10 thoughts on NXT – Bayley, American Alpha, and a big surprise return!

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1. It’s NXT time and we kick off with a recap of the rivalry between American Alpha and the Revival, and they will be facing each other in a 2 out of 3 falls match tonight!

2. Our first match of the night is Bayley vs pocket rocket Alexa Bliss, now mercifully free of the Dubstep Douchebags. This was an excellent match with both women giving their all, with great storytelling, lots of reversals and some sweet high spots. Bliss looked like a credible threat but Bayley eventually picked up the hard fought victory with the Bayley to Belly.

3. After the match Nia Jax comes out and tells Bayley that she has to go through her to get a shot at Asuka, which makes perfect sense.

4. Next up we have The Revival talking about their impending match with Jordan & Gable. According to Wilder they have no chance of losing, which is probably true as American Alpha are overdue for a call up to the main roster.

5. Oh, great, it’s the Hype Bros, and they’re taking on Blake & Murphy, who just can’t get along these days. Suddenly, Rhyno appears out of nowhere and gores Rawley, Blake and Ryder while Murphy runs for the hills. Best possible ending to this match. From now on I would like Rhyno to come out and gore anyone who sucks as much as 3/4 of these guys.

6. Recap of the long relationship between Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura (with added comments from HHH) and they’re really building up this match nicely.

7. Interview with American Alpha next, and they’re planning to wrestle ‘their match’. They’re ready, willing, and Gable!

8. Wow, they’re actually giving this match half the show, which is a credit to both teams involved. Gable and Wilder start out, and Gable once again proves that he is a chain wrestling machine. Some nice double team action as we head into the break, and we return with the Revival hitting some old school cheap heel moves.

9. Gable bumps like a madman for the longest time before getting the hot tag to Jordan who cleans house on Dash and Dawson. After about 20 minutes of action the first fall goes to Jordan with an ankle lock submission on Wilder. Less than a minute later Jordan taps out to a reverse figure 4 leg lock from Dawson, because apparently the Revival had been working the knee, perhaps in the ad breaks.

10. Lots of pin attempts from both teams, then Gable hits a top rope flying headbutt, which worked out so well for Daniel Bryan and Dynamite Kid. After some brawling on the outside the Revival hit the shatter machine on Gable on the ring apron for the pin and the three count. Really good match, with American Alpha looking dominant but the Revival pulling out the win with good old fashioned cheating.

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