomb for 2. They exchange cradles for dueling 2 counts. A backslide from Alexa gets 2 and they fight over it – but Bayley gets a back suplex for 2. Bayley goes up top but gets pulled down knocking her head into the buckle. Bliss goes for a Vader bomb, but Bayley hits her with her knees and gets the Bayley to belly to win! This was fantastic!


Bayley grabs the mic and talks about losing the title before Nia comes down and says if she wants a shot, she has to go through her. We get a highlight video for TM61 with lighting effects added to their bright white boots and kneepads. The Revival talks to an interviewer about whether or not they’re worried tonight – they aren’t worried because they have no doubt that they will win.

Blake and Murphy are in the ring because they’re going to give it one more shot as a team. They face the Hype Bros. Blake gets tackled hard by Mojo. Murphy tags himself in and they bicker before Mojo tells them to stop and they tell him to shut up. Rhyno comes back and gores Blake, Ryder, and Mojo while Rhyno gets a huge ECW chant. Corey is happy because he just took out three of his least favorite people on Earth.


The NXT roster talks about how excited they are for Nakamura vs. Balor. We get shots of weekly magazine photos of their New Japan time as well as photos of Wrestle Kingdom events. We see a lot of photos from their past in Japan with them hanging out. HHH talks about how when you’re facing a friend, it’s disrespectful to not bring your best and push them to their best. A Samoa Joe hype video shows him kicking a bunch of ass.


American Alpha comes out in new, even more ridiculous blue and Nasty Boys-style spraypaint singlets. We get a big match intro for this and a back and forth exchange from Dawson and Jordan. Dawson cheapshots Gable and they distract the ref using Gable’s rage so they can tag in and out – but Jordan takes them both out with a flying double lariat. Double Chaos Theory German suplexes are avoided, but the Revival members each eat a dropkick for an ad break.


Jordan atomic drops Dawson, who tags Dash in during the move. Dash clubs away and they double team him in the corner for a tag and more attacks on the knee. Dawson dragon screws him and slams the knee into the mat. Jordan’s knee hits the post several times and they crank away on the knee using the ropes. Dawson attacks the leg, holds it and tags Dawson in for a double sledge on the knee. Dawson goes for a suplex, but Jordan avoids it and gets a tag!

Gable comes in and runs wild with punches and dropkicks. A huge leaping exploder gets 2 on Dawson. Dawson tucks his head and eats a small package for 2. Dash low bridges Gable, who takes a sick bump to the floor. The Battleground ad with everyone staking their flags in the ground airs. After a break, a Dawson lariat gets 2. The Revival clubbers away in the corner and Gable gets lariated off the apron into the ring for 2. A huge “Alpha” chant breaks out.


Dawson grinds away with a chinlock to put that to a halt and places himself between Gable and Jordan to prevent a tag. They go for some kind of sunset flip, but it gets messed up and they go right back to holding the leg and preventing a tag. Veg-O-Matic hits, but Dawson holds his hip off the legdrop and it only gets 2. Jordan runs wild with dropkicks and exploders! The corner charge hits Dawson, but Dash’s is avoided – but he blocks the miss and turns into a spear and gets 2 on Dash.  Jordan rolls through a crossbody and gets the ankle lock. He tries to grab Dash, but Gable locks him in an ankle lock and Dawson taps mid-ring – we finally have a fall and for a chance in a WWE match, it actually took a long time to do so.


Dawson goes for a sunset flip, but Jordan avoids it and backflips Dash before dropping down on the sunset flip for 2. Dawson lands a slick DDT for 2. Trailer Hitch leglock gets a tap – so it’s now 1-1. Gable comes in and gets an O’Connor roll for 2. Revial avoids Grand Amplitude, while Alpha avoids the Shatter Machine. Dash is locked in an ankle lock, but Dawson prevents a tap. Jordan is in the Trailer Hitch again, but Grable hits a diving headbutt to break it up. Gable goes for a German off the apron, but it’s countered into a Shatter Machine on the apron! Dawson slides in and gets the win! This was easily the best tag team match on WWE TV all year.


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