Jeff Hardy Oblivious to TNA Morale Problems – “As far as I’m concerned, morale is great, man!”




Jeff Hardy recently appeared on The Ross Report (transcript via, here are the highlights…

On TNA’s Morale: “As far as morale goes, it’s great! I mean, I don’t read any of the timelines on Twitter or any of those comments from dirt sheets or whatever. I don’t pay attention to any of that. I’ve got more important stuff to do, and, as far as I’m concerned, morale is great, man! It’s like we’re still living that dream and want to succeed and compete. But you know it’s kind of hard, like, when things are going down as if there is bad morale or we’re not a team, but we are, man. We’re a great group of talent, and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s great. It’s not really my problem, as far as our success on a TV channel. As far as I’m concerned, the shows are great, but it’s up to the wrestling fans to love it. But yeah, as far as morale goes, backstage, man, I don’t think [anything] is wrong with it.”

On His Thoughts on The TNA Product: “Every time I watch TNA, I’m going, ‘oh my God! I love it! This is great!’ Some things aren’t perfect, but, I mean, gosh, if I was a fan, I would think back to when before I got into wrestling.” Hardy continued, “if I was a fan, man, I think I would dig TNA because they’re the underdog, basically. I mean, that’s just my theory, but the world’s just so WWE now and it’s crazy. I think the majority of my fans just want to see me back in WWE and it [doesn’t] make me sick. I understand where they’re coming from, but I just wish we were on, like, I don’t know, a bigger platform. We’re on POP [TV]. I’m not sure how big that is. There’s a show called Schitt’s Creek. I’m not sure how our ratings are doing and I really don’t care. I just go out there every taping and do the best that I can and hope for the best as far as results.”

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