Civil War II #3 Spoilers & Review: Marvel Comics Big Death Divides Heroes Further, A Trial Of The Century & The Road To Marvel Now 2016!

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Spoilers and review for Marvel Comics’ Civil War II #3.

Despite Marvel spoiling their own comic book the night before and revealing that Hawkeye killed the Hulk (the details and images are here) there was more going on Civil War II #3 that explains why Hawkeye killed Bruce Banner (not the Hulk) and the consequences he faces.

When Marvel’s heroes confronted Bruce Banner about Ulysses future vision, and the Beast revealed that Bruce Banner has been experimenting on himself, Hawkeye believed in that last panel that Banner was going to change to the Hulk.

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He surrenders to his hero friends after murdering Bruce Banner.

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Hawkeye is put on trial and reveals it was Bruce Banner that created the anti-Hulk arrow that could kill him and asked Hawkeye to kill him if he was ever on the verge of hulking out.

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Iron Man blames Captain Marvel for all this because she wants to use Ulysees’s future visions and change the future while Tony Stark wants to protect the future.

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And now Marvel heroes really start to take sides as…

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…Hawkeye’s trial verdict is to be revealed as well as the big threat for Civil War II #4!

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Overall, an expected gloomy issue.

Which side are you on?

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