John Cena on his WWE Career – “I don’t plan on leaving the WWE ever”


John Cena talked to Extra for a new interview and said that he has no plans to leave the company. Some highlights are below:

On his WWE future: “I don’t plan on leaving the WWE ever. They’re in 180 countries, they have 650 million homes they reach each week, they have over half a billion social followers… why in the name of whatever we believe in would I shut that off? They have such a powerful voice, such an excited fan base, and I actually love doing it.”

On his surprise Raw appearance after being in Los Angeles earlier in the day: “I flew all through the day and night just to show up on ‘Monday Night Raw’ for a minute and a half last night and I loved it — I loved every second of it.”

On possibly joining Kelly Rippa on her daytime show: “I would absolutely take it —I would take it in a heartbeat. I would be the first guy to be able to host in the morning and go fight at night.”